Preacher – Season 4, Episode 9: “Overture”

AMC’s Preacher
Season 4, Episode 9: “Overture”
Directed by Laura Belsey
Written by Carolyn Townsend

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Father Son Holy Gore - Preacher - Jesse, Tulip, and CassidyThings are fucked up. Tulip and Cassidy are sharing their latest secret after Jesse’s just returned. She decides to tell the preacher outright. He’s fine with it, after all he’s seen. This is child’s play compared to everything else. Next up, they’re going to find Humperdoo. The Christ child is busy being praised as the next Messiah. People are desperate to see him, to touch him. Lara Featherstone looks after his personal security while Allfather Starr greets Humperdoo back into the loving arms of Masada. Jesus is glad to see him, only to get icing on his nipples and be made to take cellphone pictures.
Will Hitler convince Christ in his methods?
Either way, there’ll be an apocalypse.

You get perspective,” Jesse says about his journey to Hell. He doesn’t hold anything about what happened between Cassidy and Tulip against the pair. You can see the vamp doesn’t quite feel the same way. He feels guilty, in spite of his feelings. Meanwhile, TV stations are being infiltrated with a signal from Masada to broadcast the Apocalypse 2020 Revue. Starr explains the “opening acts” and how the apocalypse will come with the Messiah’s dance routine.
Father Son Holy Gore - Preacher - Humperdoo the Christ ChildBefore Jesse leaves with his friends to find Humperdoo, he’s given a child. Like, in the belly. The Archangel and his Beloved bestow upon him the duty of carrying their offspring. WHOA! Father Gore’s slow, okay? He didn’t realise until right now that this Archangel and this Demon are the ones who created Genesis.
At Masada, God is interrupted while with Humperdoo. His son Jesus tries to impress him with a break dance to Run DMC. It does no good. See, the Lord has quite specific plans for this Christ child. What exactly are they? Simultaneously, Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip turn up. The vamp gets separated from his friends almost immediately. Speaking of friends, Arseface is being let out of jail because he hadn’t actually, as he believed, eaten the preacher— evidenced by them not finding any Jesse-like shapes in his poo. He tries to be a rock star, but gets run down by a cab while busking.

While Tulip and Jesse go on they couldn’t possibly know Cass is in the clutches of God himself. The Lord offers up all sorts of temptation to the vamp, going back so far as his “deepest desires” home in Ireland. This sends Cass on a vision into his past. He sees Billy again. The sunlight no longer burns his skin. And all the family’s there, too. It’s like none of the pain ever happened.
At what cost?

Jesse laments not doing anything to try stopping God from chewing out his eye. In the same moment, Ms. O’Hare tells him she read his letter. Up in the main hall, Starr and Lara have a romantic moment. At least it would be if it weren’t so creepy coming from Klaus. Everybody’s going through it right now. God continues trying to talk Cassidy into helping him with the apocalypse. The vamp thinks “Italian food, “Paul Newman,” and “Season 2 of The Love Boat” are worth saving the human race for, whereas God only pushes his arrogant hatred of his own creations on him.
Father Son Holy Gore - Preacher - Ian Colletti as Arseface

“When it comes to someone like you,
there is no plan.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Preacher - Cassidy and GodStarr and Lara have figured out the “limited apocalypse” the Grail was planning has been fucked up because she killed Hoover Two. They’re also of two different faiths. Klaus was only in it for sex, murder, and power. Lara seemed to genuinely have faith— it now lays shattered on the floor, like the lubricant dripping off the fist dildo she’d only moments prior jammed up Starr’s ass.

Poor Jesus is sad about his father shunning him. So he’s drinking wine and chatting privately with Adolf. He’s not really into the apocalypse anyway. He doesn’t want to kill. That’s what separates him from the Fuhrer. The two of them get into a physical confrontation over their difference in beliefs about violence. Irony!
In a different room, Tulip’s having a sit down with God. Although it may turn into a fight. He eggs her on trying to get a reaction. He gives her a challenge, to sit through his abuse. He hones in on Dallas— when she lost a child. She rages, firing a gun in God’s face, and the challenge is lost.

Jesse manages to get himself out of the elevator. He finds Cass, dissected into nothing but guts. The vampire apologises calling himself “so weak.” He says he refused God’s offers. That’s a lie. The Lord talked Cass into doing his dirty work. He’s sold his old friend out, convincing himself it was for Humperdoo. This leaves the preacher in the hands of the Almighty. Yikes.
God talks to Jesse about getting Genesis back. He believes it’s “a stain on both Heaven and Hell.” Custer just thinks it’s the Lord being touchy about giving over power. He’s trying to resist using Genesis against God, which turns things violent. He resists, though. No matter how badly he gets the shit kicked out of him.
Father Son Holy Gore - Preacher - Bloody CassidyEverything could be ending. Starr is having trouble with the real apocalypse plans. It’s coming down to him and a fax machine. More irony: Lara comes to get Tulip out of her perpetual Hell cell. And all the while, God’s preoccupied with Jesse, never once imagining the Saint of Killers was coming to find him. He takes the Saint— William— back to the past, to his darkest moment briefly.
Jesse commands the Saint to kill God. But he and the Saint have unfinished business. And didn’t Jesse sit on God’s throne, even if by force? Damn.
Father Son Holy Gore - Preacher - The Saint of Killers and GodWow. Another stunner in this amazing season! Bring on the finale.

“End of the World” is next, and last.

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