Siren 3×04: “Life and Death”

Freeform’s Siren
3×04: “Life and Death”
Directed by Joe Menendez
Written by Michael Gans & Richard Register

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Father Son Holy Gore - Siren - Mermaid MurderBryan’s skull is cracked open on the bathroom floor and Leena tries to resuscitate him, but Xander checks his pulse and realises the guy’s dead. Cami was simply trying to “protect the baby.” Leena explains the half-breed mermaids wanted a full-blooded mermaid baby to worship. Right now Meredith’s in a bad way, and they’ve got to deal with the body. Xander tries to take the lead, even if it’ll make things tricky to have an outsider poking around in mermaid business. Let’s face it, the people at the ranch may not know Xander, but he’s well-versed in dealing with mermaids at this point.

While all that’s going on Ben is at the warehouse doing more testing. He gets a call from Maddie filling him in on Ryn’s baby being implanted in Meredith. They’re all back at Maddie’s place. We see Ryn watching over Meredith with Leena, as well as Cami, who’s fiercely determined to protect the child. Meredith tells Ryn it’s “an honour” to have the mermaid child, having long pretended she was full-blooded. The baby’s calmed again by Ryn singing to it. Xander gets help with Bryan’s corpse when Helen arrives and she uses a little of that mermaid strength to get the body outside and in the car, then they’re off to the ranch where at least Helen will help him get inside.
Father Son Holy Gore - Siren - Xander and the CorpseBen shows up and hears about the strange pregnancy from Maddie. He sees how far along Meredith is, unusually so, and he’s told about how Ryn could feel the contractions, as well as how the mommy instantly calmed the child. Of course it’s a mermaid birth, it won’t be normal. That doesn’t change the fact all these little revelations are extraordinary. Ben and Maddie wonder how the child will look once it comes out— “fins or feet” or both? They’re not out of the water yet. The birthing will be difficult. Oh, and Ben’s figuring out his recent mermaid cell injection is working BIG TIME, having sealed up the cut he just got this morning.

At the ranch, Beth ensures there’ll be no remains after Xander wants to be sure the body will disappear. People there setup a “Vikingstyle” cremation ritual to destroy Bryan’s body. Xander is satisfied, leaving for training. He’s advised by Helen to keep watch because Tia is still out there and could be a danger to them all. Helen stays with Beth to watch the cremation, witnessing the “hybrid phenomenon” of his half-breed blood burning on the fire. On the water, Xander’s with a patrol when they get a call about the Mermaid Adventures boat in trouble. Turns out someone from Janine’s bachelorette party hit her head after too many drinks. It pisses Xander off to see Calvin be so irresponsible with passengers on the water.

Now Meredith’s water has broken. The baby is imminent. They’ve got to bring Meredith to the ranch, which means keeping it secret from those sympathetic to Bryan. That’s not the only problem: poor Meredith’s body is not quite ready for the birth. The pregnant woman is faced with delivering the child naturally. Ryn urges Meredith she’s strong and it’s okay to scream, to feel the pain and let it out. Meredith works hard and the baby’s born, as Ryn gets a glimpse at her child for the first time: a tiny human girl (at least until she gets those little tootsies in the water, anyway). It’s also Ryn’s “first smile,” too. Sadly the fun’s short-lived because Meredith flatlines and dies.
Father Son Holy Gore - Siren - Ryn and Her BabyAlone together, Ben and Maddie discuss Robb. He says they have to “be careful” about new people in their circle. Obviously it’s mostly jealousy, and he has a right to wonder, but he’s also being blind about his own actions. Maddie brings this up by viciously mocking Ben about his choice with Ian in the water. She’s right to bring it up, though at the same time she should probably be clear about things considering she’s in a three-way relationship with Ben and Ryn yet she seems to be starting a new relationship. These are the least of the worries right now. Ryn’s baby has to go in the water because she’s degrading like any other mermaid.

So, in the water mommy goes with her newborn.
They shed their human forms and become on with the sea, as the little baby transforms into a mermaid baby before Ryn’s eyes. It’s a beautiful sight for Ben and Maddie on land. It may put a few things in perspective for them, as well. Not only that, Ben has kept his mermaid injection secret, and he’s seeing just how beneficial the cells are for humans— will there be any unexpected side effects?
And what’s going on below the waves? Tia’s forces are growing. She’s building an army.
Father Son Holy Gore - Siren - Angry MermaidAnother solid chapter in Season 3. Things are heating up, in all kinds of ways.
True war’s brewing underwater.

“Mommy and Me” is next.

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