Siren— SEASON 3 FINALE: “The Toll of the Sea”

Tia's war racks up casualties as she and Ryn prepare to face each other for the final time.

Siren 3×09: “A Voice in the Dark”

Tia takes her plan to the next level with an attack on Bristol Cove

Siren 3×07: “Northern Exposure”

After Robb reveals his true self, he takes his new friends to meet his tribe in Alaska.

Siren 3×06: “The Island”

Ryn and her folk fight for their lives against Katrina. Maddie finds out a huge secret.

Siren 3×05: “Mommy and Me”

Ryn learns about motherhood on land. Xander juggles his personal life and his secrets.

Siren 3×04: “Life and Death”

Ryn's child is about to be born

Siren 3×02: “Revelations”

Ted's obsession puts him in danger. Ryn and Tia experience a violent difference in opinion.