Father Son Holy Gore’s Patreon Launch

After 6 years, it’s time to start branching out.
Introducing: Father Son Holy Gore’s Patreon.

Yes, not only will I, C.H. Newell, be filling this site with critical theory-based film writing, I’ll be flooding Patreon with it, too. Not only that, there’ll be tiers for Patrons that include essays (written and, eventually, video), script consultations, manuscript proofreading, and more; prices range from $3 tiers to $60-75 tiers. You can get access to a new creepy audio story each month, or a new short story! You can get advice on pitches for hopeful projects! You could even get yourself a personalised film essay with the concept credited to YOU online, or you can just hold it close to your heart and never share it with a living soul. There’s also be exclusive content available to Patrons before it appears on Father Son Holy Gore, so you can get your mitts on it before ANYONE ELSE. Depending on how the Patreon goes in the first few months, there’ll hopefully be lots of fresh, unique content coming in later months.

I want to branch out by using my personal and professional skills, from my academic experience to my publishing history, to not only provide new content for the site’s audience, but also to potentially help some other writers (whether authors or screenwriters or anywhere in between) in an industry more than filled with people who are only concerned about themselves. My hope is that, eventually, I might even make enough to donate to some charities I’ve wanted to help.
Obviously Patreon will provide me with more income. I have always encouraged writers, and other artists, never to work for free. It’s why my personally philosophy in running Father Son Holy Gore has only ever led to writing by me being featured on the site— I know many great writers, some of whom have asked if I’d like them to write a piece for the site, and whom I’d love to have write a piece for the site, but my personal ethics and self-ascribed Marxism won’t allow another writer to have their work used for free, or to the benefit of someone else’s ad revenue.

Long-winded, I know.
I care about writing, about literature, about critical thought. So although I charge a (steal of a) price for certain services through Patreon, it’s only in the spirit of throwing my hat in a ring where writers/artists are able to make some sort of a living from their work rather than being profit for somebody else. I don’t expect Father Son Holy Gore’s readers to break their bank, I don’t expect a certain amount of Patrons, either. I’ve done well from your readership alone. Yet I’ve heard from many of you, and I know at least some of you will be more than glad to check out what the site will be offering through Patreon.

I’m a pessimist at heart, but what I’ve gained from this site, money aside, has restored a sliver of hope to my perspective of people— many of you I’ve never met, and will never meet, in person, and still you’ve made a huge impact on me by simply reading the site, month after month.
And for that, as well as everything else you’ve given me through your continuing support, since 2014, I thank you from the bottom of my cold, deep, dark heart.

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