Fargo 4×06: “Camp Elegance”

FX’s Fargo
4×06: “Camp Elegance”
Directed by Dana Gonzales
Written by Noah Hawley, Enzo Mileti, Scott Wilson, & Francesca Sloane

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Father Son Holy Gore - Fargo - The SmutneysEthelrida arrives home to obviously troubled parents. It’s her birthday, and that’s at least something to celebrate. But they’re all kinda ignoring the elephant sitting in the middle of the room. They try their best to forget, even for the moment, everything else going on in their lives. In another part of Kansas City, Odis arrives home, going about his idiosyncrasies, including unzipping several times. He suddenly notices someone behind his shower curtain, and he’s attacked, strangled. When Odis comes to he’s in front of Loy, who tells him he’s “fighting 400 years of history,” not only a few Italians; that’s a microcosm of being Black in America. Mr. Cannon speaks about the difference between being in the mob’s pocket v. actually being owned. And now, the detective finds himself Loy’s property.
Of course there’s also Deafy keeping a close weird eye on things.

Things with the Faddas haven’t smoothed out yet. Gaetano’s on edge pretty much 24/7, practising his knife skills on a dress mannequin while listening to opera. He gets a surprise after women show up, looking like entertainment, only to turn the place upside down. That’s because the women are Zelmare and Swanee, come to do the bidding of Cannon. It’s Gaetano left as the last Italian standing, after accidentally putting holes in one of his pals. Swanee sneaks up behind him through the window, popping a bullet into the back of his skull. Gaetano’s not dead from the shot, so he’s taken to Loy, chained up. He then has to play punching bag for one of Cannon’s men who’s a particularly great boxer, part of the punishment for having Doctor killed.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fargo - StrangledCrazy Oraetta’s called in to see her boss. She gets a talking to by Dr. Harvard after he received a letter about her—the one Ethelrida wrote. Harvard’s clearly distressed by the strange things written in the letter, questioning Oraetta about whether she keeps things belonging to dead patients and goes to their funerals, et cetera. The doc explains the letter’s anonymous when the nurse digs for clues. Oraetta passes it off as “professional jealousy” from a previous colleague. However, this madwoman will try to get to the bottom of the accusations. Not good for Ms. Ethelrida.

We see Josto meeting with Ebal after the latter’s return from New York. The consiglieri brings news from the Old Country. At the same time, Josto gets word from Constant that his brother’s been taken by Cannon and his men. This doesn’t upset the potential new boss that much. Ebal also hears about Doctor being killed, deeply unimpressed by such an action. He tells Josto things have to be set right with Gaetano if little brother wants to be boss. Simultaneously, Loy’s looking to get his boy Satchel out of the Faddas’ grip. He orders Odis to go get his son. Things are really heating up, and the cop’s wound up right in the middle.
So, off the detective goes to the heavily guarded Fadda house. Before he can get the job done he’s interrupted by Constant telling him “its war” between the Italians and the Blacks after Gaetano was kidnapped. Odis really has no way out on either side at the moment; sucks to be you, dirty cop! He’s taken over to see Josto. The Italians are busy arguing about what to do, and Odis gets tasked with locating Gaetano, working both sides. Interesting to see Josto get a little tough with Constant, questioning his loyalty. He’s proving to be a nasty man. “Playtime is over,” he says as he orders one of his men, Antoon, to take Satchel somewhere and kill him.
What will Rabbi do once he finds out the plan?
Father Son Holy Gore - Fargo - Chris Rock as Loy Cannon

“Do I look like a baby to you?”

Father Son Holy Gore - Fargo - Jason Schwartzman as Josto FaddaAfter Rabbi figures out that Satchel’s being taken to his death, he rushes back to the house. He’s already firing guns, attempting to locate where the boy’s been taken. Loy’s son is at a place called Camp Elegance, out in the forest. Antoon is leading Satchel to the place where he’s going to execute the boy, telling him a story about years ago. Right as Antoon’s about to pull the trigger he chooses not to, and he also gets a bullet courtesy of Rabbi arriving on time. “This is what men do,” the Irishman says. It’s wartime. Rabbi tells Satchel he won’t allow the boy to become a “child soldier” like was done to him. He wants the kid to have a choice, even in such dire times.

The letter’s still driving Oraetta crazier than usual. Thus, another sick patient dies. Here’s to hoping she doesn’t kill Ethelrida, or any of the Smutneys! I’m personally loving Season 4. Fargo has a way of surprising each year, despite following certain formulas. And I think this cast of characters is one of the show’s best in its four seasons.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fargo - Hospital Angel

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