Chilling Adventures of Sabrina—Chapter Thirty: “The Uninvited”

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Chapter Thirty: “The Uninvited”
Directed by Alex Pillai
Written by Katie Avery

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Father Son Holy Gore - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - CreeperMore terror is on the way to Greendale. A mother and her daughter are sitting down to dinner when a knock comes at the door. A haggard, smelly man stands silent outside. The mother asks him to leave, and the man goes away quietly. Then the silent man’s somehow inside the apartment when mom closes the door. He pulls out mom’s heart. What’ll happen to the little girl? Yikes! Elsewhere, Sabrina is out on the town with Carl. They’re not what you’d call a perfect couple. She isn’t quite into him much, he’s not a super interesting guy. After that date Sabrina goes out with Melvin on her second date. She’s not that thrilled by Melvin, either. I guess a date is a date. Salem’s always waiting for Sabrina when she gets home anyway. And the other Sabrina is around for chats, as well.

While Roz and Harvey are making out they hear a knock at the door. It’s the same haggard person. The two invite them inside, in spite of the stench. Roz got a vibe from her cunning power, that if they turned the man away “something bad would happen.” So they have the guy in for a little soup. Roz hopes to use her cunning to figure out who the man is, why he’s come. Before she can touch the guy he grabs her and she sees strange visions. Once the soup is done the man’s gone again into the night. Later, Harvey asks about what Roz saw and she’d rather forget. At home, Sabrina finds out Morningstar’s getting married to Caliban real soon. She doesn’t approve. In Hell, Lilith is talking to Lucifer about the very same thing. Dad thinks it’s a good union because Caliban has no family, he’s “made of clay” so he won’t pollute their bloodline, and, yes, he’s hot. What else would Satan want for his daughter anyway?Father Son Holy Gore - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina MorningstarAt the Pilgrims of the Night Church, Faustus hears a few things about the Spellmans he’s going to keep in his back pocket re: Hilda and Cerberus getting married. Then they receive “the Uninvited,” the haggard man, one of the eldritch terrors. This pleases Faustus, being able to host a “deadly herald of the End Times.” I assume it’s a time like this you break out the good plates for supper. At home, Harvey’s waking up to see he’s drawn things that Roz saw when she and the Uninvited came in contact. He can’t even remember doing it, like “sleepdrawing” instead of sleepwalking.

Plans for Hilda’s wedding are underway when Lilith shows up at the house and the jig is up! Lilith has just figured out the two Sabrinas are hanging out. They also get talking about the wedding to Caliban. Neither Sabrina nor Lilith want the other Sabrina to marry the guy. They’ll try breaking the two up before any murder is necessary. So, Sabrina wants to meet with Caliban herself at the academy. She talks about Hecate, asking Caliban if he’d “ever consider converting.” First they go talk to Prudence, who says men who worship Hecate have to be “gelded.” All a way to hopefully scare Caliban out of marriage.

One preparation for Hilda’s wedding is to get the incubus out of Dr. Cerbereus. Nick and Melvin are going to invoke the Dark Mother to get that incubus hopping out of the doc. Problem is, the incubus leaps out of him and finds it way right into Theo. Shit. Let’s hope Robin can stay safe. At the same time, Ambrose is looking at the five corpses without their hearts, who’ve been left behind in the wake of the Uninvited. He pulls out the dead eyeballs. He’ll use necromancy to see what they last saw before dying. They all show the same photograph of that haggard man. Appropriate time for Roz and Harvey to show up at the Spellman place, and they end up seeing the photos. Roz uses her cunning to see one of the dead turned the beggar away. Now Ambrose sees this man is one of the eldritch terrors. And perhaps Harvey’s drawings can help them identify terrors that’ll eventually show up.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Caliban's Clay BallsIt takes Mary to figure out the Uninvited has no tongue. Therefore, Faustus will give him one. The two of them have a talk. Faustus wishes to be blessed, then he’ll help the Uninvited. So he’s given a piece of flesh to chew on before offering the Uninvited another door to knock on and spread its terror. Will that be at the Spellman house? Well, the wedding or the wedding reception. Either way the Uninvited’s being sent like a missile at the Spellmans and the witches.
In Hell, Morningstar receives the clay balls of Caliban, unaware of what’s even going on. She goes directly to the other Sabrina. She knows her other self is just lonely. And Caliban’s fine, his testicles are clay. They’ll come back eventually, I’m sure. In a roundabout way Sabrina only helped prove Caliban is really a good guy, loyal to the woman he wishes to call his wife. Morningstar’s still getting married and very happy about it. She wants Sabrina to come to the ceremony, hopefully with a guest.

Because the Uninvited is cleaned up, nobody recognises him, and Scratch turns him away at the Church of Night’s doors. Uh oh. Everyone’s together at the reception later enjoying themselves, except for Sabrina in the midst of many couples, longing for someone. Nothing a few glasses of gin won’t fix. Maybe not great for giving a toast to her Aunt Hilda and Cerberus. Sabrina’s slightly tipsy when she gets up to toast later. The first part of her speech is good, then it kinda gets awkward; like, really awkward. Harvey and the band rock out later, doing a cover of “Radio Ga Ga” by Queen. In the middle of it the incubus rears its head, jumping from one person to the next as Nick attempts to grab it. Then it ends up in the Uninvited, who swallows the thing whole. Dorian Gray tries to deal with the Uninvited and gets his heart ripped out. The Uninvited leads everyone in a toast to “the end of all things.” He has been around since the beginning of time, wandering the cosmos alone until the other eldritch terrors brought him to their table. A bit much on the exposition here, but still good! Hilda tries to invite the Uninvited, but he says it’s too late. Nick wants to sacrifice himself when Sabrina refuses, offering up her guest invite to Morningstar and Caliban’s wedding in Hell. Whoa.

At the wedding, Sabrina slips in to see her other self. She explains the eldritch terror. Then Lucifer discovers he has two daughters now. He also says there’s no way to destroy an eldritch terror. You can only trap it, a prison that “exists outside space and time.” Great timing considering Sabrina and Sabrina have one, a special place where they spend their time together. They’ll need dad’s help to pull this off, of course. The wedding commences as normal and Sabrina takes the Uninvited by the hand while they watch from the crowd. She asks if he’d like to get married. He’d be welcomed everywhere in either realm, on Earth and in Hell alike. And so it’s a double wedding with Lucifer conducting the ceremony.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Death to You AllOnce the wedding’s done Sabrina has the Uninvited whisk her off to what will be their marital bed for the evening. All of a sudden the Uninvited feels strange. It’s because he’s being locked into the little astral plane house, where Lucifer, Lilith, and the others are binding him. Lucifer now banishes his “false daughter” and Sabrina cannot come back to Hell to see her other self. The eldritch terror, now concealed, must also leave with Sabrina. Off the young witch goes, returning home to a waiting Salem. Everyone’s glad she’s come home safe and nobody else has died. Hilda and Cerberus have a sweet little moment at the Spellman house with everyone dressed up in horror costumes, sharing their beautiful vows.

Great episode. Beautiful and scary at once.
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina often hits that sweet spot where it mixes comedy, horror, and drama perfectly. You can see that so well in this episode. And there’ll be more to come in the following episodes. The Weird is on its way to Greendale. That means DEFINITELY more creeps. What about Sabrina hoping to make herself happy by creating someone to love, equal parts Harvey and Scratch? Damn, girl.

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