Chilling Adventures of Sabrina—Chapter Thirty-One: “The Weird”

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Chapter Thirty-One: “The Weird”
Directed by Lisa Soper
Written by Jenina Kibuka

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Father Son Holy Gore - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Dead Weird OneTwo nights ago, Faustus and his Pilgrims of the Night were awaiting the arrival of another eldritch terror: the Weird. The latest terror needs another vessel, its latest body is soggy, wet, and weak. The Weird wants Sabrina for a vessel, not someone like Faustus, though he offers. The terrors are seeking to colonise the Earth, so Mary suggests a kind of “Trojan horse.” Today we see Ambrose looking after another corpse, a drowned body. And while he’s on the phone, some creature slips out of the body and gets moving through the Spellman home. Upstairs, Sabrina’s busy trying to make herself a little happiness by creating a lover, half out of Harvey, half out of Nick. She moulds herself a wax figure out of her candle, then takes it to the bath and lets it soak: “Love, come to me.” But will this magic turn out well? Hmm.

Hilda no longer lives at home after getting married, and it’s really messing with Zelda, whose life has been turned upside down not having her sister around constantly. Meanwhile, Ambrose is giving a presentation on the eldritch terrors for the coven, explaining they existed before humanity’s “primitive conceptions of good and evil.” He’s used what Harvey and Roz have done, between his drawings of what she saw with the cunning. They know Faustus helped unleash the terrors and is in their service; Prudence orders the coven to kill him immediately should they see him. Yet they’re unsure of how to prepare for the Weird.
All they can do? Wait.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Roz's Third EyeAt school, a boy named Lucas Hunt—from Innsmouth High, yet another Lovecraftian reference—turns up. Apparently he’s been transferred to be on the Baxter High swim team. He shows up during biology while the class is learning about invertebrates, again touching on some Lovecraft-style horror. Is this new guy Sabrina’s created lover? Or, is this the Trojan horse that Ms. Wardwell was helping to advise the Weird about? Right now it seems like Sabrina and Lucas are making a connection, though. They actually go out for dinner later and Lucas seems like a great guy. He says all the right things while Sabrina’s pondering an “existential crisis” about where she fits in such a vast universe.

Mambo has taken an interest in Roz. She says the girl is “no cunning woman,” but actually a witch. She seems to know quite a bit, even about nana, Roz’s guardian spirit. Nana drops by to tell Roz the Walker women were witches. The women didn’t call themselves witches because they knew they’d be burned at the stake and other horrifying things. It’s all pretty sudden for Roz. Yet it’s a time of war with the eldritch terrors unleashed. So Mambo tells Roz they need her to help the coven.

At night, Sabrina has a dream of Lucas. They’re by a pool. There’s talk of the eldritch terrors, and Lucas admits to being the Weird, offering the witch all sorts of power. They share a kiss. The Weird reveals himself fully, wrapping its tentacles around her. Sabrina comes to in the tub with her candle wax man in front of her, confused. Down below in Hell, Caliban’s looking after Hell while Lucifer and Sabrina are off touring the Nine Circles of Hell. He’s seeking to be King of Hell. And he’s doing dark magic on Lilith’s unborn child. This means she’s got to get the baby out, and that’ll require her going to the mortal realm, showing up on the doorsteps of the academy begging Zelda for help. Oh, man. A horrific scene ensues as the coven does what they can to help Lilith deliver Satan’s child. In a Midsommar-like wailing scene, Zelda and the coven call to Hecate to share Lilith’s pain, allowing the pregnant woman to push the baby out.
And so, another Morningstar is born!
Father Son Holy Gore - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Lilith in LabourSabrina isn’t feeling well in class, having sudden, strange cramps, so Lucas takes her home. She’s not feeling bad enough to forego making out with Lucas. She tosses him on the couch and aggressively kisses him. He says her tongue feels strange, so Sabrina sticks it out and scares the hell out of him. He rushes out of there nervously. Sabrina looks at her tongue in the mirror to see it’s like an octopus tongue, or worse. And it’s all weird and gooey. She gets Ambrose to take a look and it worries her cousin. The dead body also has a tongue lined with suckers, an inky sac, and more. Same thing’s happening with Sabrina. Ambrose knows Sabrina is host to something that the dead body was previously. He knows it’s the Weird. Now they must go about figuring out how to get the Weird out of Sabrina’s body. They see what looks like a tiny octopus curled in her stomach. This leaves Ambrose to do a magic C-section. One of the wilder, grosser sequences in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! Love it. Unfortunately Ambrose can’t get the Weird out of there without doing further damage. He soon gets the idea of driving the Weird out of Sabrina by making her an “inhospitable host,” depriving the Weird of its sustenance: water.

A delicate process to drain the water from Sabrina slowly. They make use of Sycorax’s powers while Ambrose and Nick watch on in case of emergency. After a while Sabrina nearly faints, then she begins to retch, throwing up the eldritch terror in a bucket. She’s starting to go back to normal. Ambrose wants to dissect the terror’s carcass, to see if he can learn anything. Elsewhere, in Hell, Caliban’s told about Lilith giving birth in Greendale with help of the witches. He charges Asmodeus and Beelzebub to go there and find the child. He wants to toss it into the pits of Hell. What a jerk.

Roz shows up at the academy. Quite a new step for her. Prudence isn’t so sure about it all, concerned that Roz is mortal, so Mambo thinks a test is necessary. They start with a few simple things, letting Roz red tarot cards with a blindfold over her eyes. She does quite well, too. Roz is “a seer,” even if she’s a mortal. Then she starts to have a vision, seeing the Kings of Hell on their way to find Lilith’s newborn baby. Like the Three Wise Men, Beelzebub and Asmodeus have come to see Lilith’s baby. The witches gather together outside to meet the Kings, telling them to leave. Looks like they need to use some of Hecate’s power, and it does the job, sending the Kings into unimaginable throes of childbirth’s pain. Now the Hecate cat is out of the bag with Beelzebub making it back to Hell alive.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Octopus UltrasoundIn class, Lucas is terrified when suddenly everything around him stops. He looks up to see Sabrina speaking in a strange voice. The Weird has tricked them all, it has already bonded with Sabrina and it’s beginning to take over. The Weird, through Sabrina, is about to force everyone in the classroom, apart from Lucas, to kill themselves. In rushes Ambrose, having figured things out at the mortuary. He attempts to speak to Sabrina, though can’t stop the Weird. So he uses a spell to knock her out, then he knocks everybody in the class out, as well. After that he gets his cousin out to try and help her.
Sabrina finds herself locked in a psychological battle with the Weird. They’re currently linked, connected together. The Weird says Sabrina fit perfectly because she was “an empty vessel,” what with all the isolation and everything else going on in her life lately. Ambrose figured out that the Weird’s consciousness has merged itself with Sabrina’s brain. That means they have to make Sabrina’s head inhospitable. The plan? Pesta is going to infect the young witch’s mind with every disease imaginable. All the while Sabrina must fix herself to a mantra, something of her own, to give the terror nothing to hold onto in there. As Pesta does her thing, Sabrina sings a tune from The Sound of Music, later joined by Nick, who’s worried about his ex. Then the terror’s consciousness is extracted and trapped. And Sabrina, she’s okay.

Sabrina finds out Lucas has transferred to Riverdale High, and poor ole Harvey almost finds out he’s inadvertently dating yet another witch. At home, Sabrina talks to Ambrose about having a realisation about her own emptiness. She’s decided to pull the plug on her candle wax lover. She realises that she doesn’t have to be in a relationship to be whole. Right now she needs to focus on herself most of all. At the academy, Roz finds herself part of the “new Weird Sisters” with Mambo and Prudence—loving that it’s three Black women, too! All the while, Faustus is waiting for the next eldritch terror: the Perverse.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - The Weird Takes Over SabrinaGreat episode. Really love the deep Lovecraftian influence here, even though H.P. is all over the series anyway. Also just love the way Sabrina’s character continues to evolve. Truly a teenage journey combined with all the fun occult and witchcraft. Once again, this series proves why it’s one of my favourites.

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