Tin Star: Liverpool 3×04 “Collateral”

Sky Atlantic’s Tin Star
3×04: “Collateral”
Directed by Stewart Svaasand
Written by Robert Fraser

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Father Son Holy Gore - Tin Star - Jack Worth Trunk ShotJack and Angela are back together again after she nearly got nabbed by Michael—it seemed she fell right into Mr. Ryan’s hands at the end of the previous episode, but it was her husband who’d found her. And Michael’s making sure he gets to take them out, not somebody else. D.I. Lunt is at the scene of Joe’s murder in the racetrack’s VIP lounge while the Worths are, once more, in the wind. Same with Michael. Lunt actually runs into Jack and Angela before they get out of there, curious that they’ve turned up around a murder. Once they leave, Jack remembers he’s got Kayden in the boot.
And is D.I. Lunt in danger with Catherine? Hard to tell who might get killed next.

All the while, Anna’s with Jesse at the McKenzie house. She takes a chance to have a look around for anything interesting, like keys. She’s nearly caught but manages to play it off as if she’s looking for a charger. Too bad this all puts a strange twist to the cute relationship budding between Anna and Jesse with their respective parents on either side of a violent, deadly war. It’s still very sweet to watch the two young people get to know each other, cooking together. Nevertheless: awkward and potentially real dangerous.
Father Son Holy Gore - Tin Star - Michael SingsNaturally, Jack and Angela are worried about Anna, hoping she’ll meet them at a pub. They’re with Kayden, sort of blending into their Liverpool surroundings. Jack then goes on with Kayden over to Mary’s place, though the lady of the house isn’t around. Across town, Catherine’s pretending things are fine and she’s just having issues at work, that’s why she seems off. Her husband knows something isn’t right, but that doesn’t stop her from continuing to conceal the truth. In another pub, Michael’s attending a wake for Sean, acting like the guy was a saint who never deserved anything bad happening to him.

Lunt shows up at Mary’s place asking questions wanting to know more. She asks how Michael fits into the puzzle, and Mary confirms that Jack is, indeed, telling the truth. Mary says “he almost always does,” even if he’s a walking ball of chaotic madness. She says all of them are seeking “atonements” for what has happened in the past. And she also knows both sides are as aggressive as the other. We already know Catherine’s as cold blooded as Jack and Angela. Then there’s Anna, preparing a gun to kill Catherine when the woman arrives home. She winds up shooting Catherine’s husband instead. HOLY(!) SHIT(!). Jesse comes downstairs to find blood everywhere. He doesn’t understand at first what’s going on until Anna raises the gun at him. This starts a brutal fight between the two, as he knocks the gun from her hands. Jesse gets out of there before Anna can grab the gun, but Jack and Angela have arrived before he can make it out the door. Will he survive?

Everything’s fraying. Michael and Catherine don’t see eye-to-eye as much as they once did. And D.I. Lunt has nearly caught them meeting together. She’s on to her boss after that visit to Mary, and they’re about to have one serious confrontation. She starts grilling ole mum about her relationship with Joe and Michael and all the other events that are currently happening in Liverpool. She’s coming to see that Jack has been telling the truth this entire time. At the development site, Kayden’s with a group of Mary’s kids who’ve setup shop to protest Michael and his nonsense; he shows up to pressure Kayden, and she tells him it was Jack who set it all up.
Father Son Holy Gore - Tin Star - Catherine and Sara

“Jack Worth will destroy you”

Father Son Holy Gore - Tin Star - Bloody WallsAs the Worths try to lure Catherine in, they have to unfortunately kill Jesse when he rushes in to try killing Jack. Brutal; more collateral damage. Certainly won’t make it easy to deal with Catherine at this point, either. The entire situation is already fragile enough. But Catherine’s whole family is dead. So, Jack sends his wife and daughter off together while he takes care of things. Right at the moment when Lunt and Catherine arrive with the former opting to go in by herself first to check on the house. She finds Jack inside. He tries to spin things like he isn’t totally responsible for what’s happened there. It is true, yet he’s done plenty of nasty shit. All the same, he did have his son shot dead to start this all off, so… each side has done bad, bad stuff. Lunt’s still not convinced because both Jack and Catherine are playing the blame game. Though she lets Jack leave. First, he gives her the kill list: “Work in progress,” he says.
After Catherine comes in she sees Jack has gotten away. Then she kills Lunt and her neighbour, too.

There’s a lot of guilt in the aftermath. Both Anna and Angela feel terrible for what they’ve done. Neither of them are as hardened to it all as Jack is at this point, never mind that Angela is hard as goddamn nails. Unfortunately none of the brutality is over. Catherine will be angrier than ever, and Michael remains out there plotting against his enemies. Who knows what the hell will happen next on Tin Star.
Father Son Holy Gore - Tin Star - Catherine Shoots

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