Tin Star: Liverpool 3×05 “All Roads”

Sky Atlantic’s Tin Star
3×05: “All Roads”
Directed by Paulette Randall
Written by Nathaniel Price

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Father Son Holy Gore - Tin Star - Bloody CatherineCatherine’s being guarded in the aftermath of the events at her house. She talks to the media about “monsters” and searching for her family’s killers. Across town, Jack’s sneaked into Mary’s place, thinking Anna and Angela might have gotten there already. He waits there for his family and the two of them have a chat about what’s next for them both after all this madness is over. Mary wonders why Jack doesn’t just let it go at this point. He doesn’t answer. He only wants a bit of reconnaissance done. At the development site, Michael meets a couple young guys he’s paying to help with the tent city and protesters. He also has to tell them not to touch the Worths. They belong to Michael.

While Anna’s mother’s on a train, she’s wandering town with lots of guilt and a few bruises. She sits on a bench where a girl befriends her, offering a coffee. They talk a little. In the distance are the two young men who were talking with Michael, and they say “Fuck Michael,” moving in on Anna. One of them pulls a knife, so Anna attacks, and then she’s gone again. And at the train station, Anna finds a gun in her back with Michael on the other end. A bitter reunion. He remembers the past a lot differently than she does. Gets nasty when Michael brings up Anna’s dead son, so she fires back about his dead brother.
Father Son Holy Gore - Tin Star - Angela and MichaelThe kill list was found on D.I. Lunt’s body. Naturally there’s worries about Catherine’s name being on there, as well as Michael’s, and so there are questions being asked. D.I. Francis Vine is looking into things and questioning Catherine. Helps that Catherine is a smooth talker and pretty damn cool under high pressure, she plays everything off fairly well. While she’s talking a good game, Mary’s kids are on the move for ole Jack, keeping their eye on Vine. And Jack? Business as usual for him, except while he’s doing his usual sneaky tricks he’s got a dog with him. He gets himself into a nursing home to go see Helen, Whitey’s mother. Another reunion that’s not quite what you’d call happy. Because Helen must die, too.
Plus, Mary calls with the info on Catherine’s location. Maybe there’ll be another murder today yet.

There’s a lot going on with Anna. When she gets back with her mother Angela is very worried for her daughter. The young woman’s been terribly warped. After all, she met a boy, went on basically her first real date, and then accidentally shot his dad before watching him get killed, as well. Although she never had a whole lot of a chance to start, did she? Her father knocks a man out with a can in a store after the man sees the report about Lunt’s murder on TV and says: “The only good copper is a dead copper.” It’s Angela who’s most worried, seeing the influence of their lives on their daughter. She gets honest with Anna about what previously happened years ago when Jack discovered Michael was trafficking people along with drugs.

But the time for worry is not now.
The Worths are headed to visit Catherine, who’s contacted Michael to come meet her.
Father Son Holy Gore - Tin Star - Jack Kills HelenUpstairs, Catherine is locked down tight. She goes out on the balcony for some air and tosses her cop escort over the side. Jack’s on his way up as police are alerted to an incident at the hotel. He busts into Catherine’s room finding nobody because she’s already slipped out of there moments prior. So he heads back to the vehicle with his wife and daughter. The three of them split up when more cops turn up, putting Anna and Angela on the run together. Good day for a few football fans to be in the street marching, allowing mom and daughter to pick up some gear and blend in as they go.

Michael meets Catherine at another location. She wants to get out of there fast, and he cautions her not to do anything drastic. But she’s ready to go. She wants Michael’s help to finish the Jack problem, telling him tonight’s the night. She leaves and waiting for her, in the laundromat outside, is Jack. She keeps him at gunpoint, checking him over. She wants to find Anna and Angela, too. Jack manages to disarm Catherine but she rushes out of there, taking only a shot in the arm then getting into the streets.
And Catherine just goes on running with Jack not far behind. She tries calling Michael only for him to hang up on her call rather than answer. Eventually, it’s just her and Jack in a dark room together. This is where it all ends between them. They go hand in hand down a lonely corridor until suddenly Jack blows Catherine away with a couple bullets. Done and done.
Father Son Holy Gore - Tin Star - Jack Kills CatherineAnother solid episode. Always love to see Jack doing random things, like getting into the retirement home then leaving the dog with the old man whose joint he stole. Plus, Genevieve O’Reilly is fucking stunning in her role as Angela Worth. I can never get enough of her, or the whole Worth family. Only one last episode left to this unexpectedly wonderful, pulpy series.

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