Servant 2×01 “Doll”

Apple TV’s Servant
2×01 “Doll”
Directed by Julia Ducournau
Written by Tony Basgallop

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Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Leanne's Room MuralWe hear Leanne reading the letter she wrote to Dorothy originally. Right before we come back to the present, as Dorothy looks all over the house, hoping to find Leanne and Jericho. Sean’s busy holding his open palm over a hot burner. They don’t know where their ‘child’ is, neither can they locate Leanne. So Dorothy calls the police, telling them it’s “life or death.” But Sean is more concerned with keeping their fragile little world from crumbling to pieces. He rushes around trying to clean up everything from the post-baptism party, from balloons to various other things laying around the house. Then the cops arrive. Dorothy tells them about Aunt May, the cult leader. Upstairs, Sean’s standing over the crib when Officer Reyes (Victoria Cartagena) comes to talk; they know each other, considering Reyes was the one who was there when Jericho actually died. Things are difficult in the Turner house, though the cops are soon out of there, and, at least for now, things are okay.

Soon, Julian shows up with Natalie. He and Sean have a private chat, worried about protecting themselves. But what are they going to do about Dorothy? Keep coddling her. Even Natalie plays along now, too. She does her best to talk Officer Reyes out of poking around too much, mentioning the “impenetrable bubble” Dorothy’s been living. Yet Dorothy’s rummaging through her things, seeking Leanne’s resume. They’re only doing more damage to her than anybody else. However, there’s still the fact there is a real child out there in the clutches of a cult. Sean isn’t quite ready to sweep that under the rug, either. Whereas Natalie thinks this is a way to “move forward” from the tragedy.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Fake JerichoWhen Dorothy notices something strange on the wall in Leanne’s room she beats open a hole to discover a camera. Afterwards, Sean inspects his burned hand. It looks awful, but he still seems not to be able to feel any pain, poking and prodding at the burnt wound a while. And Dorothy is busy trying to search for May, doing up flyers to pass around to neighbours. Sean offers to do it for her instead. Will he really? No, he tosses the flyers in the garbage when he goes out. Later, he returns home and Dorothy’s watching a news report she did on May and the Church of the Lesser Saints. It’s a tough balancing act that Sean is attempting here. Only a matter of time before it all catches fire and blows up in his face. We see him looking around Leanne’s room where he finds a Bible under the bed; in it, he sees his name on a page about the Test of Leprosy, from Leviticus 13.

Sean and Julian talk more about how to track down the cult. Brother-in-law’s less concerned, wanting to be rid of the entire situation as a whole. But Julian’s clearly attached to the new Jericho and doesn’t want to let go. In the meantime, Dorothy is laser-focused on Leanne, believing the nanny is “green” compared to May and the others in the cult, and that this will be how they track them all down eventually. Yet with so many parties working in different directions it’s all bound to devolve into chaos at some point or another. Poor Dorothy’s entire existence is wrapped up in Jericho, so, no matter how things go, this is never going to end well. That night, she attacks Sean because she thought he’d be “a better father than this.” This starts a shouting match, and erupts into depressing, tragic thoughts from Dorothy.
Then, a knock at the door. Nobody’s there, but Dorothy finds an envelope; inside is a baby’s shoe. There’s also a letter telling the Turners that the baby’s alive. Except, outside the house, Julian’s pulling away in his car.

The next day, Sean sees the fake Jericho get tossed in the trash in the back of the garbage truck; the fake baby was put there by Julian the night prior. Dad takes his fake baby out of the truck’s compactor and brings it upstairs, bathing it like a real child. Oh, my.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Sean's Burnt HandGreat opener for Season 2. Starts things off weird, just not too wildly weird.
That’s what I enjoyed about Season 1; it was weird immediately, but it ramped up.

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