Outcast – Season 2, Episode 4: “The One I’d Be Waiting For”

Kyle uncovers more about his father, & Reverend Anderson comes face to face with Aaron after all this time.

Hap and Leonard – Season 2, Episode 6: “No Mo’ Mojo”

When Hap & Leonard think they've finally found BB's killer, another twist shocks them in the end.

Outcast – Season 2, Episode 3: “Not My Job to Judge”

Megan must face the consequences of her actions. Meanwhile, a disappearance in Rome leads Kyle & Anderson to a new, dangerous consequence of the rise in possessions.

Hap and Leonard – Season 2, Episode 5: “Pie a la Mojo”

Hap & Leonard work undercover at the carnival to try rooting out the killer. Before unexpectedly terrible things happen.

The Path – Season 2, Episode 13: “Mercy”

When Cal challenges Eddie trying to convince him he isn't ready to lead, the latter responds in an audacious way. At the same time, Sarah struggles with who she really wants Eddie to be.

Outcast – Season 2, Episode 2: “The Day After That”

Mark's body turns up, making Megan feel guilty as she struggles to understand what happened. And Sidney lurks around Rome.

The Path – Season 2, Episode 12: “Spiritus Mundi”

Richard is cast out from the movement for helping Eddie. and Sarah's run off the road in her car by a mysterious assailant. And Mary finally has her baby, which reveals the father's identity.