Fear the Walking Dead 6×09: “Things Left to Do”

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead
6×09: “Things Left to Do”
Directed by Michael E. Satrazemis
Written by Nick Bernardone

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Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - June Buries JohnJune has to dig a grave for her beloved John, all the while Virginia’s keeping an iron fist gripped around everybody. Poor June has no time for real grief. She digs that hole and rolls John in, only taking out his gun to keep with her. One of the rangers takes it, though. But June wants answers, she wants to know why Ginny’s sister killed John. Virginia has no answers; well, she does, she just won’t give them up to June. And this just makes for another nail in Ginny’s eventual coffin, hopefully.

Back in Lawton, Strand’s playing ranger while Sarah, Daniel, and the others wonder what’s going on. They find out John’s dead when Ginny and her rangers get back. Daniel takes a pistol whip for his troubles, too. He gets Ginny’s gun in his face to boot, hounded for information on Morgan and Dakota’s location. Ginny puts the gun in all their faces, though refrains from killing anybody for the moment. She picks up the walkie, calling out to Morgan. She says “bad things are about to happen” if Morgan doesn’t bring Dakota back. She threatens to kill pregnant Grace in front of everybody if Morgan won’t comply. Guns are at the ready.

Then Morgan emerges on horseback. He doesn’t have Dakota with him; his ace in the hole.
He says it’s all over for Virginia. He tells everybody the truth about her and what Dakota did, covering about Cameron’s murder and everything else. Ginny attempts to convince all the rangers not to believe Morgan, pushing Strand to kill Daniel. That doesn’t stop Morgan from talking, and Strand joins his friend, training his gun on Virginia. Strand also has his army ready to go at his command. Things really are over for Ginny now. She pulls her gun and Victor pumps a shot in her. Nobody else shoots, and Ginny grabs Grace at gunpoint.
That’s when the bullets really fly.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - Daniel BleedingDaniel and Grace are taken by Ginny and one of her rangers. They’re put in a car and the ranger takes them off. But Ginny’s at the end of Morgan’s blade. This puts them all in a precarious position. For the time being, ole Virginia is alive, and Morgan’s taking her with him to find Grace and Daniel—in spite of Strand and his gun protesting. The next morning, Ginny’s got her wound patched up a little, so Morgan makes her call to find her ranger’s location. Afterwards, the two chat about the state of things. Morgan tells Ginny that Dakota is the one who saved him, the night he was shot. He tells her it was because Dakota wanted her dead. He shows her the note Dakota left and it fully dawns on Ginny what she’s done to her own family. Ginny says she has to tell Dakota a hard truth: they aren’t actually sisters, they’re mother and daughter. Wow!
Then the SWAT truck turns up and it’s firing, guns blazing. So Morgan and Ginny get moving.

But Morgan and Ginny have to abandon the vehicle. They head into the trees, though they can’t move fast. They’re being fire on, so they split up. Virginia trips and tries to hide, only for a zombie to find her. Then, Morgan saves her from getting caught by one of their pursuers, Sherry. He rushes off into the woods again with Ginny, insisting to Sherry that Virginia will get what’s coming to her eventually. It puts Ginny and Morgan back on the road like an Odd Couple. He tells her a bit more about the community of people seeking revenge on her. He doesn’t offer Ginny any comfort, either. He’s purely using her to get what he needs, to save the people he loves.

Alicia and everybody else aren’t thrilled to see Morgan’s brought Virginia back to their new home. Yet he tells them it’s the only way to save their friends. Ginny’s astonished by the community they’ve been building, but nobody is glad to have her even near their presence anymore, particularly Rachel. Then they see Strand and his army have arrived, as well. A tense situation. Victor has “grievances” on his mind. Sherry and her people also want a piece, pulling up right on time. Everybody wants justice. And they’re going to start a war to get it. So Virginia says she’ll go out there if Dakota can have “a second chance.” Hard sell. She offers to get Grace and the rest out of there, if only Morgan will give her a quick death instead of the long, torturous one she’ll receive otherwise. Morgan sees it as the best way out of everything.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - Execution RockMorgan takes Ginny down in front of everyone, placing her head against a rock. He remembers the night she shot him. He thinks about John dying, all the memories. He tries to cut her head off, but he can’t bring himself to do it right away. He questions it all furiously. He doesn’t want to start a new future with brutality and capital punishment. He thinks Ginny should “feel it,” to actually atone for what she’s done.
Then Morgan takes Virginia to see Dakota, while Strand and his army are ready to tear the place down. They give Virginia and Dakota time alone together. It’s mostly resentment from the girl, rightfully so. Ginny finally admits the truth to Dakota, that they’re mother and daughter. What a heavy bit of knowledge to drop on a young girl. But it’s also heavy what Virginia has been through, too. Though that’s no excuse for all she’s done. Ginny tells Dakota there’s a second chance for her in this new community. Yet Dakota hates her mother and everything about both of their existences.

Morgan attempts to deal with Strand and the army. He, again, wants to preach a little non-violence. He’s tired of the killing, he wants to punish Virginia by forcing her to live with everything she’s done. That’s essentially the argument against capital punishment: killing is easy, and it relieves someone of what they’ve done, but to make someone live with their sins is more of a punishment; if you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead and you don’t know you’ve been punished. For now, the others go along with Morgan. But that’s surely not the last of this confrontation. Neither Sherry nor Strand are pleased, though they stand down. Soon, Sarah, Rabbi Jacob, Grace, and the others are reunited with Morgan and their friends.
Jacob brings along a note John wrote, when he didn’t think he’d seen June again. My heart…
Also, why can’t Dwight and Sherry be together in the same place? WHY? You’re killing me here.

This whole thing is pulling people apart.
Hopefully, one day, everyone will be back on the same page. Just as long as they stay safe in the meantime.
Morgan and Alicia tell Virginia they’re letting her and Dakota go, to be together on their own. June’s patched Ginny up, and the latter apologises for everything. She talks about her daughter Rose who got sick and how it ended with everyone in her camp dying. This is why she feels for June. But the conversation turns dark when she pulls out a gun, shooting Ginny in the head. June perfectly puts John’s hat on and walks off into the distance.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - June Dorie Cowboy Hat

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