Servant 2×03 “Pizza”

Apple TV’s Servant
2×03 “Pizza”
Directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan
Written by Nina Braddock & Tony Basgallop

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Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Dorothy in PainDorothy’s not doing great in a flashback we see where she’s crawling up the front steps and into her house, crying in agony. Then we see her pregnant, hearing from her doctor about problems with her placenta. The doc told her she needed to stay off her feet for the rest of the month. This meant Dorothy was, essentially, bed-ridden for an entire 30 days until she was ready to give birth.
Skip to current day. Dorothy and Sean are continuing to search for Leanne and Jericho. They’ve gotten plenty of tips from the public, but nothing has panned out so far. Dorothy’s very sure they’ll find Leanne with their list of tips, whereas Sean, as always, appears less than enthused. They get a call from Julian, who’s off following leads for his sister. He’s at a big,  “disgustingly excessive” house with a secured gate. The place belongs to the Marino family, and obviously they’re loaded with money. Dorothy believes they’re hiding something behind all the security and the excess. Julian sees somebody on a dirt bike stop by the gates briefly, leaving something. He gets out to see what it is and it’s nothing but a Chinese takeout menu. And he’s real pissed off.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Dorothy FallsSean does his best to mediate his wife’s expectations, for legal reasons effectively—to cover his and his family’s asses. But how long is he going to be able to keep Dorothy from going any further than they have already? She’s determined to find her son, of course. And Sean’s not exactly doing nothing, either; I mean, he’s out in front of that big estate doing surveillance while on video with his wife back home. But he and Julian continue juggling their own lives while keeping Dorothy happy enough that she doesn’t do anything too drastic. Yet.
Meanwhile, the couple are coming up with their own family business. They’ve decided on Julian’s suggestion for a name: Cheezus Crust. Amazing! They’re “in the carb delivery business,” though it’s not really for the purposes of making money and creating a family business empire. No, it’s largely for the purposes of getting themselves past the gates of that bourgeois estate. Sneaky, sneaky.

The pizza grift is making money. It’s just not drawing the owners of the big house.
Until finally the order comes in from the house, for 20 pizzas. They pull poor Tobe into their business, hooking him up with a bit of surveillance equipment. He drives off alone to the estate, being buzzed past the gates for the delivery. He rings the doorbell and eventually a little boy comes to the door, as well as a bunch of other kids, all dressed in sports uniforms. The kids grab up all the pizza, then Tobe goes looking for the grownups so he can get paid. Tobe then sees Leanne in the hallway, obviously surprised. A woman calls Tobe into a nearby room, as Leanne rushes off down the hall. He finds a sick woman in bed, hooked to machines, and a man slouched, sleeping in a chair in the corner. Back at the Turner house, Dorothy tries to run off to the estate, but Sean convinces her not to go. And inside, Julian sees that Leanne’s ordered another pizza. Odd.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Leanne FoundDorothy goes about making the new pizza, wanting to be involved. Am I the only one wondering if she’s going to add anything to the food? Especially after she notices the mortar and pestle. Then the pizza’s off for delivery. Tobe goes back with the pie and brings to Leanne. They talk a bit. Leanne starts telling him a few things, like how she feels about Dorothy, calling the mother and wife “selfish and cruel.” Dorothy decides she’s heard enough and goes upstairs. But with a sinister sense about her.

More flashbacks show us Dorothy trying to be “a normal person” and stay in bed like the doctor ordered. One day, when Sean isn’t around, Dorothy’s forced to get out of bed when an alarm goes off. She heads out to the staircase gradually, as we see smoke coming up from downstairs. She eventually slips and falls down a few stairs, though she manages to stop herself and gets back up. Downstairs, she finds a dish towel on a lit burner and she puts it out, right as Sean gets through the door.

Present day. Dorothy’s making more pizza pie, handing off duties to Sean. Soon they’re all back in the living room watching Tobe’s talk with Leanne. The nanny figures out she’s being watched. And that’s when she starts to feel ill, falling over. Dorothy takes the phone and tells Tobe he’s “drugged a young woman with pizza.” She tells him to take Leanne in his car and bring the girl home. GOD. DAMN. Things are taking a turn. Can’t blame Dorothy. Her husband and her brother created this monster.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Dorothy Eats Pizza

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