Servant 2×04 “2:00”

Apple TV’s Servant
2×04 “2:00”
Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
Written by Tony Basgallop

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Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Leanne TrappedSo Leanne is back at the Turner residence, except not by her own free will. She’s being held captive up in the house’s attic. Now, Dorothy begins to ask questions. She wants to know where Jericho is, though Leanne claims she doesn’t know. Downstairs at breakfast, Sean is asking his own questions about the logistics of having a captive in their house. Like what happens when Leanne’s going to have to inevitably piss and shit? Dorothy doesn’t care. She only cares about breaking Leanne down, like one would an addict who has to go through rehab.

On top of everything, there’s a construction crew who’ll be in the house! Good lord. Although that massive crack in the basement floor does need fixing, before it swallows somebody whole. But to have a crew of strangers in your house while you’ve also got a girl held against her will upstairs, that takes serious confidence, or, perhaps, Dorothy has fully gone mad. Yet she has it more together than either her brother or her husband, who spend their time talking over what their lies and manipulation have created (though they don’t exactly deal much with the truth that it’s their fault), as well as drinking wine.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Sean & the Attic

“Heroin, religion; it’s all the same beast.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Leanne in the AtticWhen Dorothy gets home she gets an earful from Leanne, who’s worried about the family she’s now helping. She keeps asking about her son, where he is, but her former nanny has nothing new to say. She’s intent on keeping Leanne there as long as it takes. At the dinner table, Sean and Dorothy chat about Leanne. Sean wonders if they should let the girl come downstairs a bit, and Dorothy wants to create her own microcosm of Guantanamo Bay without the outright torture. She goes upstairs at night and almost gets a little torturous, demanding answers from Leanne. But again, nothing.
The next morning, Sean attempts to go upstairs, thinking that Leanne might talk to him. His wife doesn’t think that’s a good idea. She heads up, trying to be friendlier, even if Leanne sees right through the act. It only takes a minute for her to get nasty. When Dorothy’s not home, Sean manages to find the key to their attic. He goes up to see Leanne. He tells her he didn’t know what Dorothy was doing with the pizza. Leanne wants to know why Sean hasn’t told his wife the truth. He believes he’s protecting his wife; typical male bullshit. He tries to show Leanne kindness, letting her go to the bathroom properly.

At 2 am, once again—the witching hour?—Dorothy goes back upstairs. This time she gets violent, pulling Leanne out of bed by the hair and thrashing her against the floor, demanding to know: “Where is he?” The next day, Dorothy’s trying to figure out why she keeps going mad around 2 am. She thinks it’s like her body is remembering something her mind forgot. She’s sure it has to do with Jericho. This doesn’t change the way she’s treating Leanne, only continuing to be aggressive with the girl.

While Dorothy goes to work, Sean heads upstairs and treats Leanne to some food, asking the girl about Jericho. Yet the girl only says that “Jericho died,” refusing to play into the family’s delusions. Later, Julian and Sean are talking more about their lies, the former revealing the truth of it, that these two men see themselves as “victims” in the entire ordeal; at least Julian does. They’re also trying to figure out how to control the situation upstairs with Leanne. During dinner, Sean seems to have regained his sense of taste finally. Is it coincidence? Probably not.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - CharcuterieAt 2 am, Dorothy has another fit and goes to the attic to torture Leanne. She’s convinced this is part of “deprogramming” Leanne from the cult’s indoctrination. Sean worries they’re crossing a line. He’s the one who perpetually cannot tell his wife the truth, about anything. Whenever his wife isn’t home he’s upstairs with Leanne, to the point he’s now eating charcuterie and drinking wine. He’s caught off guard when Dorothy gets back early, though she doesn’t catch him with Leanne.

When 2 am comes around again, Dorothy creeps into the attic. She’s fooled by Leanne and gets cracked over the head. Leanne flees downstairs but the door is locked. Dorothy soon comes down, asking for answers about Jericho. Leanne decides to taunt the grieving mother, which is not a good idea, whatsoever. And she gets smacked in the head, too. Upstairs, Sean’s hand begins to pain brutally. He puts a new wrap on it after pouring water over the wound, and then goes looking for his wife. He discovers Dorothy downstairs, staring out the door, covered in mud. So Sean runs downstairs, where he finds a tube sticking out of the ground: Dorothy’s buried Leanne. He digs the girl out of the ground, scolding his wife for crossing a big line. However, Dorothy believes “nothing is too far” in the pursuit of finding her child.

We see a flashback of Dorothy, at 2 am, only briefly. She’s over Jericho’s crib in her red dress.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant - Leanne Buried

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