Animal Kingdom 5×12: “Loose Ends”

TNT’s Animal Kingdom
5×12: “Loose Ends”
Directed by Nick Copus
Written by Matt Kester

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Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom - Waiting at the ScannerSomehow Craig’s convinced himself that doing coke a bunch constantly is good father material when he had the gall to tell Renn she was a bad mother for selling the shit. An absolute moron. Beautiful, but a moron. He finds Frankie at his door in the morning and tells her about the money being moved to the shipping yard at the port. A wrinkle in the plan, but not one that’s going to stop the Codys. Pope, Deran, and J are keeping their ears to the scanner. They hear word of a “suspicious vehicle” and a “possible homicide,” knowing Livengood’s hand has been found. The news will soon be talking about a dead DEA agent with a hand in America and the rest of his corpse in Mexico somewhere.

We see Pope and Craig together while the latter starts to get the shakes from craving a bump of coke. Older brother tries to hand down a smidge of knowledge about using cocaine and maybe losing your kids, not that the younger brother cares to take any advice. They go to meet their dirty cop connection, who’s pushing for the cash he wants. Things with this dude are going to go completely haywire eventually. They’ve already gotten wild and bad enough given he shot a DEA agent in the head in Deran’s bar. Things could still get worse, though.
Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom - Dirty Cop MeetingAnother flashback showing us how absolutely warped Janine’s world was, as she headed over to Max’s bar, bringing the kids along with her, Jake, and Manny. She wanted to take everything they could, after she murdered Max and now he can’t do anything about it. What a thing to include the kids in, just illustrating further how little Janine really cared for her children, never thinking too long about what everything she was doing was doing to her kids. She was more concerned thinking of Max’s bar earlier when Jake asked about the kids than she what effects seeing Max get murdered had on little Pope and Julia. Difficult to watch, really.
And we see all she sowed, being reaped in her children and grandchild.

Current day. Pope’s going over to the garage to pay Ralphie a visit, sending a message to Pete. This is absolutely about to cause a ton of shit. Pope also forces Ralphie to hand over his car, along with the papers, too. He gives him $6K. Then Ralphie tells Pope about coke in the trunk. Is that the coke Pete claimed was gone? Oh, god. Pete tried to fuck the Cody gang. Meanwhile, J and Deran are dressed like linesmen to get a look at the shipping yard at the port. The daytime’s busy, so they opt to check it out after dark. Later they get a look during the evening, seeing how lit up the place is, and they’re starting to think it’s too crazy. J just thinks it’s too much money to pass up. “Do you think Smurf wouldve done it?” he asks his uncle.

At home, Craig’s going off the walls because he’s jonesing for a hit, shaking loose every last thing in the house to see if he can find a spare baggie. He finds a bottle of prescription pills instead. He also steps on one of his son’s toys, then tosses it before preparing to down a pill. But he hears a knock at the door, and it’s Frankie. She wants to know more about the job and Craig doesn’t have answers yet. She notices he isn’t well, either. So he heads to the bathroom to take a few of those pills. Not good.
Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom - Pope & RalphieThings have changed between Deran and J since their physical altercation. They actually want to work together nowadays instead of trying to cut the other one out. J’s even suggesting a new way to expand the Cody empire in the future and make it easier for them to cover their stolen bounty. Soon enough, Deran’s got to deal with FBI agents poking around the bar looking to ask questions about his relationship with Agent Livengood. He plays it pretty cool, having many years of experience dealing with cops and various other authorities. He even accuses Livengood of harassment. Bold! For the moment it keeps the FBI out of Deran’s hair. Question is, for how long?

The Codys and Frankie meet. They need about two weeks to prepare the job. Then the Codys meet without Frankie, talking about the current news on Livengood’s corpse being found. They want to meet their dirty cop, pay him, and “cut him loose” to be finished with the entire relationship. Craig’s concerned it isn’t a good plan. The rest thing it’s the best move. J and Pope are the ones who’ll go meet the cop together.
Another flashback show us Smurf meeting with Linda, asking her about what Max was running through the strip club. Linda said it was money and drugs mainly. She was made aware she’d be doing things for Smurf to pay off the debt of nearly getting Janine and the kids killed.

Pope gives a bit of a lesson on cats to his nephew while they wait to meet their dirty cop. Soon the cop gets there with complains about “an international investigation” over Livengood’s murder. He gets a payday with a bonus of $4K. J tells the cop they’re finished with him, and Pope makes clear they have “other ways of cutting ties” if this doesn’t work. They’ve set things up with Livengood’s corpse to work in their favour. But this cop, he doesn’t seem too happy about it. The lads don’t need more trouble.
Things with Craig are only getting worse. Nothing gets through to him, yet Frankie tries her best. And later that evening, Craig turns down coke from a friend who drops in to see him. He then sits down and looks through photos on his phone of Renn and baby Nick.

At the house, Deran and J talk a little more. The nephew says they “need a win,” so his uncle thinks they should do the job. A little while after J finds Pope by the pool cleaning a gun. He mentions his mother never liking guns; hmm, wonder why?! Pope tells his nephew things went well, that J’s smart. He says “Youve got to make your own luck.” Then he tells J about the coke Pete never actually flushed.
Father Son Holy Gore - Animal Kingdom - Janine & Linda

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