Chapelwaite Ep. 6: “The Offer”

Epix’s Chapelwaite
Ep. 6: “The Offer”
Directed by Rachel Leiterman
Written by Scott Kosar

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Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Stephen Boone the VampireChapelwaite Manor in 1848.
Stephen Boone was raving. He yelled out to his daughter Marcella, who was hiding from him. She grabbed a pair of scissors to keep herself safe from her vampire father. Stephen asked what she’d done with the book, but she gave no answers. Unfortunately Marcella had to deal with her vampiric grandfather, too. Phillip caught her before she made it through the door, pummelling her, asking where she hid the book. Marcella still tried to get away, finding all the doors locked. The real way she died was fleeing her father and grandfather, trying to go downstairs. She tripped over the basement steps and the scissors sank into her neck. Oh, wow. Absolutely brutal, and horrifically Gothic context added to what we knew so far.

The Boones are left with one of their own dead after Charles brings Loa’s body home to Chapelwaite Manor. The siblings are obviously devastated. Then there’s Constable Dennison keeping his wife Mary locked up behind bars. Probably best for now, considering the “irregular wounds” on her neck found by the town doctor. Minister Burroughs says Faith “spoke of bites” and has scars on her body from people in Jerusalem’s Lot. And none of them know what to do about Phillip Boone if he should return, they only know a cross works to repel him.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Marcella DiesCharles asks Rebecca what happened the night before and she tells him everything. She blames herself. But Charles says he knew Loa was in danger, he’d seen her with Stephen. He also tells Rebecca about meeting the awful vampire Jakub, that Stephen and Phillip are likewise “undead.” He tells her about the wounds on Loa’s neck, that they drank her blood.
Constable Dennison goes to see Mrs. Cloris, asking what she knows about the Boone family. She tells him about Stephen and Phillip spending more and more time in Jerusalem’s Lot. Then one day she found them dead and Marcella said they were asleep. Before Mrs. Cloris could do anything else Phillip showed up at her door and told her to go back to work at the manor, to keep quiet, or he’d “bleed the life” out of them.

Poor Mary’s waking up in jail, wondering where her husband is, and parched. She asks Minister Burroughs for a drink of water and then he offers to pray with her. Afterwards she says God speaks to her and offers her his blood to “live forever in the dark.” Is she talking about God? Or is she talking about their vampire cult’s worm god?
On the water, Charles gives his youngest daughter a sea burial.

Rebecca apologises to Honor and Tane for what she did, stealing their family’s story to make her own. An interesting moment, especially considering Rebecca’s a white woman and she’s dealing with two children who are half white, half Indigenous. Yet it’s also interesting when we think of fiction, and whose stories are whose to tell, because that fits with the racial dynamics at play, too. Charles is pretty pissed when his children tell him about Rebecca, the story, her taking the governess position just to write a Gothic tale. He’s decided she’ll leave in the morning. He’s pretty hurt by the way she’s used his family and their tragedy as fodder for fiction.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Loa's Sea Burial

“There are those who live, and those who feed off that living;
the latter are cowards.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Faith's BabyMinister Burroughs goes to Faith with tickets for her to leave Preacher’s Corners. He wants her to get out. But he feels he must stay, for the sake of his congregation. Faith tells him plainly: “Theyre all going to die.” She also tells the minister that the worm will be coming when Jakub does. When the minister goes home he finds Alice with her father, ole angry Samuel. The old man’s angry about the news of his son-in-law and Faith. Alice doesn’t much want to hear from her husband, so he leaves. The minister goes to Ann’s place looking for a room, and he hears Faith left already.

A sad scene when Constable Dennison decides it’s best to smother his wife rather than let her become a vampire. He kills her in the jail cell as Mary struggles trying to stop him. Elsewhere in the woods, Faith’s on a coach she hired when the driver stops to help somebody. Unfortunately folk from Jerusalem’s Lot have pulled an ambush. Faith and her child are left at the mercy of those people. We also hear that Jakub fathered the child, right before Faith’s stabbed to death viciously in the road.

Charles has everyone together during the night, in case Phillip or Stephen return, which he assumes they will. They hear footsteps coming towards the door and so he calls out. Charles receives a call back from his dead daughter Loa, asking to be let inside. Then Loa starts calling for her siblings, yet everyone knows better. Still, Charles opens the door to find his soaking daughter, come back from the sea. “Come, father,” she beckons. So he goes with Loa, leaving Rebecca and the rifle to protect his remaining children. His dead daughter brings him to the barn. She shows off her healed leg, now that she’s undead. She’s joined by Stephen and Phillip, part of her “new family.” Stephen and Phillip want Charles to follow the call of the book, like Jakub asked him. They say Jakub will kill him if he brings the book to Jerusalem’s Lot. Charles doesn’t trust them.
Yet, really, what choice does he have? Because the worms keep crawling.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Vampire Loa

“Drink from us and live”

Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Worms Everywhere

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