Fear the Walking Dead 7×08: “Padre”

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead
7×08: “Padre”
Directed by Michael E. Satrazemis
Written by Andrew Chambliss & Ian Goldberg

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Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - Alicia Locked AwayAlicia had to ride out the nuclear blasts in that shelter, locked away by Teddy to spend eternity alone. She’s come a long way since then, certainly. At that time, she had to give herself over to the idea that she’d be locked in there forever, or until someone, somehow, stumbled onto her location. That didn’t stop her from exploring the place. She found the armoury eventually, though there was little left inside. Suddenly she heard the click of a gun and a man took her upstairs to use as “fresh compost for the garden.” However, Arnold stopped that from happening; Teddy told them about her. She tried fighting her way out; tried being the operative word.
Jump to present day as Alicia and the others at her camp have to flee after the radiated zombies blown up, spreading toxic gas into the air, not to mention there was a horde of walkers nearby. Everyone in the camp makes it out of there, but they can’t go back right away, or maybe ever. Morgan talks with Alicia about what Strand’s up to, specifically concerning Grace and baby Mo. Right now, she needs his help to deal with something. There’s a zombie they found; a special one.

We get another look at Alicia when she was trying to get out of the locked room in the nuclear shelter. She and a guy called Will (Gus Halper), who showed up out of nowhere, joined forces; he was living in the shelter before Teddy and his people found it. Will used to work for a senator, which is how he ended up in that place originally. He knew the shelter pretty well, explaining his own tragic history since the fall of humanity to Alicia as he showed her around. He urged Alicia to play along with Teddy’s people while he looked for a way to get out.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - Hidden ShelterAlicia asks Morgan to help her find Padre, where supposedly there are plans to rebuild and keep people safe, along with the necessary resources. Turns out the zombie they’ve captured is someone who knew where Padre was, but how does Alicia know that? She asks Morgan for his trust, since nobody else believes in what she’s trying to do. They’ve also got to contend with Strand sending people to find them. For the time being, they want to go to the sub and regroup. Morgan’s not afraid to trust like Strand, and especially when it comes to Alicia. So Morgan and Alicia cover themselves in walker guts, in spite of the new radiation dangers, then they let their zombie buddy loose to hopefully lead them towards Padre.

Back to Alicia trying to coexist with Arnold and the others. She was given a new room, where she saw a classified file about Padre a.k.a P.A.D.R.E; a government file, very curious! Eventually Teddy’s people found Will in the shelter, and they nearly killed him before Alicia saved the day, insisting no one else will be “returned to the earth.” No more of Teddy’s crazy shit. Alicia was desperate to find a way out of that shelter, though Will hadn’t yet found one. He told her P.A.D.R.E. was where he was meant to go with the senator; the only one who knew the location was the senator himself.
And that’s the zombie Alicia’s using to locate P.A.D.R.E. now with Morgan.

Poor Alicia isn’t doing well. She’s not sleeping, she’s undernourished. But she refuses to stop. Along the way, she and Morgan are confronted with gunfire in the distance, surely Strand’s soldiers out looking for vengeance. But the people with guns are looking for Morgan, because of what happened back at the tower. Everything devolves with more gunfire and the approach of more walkers, and on top of it the zombie senator gets away. Alicia wants to chase the zombie but Morgan stops her. She keeps chasing the senator, refusing to let him go. So they toss the zombie senator into nearby water, planning to jump. Strand rushes in and takes off his mask, begging Alicia not to flee. Alicia jumps for the water, and so does Morgan, right as Victor takes a shot at him. They’re not free yet, as Victor keeps his people on their trail.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - P.A.D.R.E.Time alone together on the road gives Morgan and Alicia time to talk. He wants everyone safe, along with her. But Alicia doesn’t care about herself anymore, she only cares about finding safety for all the good people out there worth saving. She’s also convinced there’s “an echo” of people that lingers in zombies, which is why she continues using the zombie senator. Maybe it’s a way for her to believe her mother’s still out there, even if she’s a zombie corpse shambling around somewhere. Morgan won’t let Alicia fall deeper into insanity. Then, she and Morgan are found by Strand’s people.

More flashbacks to Will showing Alicia a potential way out. She used some of the zombie senator’s guts to cover herself, showing Will a few survival methods that have proved useful to her. They went through the tunnels together, but in the middle of their journey a tunnel collapsed, separating them and nearly crushing them to death.
In current day, Morgan and Alicia are in Victor’s hands. It’s a bitter reunion between Strand and Alicia. She doesn’t care for how he’s built his new tower community, whereas he’s totally narcissistic about his vision. He says he only trusts Alicia, but she doesn’t want anything Strand is offering. He claims that “P.A.D.R.E. is a myth.” That doesn’t settle anything for her. So, Strand orders his people to kill Morgan and the senator. Alicia throws herself between Morgan and the zombie, getting her arm chomped in the process. WHAT THE FUCK?!
Is this really how Alicia goes out? If so, fuck you Strand.

Back to Alicia and Will in the collapsed tunnel. They were separated by the rubble and she was caught on the other side with the senator. She eventually got a BIG BITE on her arm! Oh. My. God. She got away from the zombie senator, but she was bitten. She was ready to give up, even with Will urging her to keep going.
Jump to the present. Morgan wants Alicia to show him the wound, believing they still may be able to save her. Well, she doesn’t need any saving because she has a partly mechanical arm; obviously the result of what occurred in the tunnel. At least we’re not losing Alicia! Thank the lord. I would’ve rioted. Now, Alicia and Morgan have more journeying to do.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - Alicia's New ArmAfter Alicia chopped off her infected forearm she eventually woke up someplace safe with her wound sewed and an IV nursing her back to health. Will was waiting for her. He explained a bomb struck close to the shelter, and what happened with Teddy, as well as what Victor did. She’d been in and out of consciousness for a week. She wasn’t sure the zombie virus was out of her system and she was angry at Will for not killing her when she came down with a fever. But she was alive.

Morgan and Alicia keep on going, hopefully further toward P.A.D.R.E. out there in the wilderness, following the zombie senator. They see a light in the sky, and Alicia believes it’s the fabled location, though Morgan says it’s not; that’s only Victor’s tower. This just dampens Alicia’s spirits even more than before. Then she explains she didn’t amputate her arm quickly enough, that the zombie virus is still working through her system and won’t leave her. She’s going to succumb to it someday in the future. She wants to find a safe haven for everyone before she dies. She’s starting to consider whether to take Strand’s offer, seeing it as the only way forward at this point in time, despite Morgan’s warnings.
Back at the shelter, Alicia came to and found a note from Will explaining that he had to leave. And in current day, Alicia finds a zombified Will crawling in the road. A grim moment. Alicia wonders if it’s Strand’s work, and he confirms it, along with the fact Will said he loved her. This makes Alicia realise she was wrong to ever consider Victor’s community.
A big war’s coming now.

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