The Sinner 4×04: “Part IV”

The Sinner
4×04: “Part IV”
Directed by Radium Cheung
Written by Piero S. Iberti

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Father Son Holy Gore - The Sinner - Percy's CorpseA body’s been dragged from the waters surrounding Clark Harbor. The corpse is identified as Percy Muldoon. Meg and the family burst in to see the body, in spite of the state. Sean is the first to look, confirming it’s his daughter, then Meg. They’re all naturally devastated. Chief Lou says Percy died from the fall, there was no foul play determined from her body itself. The family want to start arranging the funeral. “We need this to be over,” says Colin. An odd thing to say, no?

Harry finds a Celtic north star in Percy’s pocket inscribed with the name VALERIE on the back. It’s all more cryptic clues to keep Harry obsessing over the case, incapable of letting it go. He isn’t happy the family wants to close the case. He needs answers, too. And he wonders if the family are trying to keep something from being exposed. Sonya wants them to leave the island, but obviously Harry can’t leave the case behind, not yet. He says they should go yet he doesn’t seem to fully mean it.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Sinner - ValerieAt the dock, Harry snoops around and sees more of the Celtic north stars on a boat; one of which is missing. The boat belongs to Colin. Harry goes about asking more questions of Emiliana at the dock, finding out that Percy and Colin spent lots of time together on the water. There’s more to the story that even Emiliania seems to know but won’t say. This puts Harry on Colin’s case, following him around town. He follows Colin to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, hearing the grieving uncle talk about his niece, even if that’s a serious breach of privacy. Colin says he and Percy were “like the same person.” They had a fight right before she died. Colin mentions other things vaguely that make Harry wonder.

Later that morning, Harry meets Meg at the church. She believes Percy didn’t kill herself, that somebody was to blame. She’s convinced someone was controlling her granddaughter. Harry asks about the name Valerie, but Meg doesn’t know anyone by that name. He tells the old woman he’s leaving the island and she asks him to stay and keep helping. Yet Harry’s intent on leaving. Or so he says. He also hears a bit of conversation between Mike and CJ that sounds incredibly tense while at the restaurant. He asks CJ about it, finding out somebody broke into the kitchen the night before; more than likely a Muldoon. CJ tells Harry that Colin is “the guilty one,” and Mike further mentions seeing Colin and Percy together a lot on the boat, including some troubling moments. Was there an inappropriate relationship going on between Percy and Uncle Colin?

The vacation’s not going well. Sonya finds the chalet in a mess and the patio door wide open after she comes back from the store. There are footprints all over the floor, too. Worse still, somebody’s actually inside. Nothing happens because, thankfully, Sonya got out of there. When Harry’s back he starts looking around and asking questions. Sonya’s upset Harry wasn’t there, instead he was out continuing to investigate. She wants to leave ASAP. And so the next morning, Harry and Sonya head for the ferry. But Harry’s not ready to go, asking for “a couple days.” He cannot pull himself away. “I wouldnt be able to live with that, with myself,” he says. This is a turning point in Harry’s relationship with Sonya.
Perhaps it’s goodbye.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Sinner - Uncle Colin and PercyHarry goes to the service for Percy after the funeral. He keeps an eye on Colin, noticing the uncle exhibiting some strange behaviour. He talks with Sean, who’s in a dark mood, as one would expect. The father believes everyone in that house played a part in Percy’s death. Harry watches Percy’s ex and Sean share a moment, noticing the jacket, but then sees another man wearing the same jacket come into the house. He’s almost getting lost in all the eeriness, all the strange things swirling in the air. Afterwards, he shares a drink alone with Meg. He mentions the break in at the chalet, which intrigues the grandmother. He also asks about how close Colin and Percy were, pissing Meg off at just the hint of something improper. The fact remains, someone close to Percy is likely the one who drove her to suicide. When Harry steps out of the room with Meg he hears Colin talking to somebody about something left in his boat. This sends Harry to the dock, looking for whatever was left on Colin’s boat. He ends up down below when someone locks him inside and starts out onto the water.

Eventually the boat comes to a halt.
Harry’s let out of his makeshift cage and he goes back up topside. He finds Colin there, asking about where he got the name Valerie. Harry mentions the Celtic north star and the name carved into it. He starts digging about Percy and when she came back from Portland, all those boat trips together just uncle and niece. Did Colin love his niece “too much“? The suggestion seems to upset him, but not outright anger him. Colin claimed he was helping his niece find God.
Flashback to uncle and niece on the boat together, reading the Bible. Percy wasn’t vibing with Jesus, whereas Colin thought that’s what would save her from drugs. Colin says someone else got to Percy before him and Jesus. One night, a soaking wet Percy showed up at Colin’s place needing somewhere to stay but not explaining what was wrong. She stopped doing boat Bible study with Uncle Colin and it just made him angry, pushing her away. Colin shows Harry strange drawings that Percy was doing, but Harry only accuses Colin further, which sends the retired cop overboard into the ocean.

After a long, cold swim, Harry’s home. He rushes to shower, then sketches what he can remember from the drawing Colin showed him—a strange circle with letters surrounding it. Suddenly, Harry remembers a book Sonya was reading from on the ferry over, particularly about The ‘Bazegw’ Legend and an Irish settler who sacrificed his daughter to the sea gods to replenish the cod stocks. This brings harry out to a place on the shoreline where he finds more trinkets left all over the place, as well as a teepee-like structure made of tree branches, inside of which is an ouroboros stone. Beneath the stone is a picture of a dark figure; a picture drawn by Percy.Father Son Holy Gore - The Sinner - Ouroboros

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