Fear the Walking Dead 7×14: “Divine Providence”

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead
7×14: “Divine Providence”
Directed by Edward Ornelas
Written by Alex Delyle & David Johnson

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Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - Strand's Tower PhoneAlicia’s right on Strand’s doorstep with her friends. She calls up the Tower, talking to her former friend. She tells him Morgan’s gone with the baby. Strand invites Alicia in for a talk and a drink and she agrees. Quite curious. Victor’s playing this close to the chest, not letting Wes in on his plans. Wes worries about letting Alicia inside at all. But the Tower’s leader isn’t worried about outside opinions. He puts his men on alert: “When the sun goes down, be ready.” Will there be more walkers drawn to the Tower?
Alicia gets inside and Daniel barges his in way in, as well. Daniel wants to see Ofelia but, as expected, Victor has no clue about all that. The old man gets sent for a “time out.” Wes takes his opportunity to talk shit to Alicia, though, again, he’s just a whiny baby. Then Strand and Alicia have their drink together, toasting to “new beginnings.” They talk about how things have changed since they were last together. Strand then prepares to kill Alicia’s friends by drawing a bunch of nasty radiated walkers with the Tower’s beacon. Oh, goddamn.

Alicia’s locked inside while Strand sets his plan in motion. Funny to see Wes support Victor so much when the latter’s outright doing awful fascist shit. But soon Alicia gets the jump on everybody and has Strand at gunpoint, telling them to turn off the beacon. She will never NOT be a bad ass. She takes Strand into the elevator and heads for the roof, only the power shuts down because of “emergency protocol” in case of such dire situations. She repeats to Strand what she told Teddy: “Im not making the world the way you want it to be.” Unfortunately Alicia’s weakened condition leaves her off her guard for a moment and Strand gets the upper hand again. She explains how ill she is and she’s prepared herself for death, which all but scares Victor back to reality. Alicia says if Strand turns off the beacon she’ll call everybody off. But he wants her to stay in the Tower. So she reluctantly agrees to his terms.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - Alicia and Victor Have One DrinkWes doesn’t like Strand’s deal with Alicia and he won’t accept her being part of the Tower’s community. He pulls a gun on Victor, turning the place into a Mexican standoff. Apparently the other rangers are on Wes’s side, because now Strand and Alicia really have to stick together. Even worse, the beacon remains on and it puts everybody outside in danger. Wes sends word to the other guards to kill Daniel, but the old guy’s always ready, killing his captor before anything happens. Then when Strand and Alicia meet up with Daniel shit really gets bad because Daniel’s convinced Ofelia is in the Tower. Strand lies, claiming Ofelia’s in the penthouse. That at least buys them time with Daniel. Strand figures they’ll get to the top floor where Wendell and the others are, then things will be fine.

On the way upstairs, Alicia nearly passes out so Strand insists they get to the infirmary. They do get there, but they’re being hunted by the rangers after all the commotion. Strand goes through the medicine to find something that’ll help Alicia. Daniel picks up a sheet with a record of all the Tower’s residents and sees Ofelia isn’t listed. This forces Strand to admit Ofelia isn’t up in the penthouse. He instead points Daniel to Charlie. Then he explains “Ofelias gone.” He urges Daniel to give the love for Ofelia to Charlie now, but the old man won’t accept that. Alicia tries to do the same before Daniel kills Strand. She says he should “be the man [he] wanted Ofelia to see.” And this saves Strand’s life.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - Mexican StandoffStrand and Alicia gather guns and ammunition from the cache he has upstairs. They also speak briefly about him calling her “the closest thing” he “has to daughter.” Very sweet, in spite of everything they’ve been through together. Also fun and interesting to see the two of them come back together like this now out of necessity. Victor and Alicia start working to clear out the rangers using a bit of gas for a smokescreen. Soon there are guns firing all over the place, bullets flying. Upstairs, Victor comes upon Wes and the rangers. Wes keeps on pleading with Strand not to trust Alicia, but Victor rushes off to her again.

Alicia and Strand barricade themselves in a room as Wes and the rangers open fire outside. They have nowhere left to go at the moment. It isn’t what Victor wanted for them, though it’s better to be together than to be apart, regardless of circumstance. Then Victor tells Alicia: “I love you.” He considers her family. Wes and the rangers barge in now. He isn’t willing to hear anything from Alicia, nor Strand. He’s seemingly lost all trust in everybody and doesn’t want to help just anybody. He reveals Alicia brought a transmitter with her, planning to make use of the antenna.
Alicia explains there is no Padre and she wanted to build it at the Tower. Wes thinks it’s just Alicia trying to wipe them out. The rangers draw their guns but Daniel comes in blasting, taking a bullet before he can get Wes, though not a fatal one. Alicia and Wes are left pointing guns at one another. She gets him to stop everything. Strand takes the chance to put a blade through Wes and end things, even if Alicia doesn’t like it. Then he runs to turn off the beacon on the roof.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - Alicia's Gas MaskOutside, Dwight and the others worry for Alicia, as well as the fact the light will draw more walkers. They’re soon greeted by Wendell, Grace, June, and Daniel, who say they have to get back inside before the crater walkers turn up. A big change from the war with Strand. Before they can get to the Tower, gunfire comes from the roof and keeps them back. Strand kills the last remaining rangers on the roof but things are bad down on the ground, especially with all those zombies on the way. Alicia tells him to turn off the beacon but Strand suddenly realises she’ll never forgive him at this point. She hates him for killing Wes and always doing the wrong thing. This starts a fight between the two. The beacon winds up getting broken but it’s too late: the radiated zombie horde has made it to the Tower. Alicia can still make use of the antenna, calling to anybody who can hear across the radio waves, hoping somebody might be able to offer their help.
Then a fire breaks out on the roof.
And Alicia passes out up by the antenna. Holy shit.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fear the Walking Dead - Crater Zombies

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