American Horror Story 11×06: “The Body”

FX’s American Horror Story
11×06: “The Body”
Directed by John J. Gray
Written by Brad Falchuk, Manny Coto, & Our Lady J

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Father Son Holy Gore - American Horror Story NYC - Bondage Death on Fire IslandFire Island, 1981.
Gay men are hooking up on the beach. Two of them kiss near where the tide rolls in when one of them feels like they were bitten by something, only to discover that strange, familiar rash already on his back. The men dig through the dirt and discover bones—human ones. And there’s even a skull donning a black bondage mask.
At the office, Dr. Wells is busy working when Gino and Patrick turn up to speak with her. Gino and Patrick want to talk about the samples Hannah took from the night of the Ascension fire. They’re pretty sure the killer was at the hospital. But the doc isn’t going to give up confidential information, or go against doctor-patient confidentiality. Patrick urges her to help, and Gino goes hard, saying she’s aiding and abetting “a murderer.” Yet Dr. Wells this is nothing official, considering a detective and a reporter are there asking questions together. Gino hands over a sketch of the killer when Dr. Wells notices his rash, suggesting both he and Patrick ought to be checked out considering she’s only seen it on gay men. Otherwise, she’s not offering any help in their rogue investigation.

At the station, Patrick gets a call from Frankie Del Rios on Fire Island, one of the men who found the body out there. Frankie heard from someone that Patrick is not like other cops, so he reached out. He tells Patrick about the body, as well as the black mask, and this intrigues the detective. Across the city, Sam gets a call from Dt. Read about the body. Is there something we’re missing here? Is there more to Patrick after all? Something sinister? Patrick starts to pack a bag at home to head for Fire Island, and it’s all a bit too suspicious for Gino, believing Patrick may be cheating. Not a lot of trust between these two, and it’s so obvious Patrick has… secrets… beyond his gay identity. But, what are they? To make matters worse, Gino sees Patrick get into a car with Sam. Oh, my.
In the park, Henry meets a guy called Angelo, a mobster concerned about Gino stirring things up in the papers and “normal people . . . not just the fruits” are beginning to notice. Angelo’s contracting a job out to Henry: he wants Gino gone. “Make sure hes written his last fucking article,” he tells Henry before leaving. Shit, that’s no good.
Father Son Holy Gore - American Horror Story NYC - Gino Marked by MobGino is surprised when Henry shows up in his apartment unexpectedly. He’s then confronted with a gun. Henry explains that the “men who run this town” need someone like him to watch over things. He doesn’t like the “gauche” term hitman, but that’s exactly what he does for the mob. He tells Gino that the newspaper articles must stop, or else the deed gets done. Gino mentions the body on Fire Island, which gives Henry pause.
Simultaneously, Patrick and Sam are arriving on the island, where they meet up with Frankie and Tom, the other guy who found the corpse on the beach. Sam runs the two guys off, since whatever he and Patrick are there for requires a large degree of discretion. Then Sam and Patrick, very briefly, discuss why they buried the masked man in such a shallow grave. After that, they head out to take a look.
They’re interrupted by Gino and Henry. The journalist is obviously worried. Patrick calls the whole thing a “freak accident.” Then he explains meeting Sam during his first trip to Fire Island two years ago in 1979. It’s where Patrick met Billy—the young dead man buried on the beach. He was there to take a vacation away from his straight life. Eventually, Patrick, Billy, and Sam went downstairs to the dungeon at the latter’s vacation house. And that’s when things got a bit more intense. Billy volunteered to be “the special one,” which meant he was in for the chains and the mask and the rest of the submissive role for whatever BDSM play Sam had in mind. Sam and Patrick did more coke, then they went to work on Billy.

Except after a while, Billy went limp while Patrick was fucking him, and it took a bit for either Patrick or Sam to notice. When the mask came off, Billy was dead. Patrick tried CPR, but it was no use. He wanted to call the cops and Sam pulled a gun, only for Patrick to admit he was one. Sam blamed it on Billy, whereas Patrick felt horrible. He decided to call “a fixer,” and a little while later Henry arrived to help out. Henry also brought along Mr. Whitely, “a whiz at cutting up bodies.” He was effectively blackmailing Whitely, too; more ugliness towards queers by a fellow queer, something Henry was/is obviously used to in his semi-self-loathing line of work. And thus, Whitely went about chopping the corpse into manageable sections.
Father Son Holy Gore - American Horror Story NYC - Mr. Whitely Works with HenryWhile Patrick wants Gino to leave, the journalist feels stuck in this mess and now he’s part of it. They’re ready to move the corpse when Patrick notices the clean dissection of Billy’s body and its resemblance to the work of the Mai Tai Killer. Henry reveals Mr. Whitely’s name and the fact the latter is a nurse. He doesn’t believe this is the same man who’s out there killing gay men. Gino and Henry head off to do their own work, leaving Patrick and Sam to deal with their own macabre mess.
Henry tries to call Mr. Whitely, getting ahold of the killer in that weird dungeon. Whitely’s a bit busy with his bodies, but Henry insists there’s a new mess they have to clean up for the mob bosses. He doesn’t want to go, yet Henry says it’s too important. The older man tries to get an address, however, Whitely’s too smart for that, asking to meet at a bar instead. Now Henry wants Gino to identify Whitely as the Mai Tai Killer, then they’ll kill him with a little teamwork. He says “moral clarity” is easier behind a typewriter, and that if Gino wants the killings to stop they have to do something about it themselves.

At the bar, Whitely’s inside with a Mai Tai. He has one waiting for Henry, but the latter smartly refuses it for a whiskey. Henry says they have a deadbeat debtor to take care of for the mafia. Before they go, Whitely heads to the bathroom, and Henry opts to follow with his gun. Henry’s surprised by the serial killer and drugged, so when Whitely hauls him out of there it doesn’t look suspicious, only like a usual scene of a drunk being escorted home safely by a friend. Luckily, Gino’s watching outside, and he sees the serial killer make off in a car with Henry. All he can do is follow. Gino sees Whitely stop, dragging Henry into a building. He parks nearby, using a payphone to call Patrick: “I need you.”Father Son Holy Gore - American Horror Story NYC - Whitely Attacks Henry

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