Mayans M.C. 3×10: “Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write”

FX’s Mayans M.C.
3×10: “Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write”
Directed by Elgin James
Written by James & Debra Moore Munoz

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Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Marisol & Little EZ Look at PaintingsEZ remembers his mother Marisol. They were looking at a book of paintings together when a bird flew into their window and stunned itself. Marisol and little EZ went outdoors, so she could pick the bird up and let it fly off into the sky, free once more. Then EZ wakes next to Gaby, hopeful about their future together. Will they actually get to go to Lodi? Or, will “loose ends for the club” once more prevent EZ from being free as a bird? At the same time, Nails and Angel are together, but he can’t quite forget Adelita.
When Emily wakes up she’s naturally feeling unwell. Does she remember anything about the night prior? That would be awkward. Her clothes are on backward and she also can’t find the pills where she left them, now in a different drawer in the bathroom and a lot less than were left last time she checked. Maybe she’ll put all the pieces together after all. She sees the roses on the floor and the glass of wine, and it’s starting to click.

What about Alvarez? He’s taking off his Mayans ring.
Will he do what Galindo asks of him and turn his back forever on the MC? Nestor’s charged with riding along to make sure nothing goes sideways. There are a lot of ways this could play out.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Emily Puts the Pieces TogetherA woman drops her car off at a Mayans-run garage connected to Canche. Before she leaves she switches on an explosive in the trunk. Nearby, Angel, Gilly, and EZ are waiting. They want to be sure Canche will actually be there so they take him out, which means they may have to stakeout all damn day. Good thing they brought some bottles to piss in. Back at the clubhouse, Steve’s blood is getting mopped off the floor while Creeper and Tranq are left confused by his suicide. Tranq’s too caught up in his feelings about Nails being with Angel to care about anything else.
At the table, Taza and Bishop are waiting for word on Canche. Taza gets a call from Laura about Palo turning up at her house. She told Palo nothing, but she knows he’ll be back again. She asks Taza for a gun. She refuses to run away, so Taza offers to get her a weapon.

Adelita pays a visit to Agent Anna, who’s clearly surprised to see her again. Anna wonders if Adelita will pull the trigger in public, and the latter confirms she doesn’t hide what she does “in a basement in the dark.” The agent says after Adelita’s baby died in U.S. government care it was Potter who shipped Adelita off to Mexico to cover things up. Then when Anna attempted to “blow the whistle” she got reassigned, or rather sent off to be shunned in a small town. Anna asks to make a phone call to say her goodbyes, but Adelita refuses. The agent apologises for not doing more to stop Potter’s monstrous actions. Adelita says she didn’t come to kill Anna, she only wants to track Potter down, and the agent obliges.
Gilly asks EZ what Steve meant by he can’t “put it away,” but EZ just pretends it was nothing. Then they see Canche arrive with a few other Mayans. And unfortunately for the plan, Canche’s brought his kid. Angel wants to call it off because of the kid, whereas EZ and Gilly want to take their chance. But EZ first wants to make sure the kid isn’t anywhere near the car and the explosive. This is fucked up. EZ gets in closer for a look as Angel hangs back a little. EZ gets spotted near the window so he detonates the explosive, sending the garage up in flames with no clue whether the little kid got caught in the blast, though very likely the boy did. Jesus Christ.

Luckily Canche’s child makes it out alive, but Canche is confirmed dead.
Things in the Mayans MC are changing.
But has EZ gone past the point of no return?
He’s blaming himself for far more than today, such as Potter getting involved with the club and then everything that happened to Adelita. He wonders if going with Gaby is the hopefulness he needs, or if he’s destined to stay with the MC and watch more bodies drop. Because he feels himself become less less moral all the time, admitting he would’ve blown Canche’s kid up if “thats what the club needed.” So EZ decides he’ll leave with Gaby, and Angel offers to tell the club once he’s gone.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Alvarez Chooses the Mayans

“The cut’s not a bad fit; it fits too well.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Canche's AliveLeticia shows up at the clubhouse looking for Gilly. She says Coco’s gone and never came back from Meth Mountain. Gilly tells Leticia he can’t be involved with Coco anymore, so she calls him “a fucking pussy.” She rages at him for the nonsense brotherhood of the MC, and that seems to get to Gilly finally. Elsewhere, Nestor’s contacting Miguel as he and Alvarez await the job to be done. Galindo makes clear what “needs to be done” if Marcus is unable to pull the trigger on EZ.
Speaking of EZ, he gets a surprise visit from Emily again. She can’t remember what happened the night before but she’s sure it means trouble. She’s shocked that EZ is preparing to leave, particularly without saying goodbye to her. It makes her reminisce about their shared past. Emily remembers EZ reading to her from 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. She’s sad to have missed out on a life with EZ; the life EZ’s now preparing to embark on with Gaby. She feels her “cards are blank.” EZ notices the marks on Emily’s neck now, but she pretends it’s nothing, neither does she elaborate on what might’ve happened last night. She gives him one last kiss, then leaves.

At the shop, Felipe gives Gaby her last paycheque, which seems like a pretty fat envelope. He also gives her a St. Francis necklace that belonged to his wife Marisol once. Felipe also finds out that EZ is leaving with her. He’s surprised, however, he isn’t unhappy about it, either. He talks about how Marisol once tried to save him and now she’s no longer around. He worries the same thing is happening to Gaby. “We will pull you under,” Felipe says, referring to men and their bad choices. He says the men in his family are “broken,” but Gaby refuses to believe that about EZ. Felipe tells her he won’t be able to live with himself if anything happened to her. He’s very clear with her: “Save yourself.”
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Bloody Saint at ClubhouseThings amongst the greater Mayans club are sketchy. They have to patch things up with Diaz after all that went down. Except that’s not going to happen, especially since Canche is actually still live. Ibarra gets his Tucson President cut back, but he also receives a bullet to the back of the head from Diaz who says “Fuck your trespasses and fuck your King.”
At the same time, Potter’s on a beach somewhere making a phone call to Galindo. He has lots to say about the cartel and LNG. He says that Galindo’s properties on both sides of the borders have been seized, among other things, and there are authorities with warrants about to bear down upon Miguel’s home.
Why would Potter tell Miguel this? Still playing games.
Miguel immediately calls Emily and tells her the sky is falling.

When EZ gets to his dad’s shop he finds only Felipe, who says that Gaby’s gone. He’s confused. Felipe only tells his so to Gaby go because it’s “better this way.” That’s not enough for EZ, demanding to know what she said before she left. He already knows that Felipe is the one who said something to make Gaby go. He heads outside to call Gaby but gets her answering machine. He’s got no clue that Alvarez and Nestor are tailing him. Yet Marcus lets EZ drive away. Nestor puts a gun right to Alvarez’s head, so the latter pulls his gun out, too. Alvarez says Nestor has a choice now to be an errand boy or be his own man. At the same time, EZ goes to Gaby’s uncle’s place and finds a note left for him on the door that reads: “When summer returns and the roses bloom,” a quote EZ related to Gaby about St. Francis falling in love with St. Clare.

Taza brings a gun for Laura but he finds himself at the end of Palo’s gun. She had no choice since Palo was holding her son hostage. Palo takes Taza’s weapon, then pontificates about Santo Padre’s coming demise. He walks Taza into the living room where the floor is covered with plastic wrap. Taza’s angry at Palo for what happened to David, and they start fighting after Palo insults David’s homosexuality. Thankfully Taza only has his eardrum ruptured by a bullet, then Laura shoots Palo. But Laura is fed up with “all this death” because of Taza’s secret. Before Taza goes he rips the Mayans cut off Palo.
Somewhere down south, Potter and his lady live their lives. He’s sent out to the market for a few things. When he gets home he finds the place a bit empty. And then he’s confronted by Adelita, who wants to teach him about loss. She’s holding a bloody knife already. Potter seems to suggest that Adelita’s son is alive. But is that just his bullshit? Hmm.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Taza Accepts FateAlvarez and Nestor have patched things up. They’re watching the news as Galindo’s estate is raided. Miguel can’t get Nestor on the phone. He’s also busy waiting for his wife and child to arrive so they can take off via helicopter. But Emily isn’t coming. She sent along a handful of pills and her wedding ring for Miguel to choke on. Good for her. So, where does she go now? She goes to her sister Erin, turning the tables from their usual relationship; she’s the one who needs help this time.
Up on Meth Mountain, Isaac continues to torment and torture his captive. Poor Coco is barely conscious, likely being continually shot up with heroin like before. It’s a creepy, sad existence, especially with Coco out of the club. Nobody’s looking for him except Leticia. Maybe Letty got through to Gilly; that’s Coco’s best hope. An explosion outside catches Isaac’s attention soon, and here comes Gilly with an automatic weapon to save his brother. Before Coco leaves he goes to check for Hope but they run into Isaac and the others. Isaac tries his best cult leader shit on Hope and it works. She can’t break free from that place or Isaac. So Gilly and Coco start shooting, taking Isaac down. Butterfly urges them to stop. Then Coco takes Hope with him and Gilly, down off the mountain.

Taza goes back to the table to tell Bishop about Palo and what may have been set into motion. Then he produces a gun, saying Bishop may want to use it on him after he’s done talking. Is he going to come clean about his sexuality after all this time? Bishop’s angry about everything that happened due to Taza hiding his sexuality, including one of their own brothers being killed, though the latter fears there’s much worse coming.
Then Taza prepares to be shot.
At the same time, EZ returns to the clubhouse telling Angel: “This is who I am. This is where I belong.” Their father is out at the border where he’s spreading his wife’s ashes onto Mexican soil. Back at the clubhouse, EZ sees molotov cocktails being tossed on to the property as a gunshot rings out. After that the gates to the clubhouse are being beaten on, about to fall. Outside are some other Mayans charters led by Canche.
They’re ready for war.

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