Mayans M.C. 3×09: “The House of Death Floats By”

FX’s Mayans M.C.
3×09: “The House of Death Floats By”
Directed by Elgin James
Written by Sean Tretta

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Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - EZ Locked UpWe find EZ back in lockup after his recent incident. He’s suffocated by not just the trauma of having already been locked up in prison, he’s also suffocated by the guilt of having hurt Gaby, even if he didn’t do it on purpose. She only recently told him about not wanting to have violence and fear back in her life, and EZ chose to go back into that place to beat those guys up, so he doesn’t have anybody else to blame but himself.
Emily’s tossing off the violence of Miguel from their rough lovemaking the night prior. It’s just a bit of light BDSM play to her. She has no idea what her husband knows and what he’s thinking. It’s something very questionable, not sexy, when literally in Miguel’s hands.

When EZ gets out he’s picked up by big bro. Angel apologises for his recent behaviour. He explains that Adelita came to see him and their baby’s gone. He’s obviously not in a good place right now, though that doesn’t excuse being an absolute shithead to his family, as well as Gaby. Yet it’s easy to see how much Angel’s been hurting over everything. You can tell he wanted Adelita to be with him and that he really wants to be a father. Now he also tells little bro that he got Nails pregnant. He sees it as a “second chance.” And all due to that “100 proof baby juice.” Yuck, Angel! C’mon, bro.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Leticia's Worried for CocoWhen Coco comes to sensibly he finds the house cleaned and Leticia waiting. He looks a lot better. Leticia apologises for the things she said to Coco recently, though he doesn’t even acknowledge it; he probably knows that he, on some level, deserved to hear some awful things. When she mentions getting him help from the club he has to set her straight. Coming clean to the MC about his heroin addiction would be “a death sentence.” Then Coco finds out Hope left. He’s only concerned that Isaac will hurt Hope. He’s rushing off with a gun to Meth Mountain despite all of Letty’s desperate please.

There’s a lot on the line for many of the Mayans now. Bishop reassures that Canche will be dead “by sundown.” Some serious Wild West language! Canche’s down connecting with El Banquero in Tijuana. After some “Sesame Street bullshit,” Banquero gets to the point, letting Canche know there’s a potential for all kinds of heroin trafficking if they can work together to get rid of Galindo, along with Santo Padre.
EZ faces his father, who’s plenty unhappy about what happened, especially considering the state of Gaby’s face. He’s definitely ashamed of himself. He talks about seeing a painting in one of his mother’s books, a Francisco Goya painting with a dog swimming in the ocean about to be consumed by a wave. EZ says he’s always felt like he’s going to be “swallowed up by something.” He’s feeling his guilt start to eat him up. He sees Gaby as a kind of “lifeline” to whatever morality is left in him.

Emily and Erin fallout big time when the younger sister sees the sex bruises on big sis’s neck. They argue over abusive men. It turns into Emily shaming Erin for needing financial help while hypocritically criticising Miguel’s business. But it doesn’t change the fact that Erin is pretty much on the nose. And she turns down an offer for money when Emily attempts to shame her, walking out to leave big sister to whatever comes.
Speaking of Miguel, he meets with Alvarez about the tire tracks found at the scene of Dita’s death. He’s positive now that Emily conspired with EZ to murder his mother. He questions Alvarez’s loyalty, and this will put it to the test. Will Marcus “kill a Mayan,” and of all of them, will he kill EZ?
GOD! DAMN! This is getting intense.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Alvarez Has MoralsEZ’s trying to make up for his mistakes with Gaby. She tells him that what he did was all about him, not her. She also mentions the “awful things” that happened to her while escaping the awfulness back home. She can’t let darkness back into her life again. She mentions “the privilege of being American” and how EZ flirts with death “like its a hobby.” Whoa, that is heavy, and true. Then Gaby tells EZ she loves him, and that if he feels the same he’ll let her leave for Lodi. What a heart breaker. Probably the best for Gaby, rather than watch EZ die or get caught in the crossfire next time.
Things at the clubhouse are a mess. Nails can’t break things to Tranq yet, which is gonna cause issues down the line. Poor Steve has PTSD from shooting a guy to death. He gets a crude awakening from EZ, who’s not in the right frame of mind to be giving anybody advice at the moment while he’s just spiralling into despair over Gaby.

Up on Meth Mountain, Coco sneaks his way in to find Hope. He’s stopped by Butterfly before he can get Hope off the mountain. Isaac will probably want more heroin now. At the same time, the rest of the club are celebrating their boys getting back from lockup. They also want to celebrate a new member because Coco’s being kicked out. They’re bringing Steve into the fold: he’s a full patch. It’s a surprise to Steve, but it may not be exactly what he wants anymore. The club are proud he “killed in battle.” It just might not make Steve so proud.
At home, Miguel draws his wife a bath and watches Emily as she gets naked then slips into the water, filled with rose petals. He pours them wine. Quite romantic. Let’s hope it stays that way instead of veering into the violent. But when Miguel goes downstairs for more wine he drugs Emily’s glass. Nothing positive is coming. After some time, Emily isn’t feeling well. She’s all but comatose. The perfect time for Miguel to shove her under the water and let her drown, looking like the ideal suicide scene. Cold as ice. After the deed is done, Miguel sits on the floor of his bedroom and cries. He runs back into the bathtub and pulls Emily out, forcing his fingers into her throat. He apologises to his wife, cradling her in bed. He does have a soul after all; a little sliver of one, anyway.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC S03 - Emily's Last BathWhile Sederica gives a speech she’s nearly attacked by a young girl with a shaved head. She’s rushed into the bathroom for safety, only to be ushered right into the arms of Adelita and the LNG. Adelita confronts Sederica about her relationship with Miguel, how they used and fed off people like “nasty vultures.” Then Mini stabs Sederica to death on the bathroom floor after proclaiming: “I am Adelita. Kill the devils.”
At the clubhouse, Steve’s not quite having a good time but he’s playing along. Everyone else is laughing and enjoying a story told by Bishop, whereas Steve sits there not smiling, not drinking. The poor guy is traumatised to the core.

On Meth Mountain, Coco’s tied up in a shack with Isaac. He’s having his wounds cleaned up at least. But it’s an awkward situation, especially after all the unsettling sexuality Isaac’s directed towards Coco. Isaac goes on talking about wolves. We even get a glimpse at his Nazi tattoos. Yikes! Now it’s all the more troublesome. Isaac calls himself “a rancher of souls” and he sees Coco as a menace. He shoots Coco up with heroin, preparing for whatever ugliness is going to occur soon enough.
When Laura gets home she discovers her brother Palo in the living room. Not a happy reunion. While Palo’s out there doing his thing, the Santo Padre club are partying. The fun at the clubhouse is interrupted when Steve decides to blow the back of his head off, saying sorry to EZ right before pulling the trigger. Easy way to end a party. It leaves EZ with a lot to think about, too. Is this the life he’s forever resigning himself to? He takes off on his bike from the clubhouse to go see Gaby. He tells her he wants to leave for Lodi with her: “I choose you.”

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