Mayans M.C. 4×03: “Self Portrait in a Blue Bathroom”

FX’s Mayans M.C.
4×03: “Self Portrait in a Blue Bathroom”
Directed by Brett Dos Santos
Written by Gerald Cuesta

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Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Sweet SallyEl Banquero is angry at a couple men, one of whom is a thief. One man finally confesses that it was the other man that took Banquero’s watch. But the other man insists the claim is bullshit. That doesn’t matter because Banquero shoots the supposedly guilty man in the head and puts his watch back on. He appreciates honesty, supposedly, and he gives the surviving man, who’s busy pissing himself like anybody would, a proper raise. What an organisation to work in! Bless Banquero’s rotten heart.
When EZ gets back from working out he sees that Sally has torn most of the trailer apart. So he heads back to the shelter, where Sofia’s dealing with an asshole. He tells Sofia there’s “something wrong” with Sally. Sofia says a trailer isn’t much space for a dog as big as Sally, and that Sally’s just anxious being in a new place with a new owner. She suggests trying to make Sally comfortable to ease the dog’s anxiety.

Back at home, EZ finds his prison pal Jay-Jay on his doorstep. Jay claims he just wanted to catch up. But EZ almost feels like Jay’s keeping tabs on him too closely. We’ll see how this develops. At the same time, Coco chews Angel out for not helping him when he was in the throes of addiction and being too caught up to see one of his MC brothers was in pain. Then there’s just the general discord amongst the Mayans. Soon, Canche turns up at the clubhouse to do a bit of business. Seems that El Banquero needs Santo Padre to get a job done. EZ offers to do the job with Angel, and even Manny puts himself up to pitch in. Shit gets real when Bishop starts calling Alvarez’s leadership into question, so Marcus makes Bishop take off his VP flash, to which Taza responds by pulling off his own, standing by ‘his’ President. Suddenly the VP flash is tossed to EZ, shocking everybody. Alvarez tells the crew: “The future of this club starts today.”
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Vice Presidente FlashWe get a bit of El Banquero, real name Ignacio, and his sister. They’re arguing over things, including the loyalty of Galindo’s people. Banquero has decided to bring an account, Randall, across the border because he’s under indictment in America. This is what Canche is bringing to the Santo Padre chapter, and it’s the job EZ, Angel, and Manny will take on. Hopefully it all goes well because Banquero is essentially just a psychopath with a lot of money and muscle behind him.
Marcus meets with Canche and Stockston’s President without everyone else. Canche wants to end Santo Padre. But Marcus thinks guys like EZ are the future, and he thinks they’ll pull the job off. Bishop’s out at the bar getting drunk. Taza tries to talk to him again, but all Bishop does is tell him: “I dont need pity from a fucking faggot.” What a nasty piece of shit.

Adelita is tracking somebody’s movements at a New Mexico law office. She’s been undertaking a fairly lengthy stakeout by the looks of it. We also see Emily buy a bus ticket to visit her boy at her sister Erin’s place in Covington, Kentucky; it’s clear that she’s moved out of Southern Cali if she’s only a day’s bus ride from Covington. And we then see that Nestor, post-cartel life, is working as a security guard, absolutely hating his job. Quite interesting to see where everybody is, given all that’s happened to everybody, and is still happening to them.
At the clubhouse, EZ and Angel catch up a bit, discussing all the new developments within the charter. They get a surprise visit from Randall, who’s ready to make his big trip. He’s a bit shocked he won’t be able to take all his nice luggage: “Minimalism it is.” He’s also brought along his kid, too. Canche decides that they’ll accommodate Randall and his boy, along with some condensed luggage.

We see a bit more of Emily, Erin, and little Cristobal. This arrangement is kind of open ended, which is wearing on Erin and her life somewhat. Emily just needs to be sure Miguel won’t find them, or that she’s well-prepared for whenever that happens. She knows how capable Miguel is of finding them, wherever they go; if he’s alive, anyway. Eventually she has to go back to her own life and work. Before that, Emily and Erin go over all their security procedures for what happens if Miguel does turn up again. They’ve got it all planned out, including a stash of money.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Steve's Bloody CutThe border-crossing trip starts. Manny tries to help make Randall’s kid Noah less nervous about the trip, chatting the boy up. He even puts Randall on the hook for a PS5 and all the games Noah wants. Love it! For now, the men prepare to take a long trip. Angel finds comfort in looking at the sonogram of his and Nails’s baby. At home, Nails is putting together a crib for their child when there’s a knock at the door. She finds Felipe on the doorstep with a gift for her. He brought her some baby clothes made by Marisol years ago for Angel. Felipe is such a grumpy old dude but he’s also an incredibly sweet man. He just desperately wants the women in his sons’ lives to fare better than his own wife.
Tranq has the shitty job of going to visit Steve’s mother with the In Memoriam cut to give her. He talks about how good of a man Steve was, apologising for causing any further pain by showing up. He hands over the cut, still with Steve’s blood on it, to the grieving mother. She takes it reluctantly and holds it to her chest. Tranq said he was proud to have Steve as his Prospect. But Steve’s sister thinks it’s all bullshit.

The desert trip is taking its toll on Randall, who isn’t in good shape compared to the others, even his son. EZ insists that Border Patrol will find them if they keep on taking breaks. Then they hear gunfire in the distance and loud voices. Could be “someone worse” than Border Patrol. They opt to lay low for a little bit until things are 100% safe. For the time being, they look for some shelter out of the open. While they sit around, Manny mentions he heard about how Marcus allowed a Reaper (one of the Sons) to his own boy after a deal went wrong. That Reaper? Happy. The whole conversation turns to fatherhood and Angel says he hopes he doesn’t fuck his child up. Manny advises it’s just a job of trying not to fuck your kid up as much as your parents fucked you up. After that, Manny and EZ discover they have “Boy Scout” roots in common.

We hear a baby crying when the man Adelita’s tracking goes inside his house. Is this where her baby is being kept? We also see Steve’s mom mourning him, attempting to scrub the blood from his cut. Then there’s Marcus going to visit Nestor at the latter’s security job. Is he going to bring the former cartel hitman into the biker fold?
Back in the desert, Angel gets up during the middle of the night and discovers Randall molesting Noah. He shoots Randall immediately. This will seriously fuck things up, not just with Canche but with Banquero, as well.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Randall Shot

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