Mayans M.C. 4×07: “Dialogue with the Mirror”

FX’s Mayans M.C.
4×07: “Dialogue with the Mirror”
Directed by Elgin James
Written by Debra Moore Muñoz & Richard Cabral

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Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Unhappy BishopGalindo and his driver make a stop on the road in the desert. There’s a car in the middle of the road with a woman in it. Miguel wants to go check so they both get out, though they’re very cautious. He goes towards the car and it explodes suddenly, so the driver pulls him back into their car and they get going right as someone on a motorcycle shows up. Unfortunately they get hit from the other side by someone in a truck the driver previously spied back along the road.
EZ and Sofia are getting to know each other a lot better. We figure out that the five dots tattoo she has on her hand is a sign she was in prison. The two of them relate over their time inside. “Its Hell,” they both acknowledge. Sofia believes that prison numbs a part of you that you never quite feel again. She spent “54 months” in prison for what happened to her child. She also makes clear to EZ she isn’t “a project” to fix. If anything, EZ is trying to fix himself rather than somebody else.

At the clubhouse later, everyone’s just waiting on a word from EZ, Angel, and Manny. For now, Alvarez and Bishop need time to talk alone, so all the boys clear out to give them space. Marcus mentions there’s a birthday party and that Bishop has been invited by his wife. It doesn’t thrill Bishop, who declines. Probably not going to stop Alvarez from making Bishop come to dinner. What an awkward meal that’ll be! Meanwhile, Ez, Angel, and Manny are preparing to drop the hammer on the Sons of Anarchy. They’re just trying to come up with the best way possible. Manny notices EZ has a cut on under his jacket, to which EZ replies he does: “Because if I die today, I want them to know I was a Mayan.” Hard as fuck.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Gaby ReturnsWhen EZ and the lads are headed for the oncology unit, where Packer’s staying, they accidentally come upon several Reapers in an elevator, opening fire immediately. Just a fucking mess! There are already more bikes outside within an instant. Not to mention the three Mayans are running around the place and it gets absolutely crazy after Angel shoots a guard, then they see one of the nurses is none other than Gaby, whom Angel decides to take hostage. Angel and EZ get out of there with Gaby in tow. Later, they hear Manny got out fine, too.

EZ tries to talk with Gaby, but she knew the security guard that got killed. She laments that the man’s family will never see him again. She calls Angel an animal. And she fully intends to call the police. EZ refuses to allow that; he won’t let his brother go to prison like he did. But Gaby believes Angel must “answer for what he did” to an innocent man. EZ pleads with Gaby that Angel is about to be a dad. That doesn’t change how she feels. She doesn’t think EZ is a bad man. She’s in the middle of telling EZ that his mother would want him to “do the right thing” when he shoots her. Holy shit! Angel rushes to them immediately, wondering what EZ’s done. This is just totally horrifying. EZ’s stepped far beyond morality now; not that he was perfect before, not at all. But this is… ugly.

Bishop does what he’s told and goes to the Alvarez house for dinner. He’s a bit loose, bringing a flask of liquor along with him to drink rather than have a glass of wine. A woman named Maggie shows up, also invited by Izzy. Is it a fix up? Bishop’s probably not in the right frame of mind for that. Of course, it is a fix up on Izzy’s part, however, the drunk and perma-angry Bishop isn’t interested in the matchmaking. Elsewhere, Creeper’s in bed with Kody. She wonders why he’s so quiet. He’s worried about his brothers out doing the job. He’d hate for anything to happen to them. Kody asks about one of Creeper’s scars. He mentions being shot a few years back and that his brothers got no retribution for him.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Alvarez & Bishop ArgueWhen Angel finally gets back home to Nails she’s very upset. He doesn’t even yet realise she lost the baby. Nails knows something’s always “been off” with their relationship and with him. But she doesn’t think she can fix any of it. Angel tries to admit to being “fucked up.” It’s not enough for Nails. She’s sick of hearing about EZ and about the club. She’s ready to leave. And it’s then that Angel finally figures out that Nails lost the baby. He even calls her Stephanie instead of her nickname. Angel starts to blame Nails, and he’s angry that nobody called, even though Felipe did. She says that Angel couldn’t have done anything anyway. Nails says very pointedly: “What have you ever done, Angel?” She gives back his mother’s ring and leaves.

After EZ gets back to his trailer he’s still bloody and dazed. Sofia tells him to take off his clothes, stripping him of everything with blood on it. EZ can barely even speak. All Sofia wants to know is if they’re safe; if EZ’s safe. At home, Angel gets a visit from his father. Felipe relates to his oldest son’s painful loss. He understands what it’s like to have a child taken from him. He says eventually Angel will move on. But Angel just wants to know why the Reyes family “destroy everything” and “lose everyone.” He blames Felipe for somehow cursing them. That’s some rotten shit. Felipe took care of Nails when she was going through the hardest night of her life, all the while Angel was out having sex with Leticia.

Speaking of Letty, she gets a surprise, drunken visit from Angel. She says they made a mistake last time. They get interrupted by Gilly, who then beats the shit out of Angel for having sex with Leticia. Good lord! When Angel goes back home he finds Adelita waiting for him, along with their baby boy. Now he gets to meet their son for the first time. Will having a child settle Angel’s soul for the first time? There’s always hope.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Angel Meets His Son

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