Mayans M.C. 4×06: “When I Die, I Want Your Hands on my Eyes”

FX’s Mayans M.C.
4×06: “When I Die, I Want Your Hands on my Eyes”
Directed by Melissa Hickey
Written by Elba Román-Morales

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Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Alvarez Wakes to TragedyAlvarez gets a call in the middle of the night about the shooting in Oakland. All the troops are riled up. Everybody heads to the clubhouse, where Bishop is raging. Five Mayans are dead, including Coco, and several are in the intensive care unit of the hospital. At the table, Canche wonders if it was El Banquero because of the whole Randall situation, though Tranq suggests Happy and the Sons might’ve held a grudge over recent problems. EZ says “Fuck every Son.” He’s angry about Coco. He says he doesn’t even trust Yuma, either. But Canche brings up the bombing. EZ brings up Stockton since Dondo’s not around. But Alvarez wants everyone to go back to their charters. Lock it all down until further notice. When Santo Padre’s left at the table together, Alvarez questions why EZ is dividing things again, the latter replying that they may already be in the middle of another war.

At home, Nails is intent on naming her baby Christopher. She goes about another lonely day at home while Angel’s off with the club. Not exactly the dream of every pregnant lady, though Nails seems happy enough, even if she may have some reservations. Then there’s Felipe, looking through everything from the past that’s still at home. He finds a baby bassinet filled with a bunch of old stuff; perfect for his coming grandchild. Nails listens to music and starts painting a wall for the baby. That’s when she sees a drop of blood in the paint. Oh, please, let this just be a small scare! Unfortunately when Nails gets in the shower there’s more blood. She tries to get herself ready and get to the doctor, trailing blood with her to the door. She manages to get her shoes on and get to the car but she can’t hold onto the keys. Luckily, Felipe turns up to help.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Blood in the PaintBishop’s not in a good place. He lashes out at Treenie, who only tries to relate to him and his sense of loss. He’s resigned himself to getting hammered since there isn’t anything to do about losing Coco. He can’t just rush out and do what he wants because he isn’t President of the charter anymore. He has to abide by the rules.
Meanwhile, Jess is terrified by the fact people are being killed because of what she’s done. Her sister doesn’t care much because she knew Montez. She tells Jess to let her know when anything big starts to happen. Nobody has any idea that Palo’s the one who actually murdered Montez.

At the clubhouse, Gilly’s drinking to try numbing the pain of losing Coco. He’s joined at the bar by Angel. They think someone needs to check on Leticia and Hope, too. So Angel decides to do it since Gilly is far too drunk. Gilly insists they have to be there for Letty because it’s going to hit her hard, and Angel tells him they will. Inside at the table, Tranq talks to Alvarez, confirming Sons of Anarchy were behind the Oakland shooting. The gunmen didn’t even “hide their faces.” They wanted it known. Alvarez says they can’t strike back yet. He wants more answers. Yet Tranq thinks not hitting back sends a bad message. Ultimately the decision is left to Alvarez. He and EZ don’t see eye-to-eye about it, either. EZ’s angry, but Marcus says he doesn’t “have the luxury of emotions.” The President blames himself for Coco, having sent him out to Oakland. He assures EZ “blood will be shed,” he just wants to be sure it’s not a bunch more Mayan blood.

When Angel goes to see Leticia she’s sitting in a trashed house, all but catatonic. She barely had any time with Coco after so, so long, now her father’s gone. Angel tries to cheer Letty up with a bit of food. She’s not overly impressed by chicken nuggets, though he brought a cheeseburger, as well. She eats a little but it’s surely not the first thing on her mind. She looks at the state of the house, mentioning Coco would’ve hated to see it like that. Simultaneously, Nails is taken into the emergency room. Felipe has to watch her go while he waits outside. She wants to know what’s happening but doctors just keep telling her to be calm. And soon the drugs sedate her into unconsciousness. Angel’s busy helping Leticia clean up with no idea that his fiancee is probably about to lose their baby. Letty finds comfort in Angel, kissing him. Then they start going further. For fuck’s sake, Angel! It’d be bad enough, but this is the worst timing of all. At the hospital, Nails is delivered the news that her baby died. She’s allowed to see her boy, though it’s too much for Felipe.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Hope & LeticiaEZ finally answers a call from Emily. He’s shocked to hear from her. She doesn’t have much time, so she says he needs “to be careful.” She warns that somebody came looking for her about “that favour” he did for her a while back. She doesn’t tell him where she is, only insisting he has to watch out for himself. Then she has to hang up. Such a cryptic way to leave EZ hanging, but she’s right, there’s no telling who might be watching her or listening to her. Best not to say too much.

Manny turns up at the clubhouse and wants to help kill some Sons. He already heard about it. That makes EZ and the others curious as to why they don’t know, either. Alvarez might’ve fucked up on this one by not letting his charter know. Not good to have a President keeping secrets from his men. EZ certainly isn’t pleased. He knows Alvarez is “afraid of war.” He and Manny talk about the old generation versus the new. They’re tired of letting the old men make the decisions.
At the table, Alvarez insists there’ll be no war at the moment. Their own “civil war” has made them too vulnerable for that. EZ says they have to act now. He’s offering to go on a potential “suicide mission” along with Angel and Manny to go take care of things where the Sons are weak. Alvarez decides this is the best course of action. Greenlight.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Let's Go to War

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