Servant 4×06: “Zoo”

4×06: “Zoo”
Directed by Logan George & Celine Held
Written by Devin Conroy & Ishana Night Shyamalan

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Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Dorothy's WheelchairThe sinkhole in Spruce Street is a big deal on the news. There may even be an evacuation order coming for the neighbourhood in the following week. For now, there are gaping holes in the road. We see Julian fly up half onto the curb before pulling out balloons and heading inside. Leanne wakes up Dorothy for Jericho’s birthday party today. She assures Dorothy: “This party will go ahead with or without you.” But Dorothy’s sure nobody will be coming to the party given the massive holes outside. Yet some parents and their children do show up. Leanne’s arranged a zoo experience in the backyard while Dorothy and Sean lurk inside. They lament things not going right with their last plan. Dorothy sees the child’s not-birthday party at “one and a half” as a punishment from Leanne. A bit later, Leanne gives a speech about “stability” and how Jericho is deeply loved. Then she has Julian fetch party hats before the zoo experience continues. Sean gets a chance to talk alone with Julian and it’s more of an argument. Julian thinks Sean is delusional while Sean thinks Julian is delusional; they’re both at least somewhat delusional since they created this entire scenario from the beginning with their original big lie.
In the backyard, a snake nearly bites Leanne, and one of the other animals tears her dress. So Leanne tells the animal guy to control the animals or “Ill have Sean put them on the grill.” One of the things about Servant that’s so exciting, and mysterious, is that the series has gone back and forth on whether Leanne’s a force of good or of evil. One thing’s for sure, the cult is terrifying, and now the young weird couple, Ash and Willow, from the party show up suddenly in Leanne’s room when the nanny goes to change her torn dress. The couple attack Leanne and pin her to the floor, as another of them goes for the oil. It gives Leanne time enough to smash a couple of them in the head, then subdue the other remaining cultist. After it’s over, Leanne calls Lou from the park.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Leanne's KidnappedDorothy and Julian do some arguing now over Leanne. He tries to tell his sister how Leanne was treated poorly as a mother and seeing Dorothy with Jericho makes her feel like part of a real family, not as a porcelain doll in a pageant. It almost seems to get through to Dorothy, for a second. Upstairs, Leanne changes and puts on her face, and the bodies of the cultists are taken care of, as she heads back down to the party. She isn’t happy to find an unruly goat in the yard. Goats and snakes don’t like Leanne. The goat particularly begins ramming the kitchen door like it’s trying to get at Leanne. So, birds protect her, but goats and snakes try to attack her. Again, it’s these weird contradictions about Leanne that make her so interesting.
After the goat causes the birthday cake to splat, Julian and Sean have a moment where they talk about the latter’s “dead son.” A moment of clarity in their grand delusion. But it’s nothing more than a moment, nothing but a fleeting recognition that they created all of this, no matter how far it’s gone. Things get worse at the party yet again when a dog bites Leanne, the fake Dorothy from Kansas projectile vomits, and the whole backyard falls into chaos with the animals running free terrorising the kids. Bev takes the time to bring Leanne down to the apartment and take care of the bite wound. She takes out a needle and injects the nanny. Is this what it seems like? Is the cult finally striking via Bev? And while that’s going on, Julian and Sean go on arguing. It gets physical when Sean smacks Julian in the side of the head. Sean calls his brother-in-law a loser, which prompts a punch from Julian. Then they start to wrestle.

In the apartment downstairs, Leanne wakes up to “Funkytown” and Bev whipping her back to pieces. Soon, Bev puts down the whip and takes out the dagger. She attacks Leanne. Upstairs, Julian and Sean stop wrestling when there’s smoke billowing out of the fireplace. They realise something bad’s going on. Julian won’t sit by idly. He rushes down to the apartment and knocks a now flaming dagger out of Bev’s hand. Yet something is already happening. Julian sees Bev swelling up, as if burning from the inside out, and he sees Leanne making cold, hard eye contact with the nurse. Bev falls over, her tongue swelling out of her mouth, and the nanny just laughs while Sean calls 911.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Bev's DyingAfter the chaos is over, Bobbie apologises to Dorothy for not knowing that Bev was “part of a cult.” Of course Dorothy doesn’t really care. She only wants Leanne taken care of by the cultists. Bobbie thinks that Dorothy’s made good progress and says she thinks her time at the Turner home is over. Outside, Sean and Julian apologise to each other for their fight and everything they said. They also both see how well Leanne has evaded the Church of Lesser Saints, even when members of the cult are living under their roof from day to day. What more can be done to get Leanne out of there? Back upstairs, Bobbie says Leanne believes herself “divinely linked” to Dorothy. She thinks that the nanny would “rather die” than let go of Dorothy. This prompts Dorothy to later go to her old news tapes from past coverage she did in 2011. She puts in a DVD from coverage she did on a pageant when she first unknowingly met Leanne.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Dorothy Meets Young Leanne

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