Servant 4×07: “Myth”

4×07: “Myth”
Directed by Ishana Shyamalan
Written by Henry Chaisson & Ishana Shyamalan

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Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Fall From GraceJulian gets out of bed at night and sees people standing around the holes outside in the street, looking up towards the house. He goes in to have a look on the security cameras, again showing the people in the street. He also takes the time to look through a book of art that contains a section on the Fall from Grace, which was when the angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven by God. Is this a connection to Leanne? Was Leanne an angel who then became a demon?
The next day, Dorothy’s digging into the pageant connection with Leanne. She looks over video of Leanne’s mother pulling the little girl violently by the arm. She tries getting more info through the news station but nothing’s found. Upstairs, Julian tries talking to Leanne about why people keep getting hurt in the Turner home. She brushes it off, kissing him and dancing with him to distract from things. Then she bites his lip a bit too hard.

We see Sean watching videos of himself from Gourmet Gauntlet; one particularly nasty video of him berating chefs has “gone viral.” After that, he and Julian go down into the basement to talk about things further. Sean says it’s all about the “Faustian bargain.” He thinks maybe Leanne actually did die and then came back as something else, after which she also turned her back on the cult and thus became a “fallen angel.” Out of nowhere, Julian starts choking, he can’t talk. He types out on his phone: “Did Leanne do this?” They have to continue the conversation with Sean talking and Julian writing. They go through potential weaknesses, from garlic and silver bullets, to maybe water. They’re soon interrupted by Roscoe hiding in the basement behind them. He’s brought Uncle George along with him to answer their questions. At the same time, Dorothy tries to get more info on the fire in Leanne’s past.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - LuciferUncle George explains to Sean and Julian that he’s left the Church of Lesser Saints. He says they’ve greatly wronged the Turner family, and that the family, like many others, has been fooled by the cult. He explains how he met May Markham, who told him he’d died and been reborn to serve the Lord. He says that Leanne’s family died in a fire and that the girl blamed herself. So Leanne was told she died in the fire and came back “a servant of the Lord.” But this turned Leanne’s belief into something far greater. Uncle George claims Leanne is simply “an ordinary girl, nothing more.” This doesn’t sit right with Sean and Julian. George also says that Bev’s whole episode yesterday was the result of getting bitten by the snake. He explains away Sean’s previous issues with taste, as well as finding splinters everywhere. He has an answer for everything, including explaining away Jericho becoming a doll whenever Leanne leaves. We see all these explanations as if Leanne actually did them. Or is it just the visual of George’s lies? Uncle George further explains there are tunnels beneath the neighbourhood built in the 19th century “by opulent families to transport mentallyill relatives” to the appropriate hospitals without being seen and exposed to the public. He says this is how Leanne works the magic trick with Jericho. It’s all been an illusion. Once more, is this the truth? Or is it another devious ploy by the cult? George even seems to have an explanation for the physical Jericho baby having come from a dead addict on the street. Hmm.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Leanne's Own CultDorothy’s still upstairs working on finding more info about Leanne’s past. She’s finding videos featuring young Leanne, along with someone in a suit, likely George, in the background while she reported. One after another, on the anniversary of Leanne’s mother’s death, are videos of little Leanne following Dorothy. George tells Julian and Sean that Leanne became obsessed with Dorothy, to the extent she wanted to be part of Dorothy’s actual life. Supposedly, Leanne watched Dorothy for weeks until the death of Jericho, and that was “the turning point,” giving her a way into the house as a nanny. George thinks Leanne viewed the addict’s abandoned child as “an act of God.” After the story’s been told, George says he must get Leanne back. But for what, exactly? If he’s left the cult, then why does he need Leanne? “The story here is nearly over,” George tells Roscoe, who’s devastated for having turned to faith above his family.

At dinner, Dorothy’s serving up her own food for the first time in a while. Everything seems a little happy. Julian’s voice is back now, too. But Leanne realises something isn’t quite right. She tries asking everybody how their day was, hearing about Sean going viral, and things turn hostile as both Sean and Julian talk to Leanne much differently now. When Leanne leaves the table, Dorothy notes how it’s nice to be “dining together again.” And we see that Uncle George is, most certainly, telling lies. He’s whipping himself bloody to repent, but he says that they must bring “the fallen one” back to them.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Uncle George Whips Himself

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