Servant 4×08: “Tunnels”

4×08: “Tunnels”
Directed by Nimrod Antal
Written by Laura Marks

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Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Julian in the DarkPower is out during a storm all throughout Philadelphia. Strange seasonal weather is occurring. Flash floods are happening everywhere. Rats are pouring out of the sewers as the water pours in. Leanne’s in the attic and there’s even water up there, making its way in through the roof and the skylight. Julian has been looking into what happened with his speech the other night, wondering if he’s got a psychiatric disorder of some sort. He’s interrupted by Leanne, who’s sure he’s “scared of something” right now. He’s in no rush to head to bed with her. His attitude has certainly changed since Uncle George’s visit. Upstairs, Sean brings Jericho’s crib into the room with Dorothy. He thinks it’s safer during the storm. Or perhaps he’s trying to keep the child away from Leanne as much as possible. Either way, Sean and Dorothy are sleeping in the same room a lot together lately, which is a sign of progress for their relationship amidst all the troubling events.
Later, Snake comes knocking at the back door and tells Leanne they can’t stay in the park any longer during the storm. She doesn’t want the group to be far from Leanne, but the nanny insists they should go, be safe: “Be my voice in the world.” And so off Snake goes into the night again, to take Leanne’s followers from the park somewhere better until the storm calms down. Once Dorothy’s asleep, Julian and Sean are planning on how to get Leanne into the tunnel access in the basement. They want to sneak Leanne into the tunnel for Uncle George. But will they manage to get Leanne down there somehow?

Dorothy wakes up to a loud banging noise and can’t find Sean, so she’s forced to go take a look for herself. She finds a window open in Jericho’s room with rain pouring in. She goes to close it and sees that Leanne’s sitting cross-legged on the floor, not minding the cold and the water coming through the window. Dorothy shuts the window and tells Leanne to clean up the floor before the water ruins it, so the nanny jumps to work. She says that sometimes Leanne reminds her of herself. She recognises they’re both “tenacious” and they “never give up,” but claims it isn’t always a good thing. Leanne asks why Dorothy doesn’t like her. She says she’s “not a monster” and only wants to make Dorothy happy, though Dorothy reminds the nanny that’s not one of her jobs. If Leanne is a fallen angel, then she won’t respond to another attempt to kick her out of a house, will she? God already did it once and look what happened with Satan.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - StormIn the attic, Leanne opens the skylight and sticks her head into the storm’s rain. She laughs and an antenna nearby explodes with sparks. “Is that all youve got?” Leanne screams into the sky. She laughs and laughs until Julian comes up and pulls her out of it. She says the storm’s all for her, that God thinks he beat her. Then Sean and Julian forcefully take Leanne downstairs. But in the chaos they drop Leanne and she goes unconscious. The brothers-in-law put her in a wheelchair and gag her, then take the nanny down to the basement to head for the tunnels. And soon, Leanne’s reunited with Uncle George all over again. She’s helpless. George also has a couple unfamiliar faces with him, and they’ve also lit a fire. Julian isn’t as keen to leave Leanne as Sean is, but he goes with his brother-in-law.
Upstairs, Dorothy hears Jericho crying. She tries to get out of the shower and hits the floor hard.

Uncle George undoes the bonds tying Leanne and keeping her quiet. He knows those bonds are nothing compared to her power anyway. He says Leanne coming to that house has brought “death and destruction.” He goes on about God while Leanne calls it nothing but nonsense. She’s past blind faith. She refuses to serve Him again. Uncle George says “the world is lost,” however, Leanne says that isn’t true. He calls her “an open wound in the Earth” that’s only caused suffering. He claims that only Leanne can save everybody by choosing to end things. Then a hot dagger is pulled from the fire and handed to George, who explains that only “one creature” can kill Leanne, and that creature is her. George gives the hot dagger to Leanne, urging her to do the job, starting with her eyes and moving to the limbs. He says this will set the Turners free. But Leanne chooses to defy supposed wickedness and stabs Uncle George through the mouth into his head with the hot dagger, before she turns her attention to the two cultists. After that, she mutilates George’s corpse, stabs his eyes, and pours lighter fluid over everything to burn it all away. Goddamn, girl!
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Fiery DaggerSean and Julian are horrified when they hear Leanne humming the lullaby “Hush, Little Baby.” They grab a knife and slowly walk through the hall, convincing themselves it’s only wind. Then a gust of wind blows through the window, and Sean accidentally gets stabbed as he and Julian take a fall. They then see Leanne standing there, splattered in blood. Julian apologises to Leanne for what they did, urging that they need to call 911 for Sean’s wound. But Leanne decides to push Julian over the basement stairs instead of listening and he takes a hard tumble down to the floor below. She comes down after him and he falls into one of the watery holes in the basement, followed by some old shelves full of wine bottles. Leanne goes to Sean, as he yells for her to stay away. She pulls the blade out of him and he screams. She then calls two ambulances. Upstairs, Dorothy crawls to the edge of the stairs asking what’s happened, but Leanne only tells her “shush” and advises her to check on the baby. Eventually the EMTs arrive, taking both Sean and Julian out on stretchers. Leanne tells Sean before he goes: “Im never going to let you back in this house.” Then it’s just Leanne and Dorothy… all alone.
Father Son Holy Gore - Servant S04 - Sean Goes to the Hospital

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