Gotham – Legend of the Dark Knight, Episode 4: “Ruin”

Jim searches for the Haven bombing culprit. Ed Nygma pieces together another blackout.

Gotham – Legend of the Dark Knight, Episode 1: “Year Zero”

Gotham City is more divided than ever. Unless enemies can come together to defeat a greater threat.

Gotham – A Dark Knight, Episode 14: “Reunion”

Poison Ivy keeps killing. Bruce tries to reconcile his fears with his destiny. Nygma contemplates suicide.

Gotham – A Dark Knight, Episode 8: “Stop Hitting Yourself”

Penguin takes on a new hobby. Tabitha and Solomon Grundy face-off in the Narrows. Jim is offered the Captaincy at Gotham Central.

Gotham – Heroes Rise, Episode 20: “Pretty Hate Machine”

Bruce returns to Gotham with the Shaman. Penguin is ready to start a war. Jim confronts an infected Lee.

Gotham – Heroes Rise, Episode 17: “The Primal Riddle”

514A tries to keep up the ruse of being Bruce. Jim works with the Court of Owls. The Riddler strikes Gotham Theatre.

Gotham – Heroes Rise, Episode 15: “How the Riddler Got His Name”

Ed Nygma enacts a killing spree across Gotham. Bruce tries mending the bridge between him and Selina. Jim discovers family secrets.

Gotham – Mad City, Episode 12: “Ghosts”

Mayor Penguin is interviewed on live TV. A hit is put out on Dt. Gordon by Falcone.