Servant 1×09: “Jericho”

The truth of Jericho's death is revealed

Servant 1×08: “Boba”

Julian relives a dark memory while babysitting baby Jericho.

Servant 1×07: “Haggis”

A dinner party at the Turner house brings unexpected results

Servant 1×06: “Rain”

Leanne's Uncle George arrives at the Turner house unexpectedly.

Servant 1×05: “Cricket”

With the Turners out of the house, Leanne meets somebody new. Or, does she?

Servant 1×04: “Bear”

Leanne breaks a rule in the Turner home

Servant 1×03: “Eel”

Julian digs into Leanne's past in Wisconsin

Servant 1×02: “Wood”

Dinner at the Turner house turns strange