The Queer Spirituality of Paul Verhoeven’s BENEDETTA

Verhoeven's film depicts a queer sexuality that coexists with religion while also portraying the Roman Catholic Church's oppression of queerness in the 17th century.

The Erotic, the Gothic, & the Gay in THE POWER OF THE DOG

Jane Campion's film is a striking Queer Gothic tale of one man struggling against a heteronormative world into which he doesn't quite fit.

[31 Days of Halloween – Day 17] THE BELKO EXPERIMENT’s Working Class Horrors

The Belko Experiment takes Day 17 in the 31 Days of Horror; a vicious, smart film.

[31 Days of Halloween – Day 11] The Bureaucracy & Bourgeois Nightmare of Life/Death in BEETLEJUICE

Day 11 in the 31 Days of Horror chants the forbidden words: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!

Hanna 2×02: “The Trial”

Clara's brought to the Meadows and Hanna pulls a risky move trying to track her down

“This house is forever”: The Heteronormative Houses Capitalism Built in VIVARIUM

Come to Yonder— a heteronormative subdivision of your darkest capitalist nightmares.