Hanna— SEASON 2 FINALE: “The List”

Hanna and Clara must survive to get the Utrax list into the right hands

Hanna 2×07: “Tacitus”

Hanna tries to convince Clara of the truth beyond Utrax

Hanna 2×06: “You’re With Us Now”

Hanna and Jules get sent on their first mission together

Hanna 2×05: “A Way to Grieve”

Marissa comes to find that Hanna may not want to leave the Meadows, unless she works fast.

Hanna 2×04: “Welcome Mia”

Marissa goes to the Meadows to try and retrieve Hanna

Hanna 2×03: “To the Meadows”

Marissa agrees to help Hanna track Clara down at the Meadows. But it's tricky.

Hanna 2×02: “The Trial”

Clara's brought to the Meadows and Hanna pulls a risky move trying to track her down

Hanna— SEASON 2 PREMIERE: “Safe”

Hanna and Clara are free, but new UTRAX girls are being developed and their training is far different.