Twin Peaks – Season 3: “The Return, Part 10”

The Mitchum brothers find out more about Dougie Jones. In Twin Peaks, Richard Horne's committing horrible acts.

Twin Peaks – Season 3: “The Return, Part 8”

One of the single most surreal chapters of Twin Peaks to date.

Twin Peaks- Season 3: “The Return, Part 7”

Gordon Cole has Diane meet with the bad Coop, to get a read on whether he is actually Cooper. Meanwhile, Dougie gets a visit from the cops.

Twin Peaks – Season 3: “The Return, Part 5”

Coop is still trapped as Dougie, his doppelganger is still in jail. And life in Twin Peaks is still as difficult and dark as ever.


Electricity. Good v Evil. Murder. Abuse. Existential pain. Masks. Doppelgangers. This is the world of TWIN PEAKS.

Twin Peaks – Season 3: “The Return, Part 4”

Coop winds up living Dougie's life, as Gordon, Albert, & Tammy search for clues surrounding the now jailed Coop doppelganger.

Twin Peaks – Season 3: “The Return, Part 3”

Agent Dale Cooper must find a way back to the real world, as he traverses a landscape even further than the Black Lodge.

Twin Peaks – Season 3: “The Return, Parts 1 & 2”

In NYC, an anonymous billionaire funds a strange experiment. In Twin Peaks, the Log Lady gives Deputy Chief Hawk a clue. In Buckhorn, a hideous murder starts an investigation into a school principal. And 25 years later Agent Dale Cooper's still missing.