[Fantasia 2020] TIME OF MOULTING: The Suffocating Gothic Weight of Traumatic Histories

A German house, circa 1970s. Time stands still. Can one damaged family shed the weight of history to move forward?

[Fantasia 2020] Cold & Disparate Moralities in Christian Alvart’s FREIES LAND

Alvart's remake touches deeply on issues of class, nation, and morality.

[Fantasia 2020] SURVIVAL SKILLS: ‘Good Apples’ Can’t Exist in a Rotten System

Ever wonder why the system doesn't work so well? Because it was never designed to— not for everybody.

[Fantasia 2020] Playing God & Warring Masculinities in LA DOSIS

Two nurses, one old and one young, go head-to-head in a battle of flawed moralities.

Grotesque Guilt & Spiritual Rebirth in THE DEEPER YOU DIG

A family film-making team turns a familiar tale into a creepy, otherworldly, and intensely emotional journey.

The Language & Economy of Whiteness in THE QUARRY

The Quarry's only just mediocre, but still has important things it's trying to say.

Queer Deconstructions of Australian Masculinity & Nationalism in TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG

Justin Kurzel adapts Peter Carey's groundbreaking novel into a stunningly queer deconstruction of masculinity and nationalism.

“You’re Poison”: Difficult Moralities & Patriarchal Legacies in BLOOD ON HER NAME

A woman faces a violent past when it collides with her violent present.