A BANQUET is a Feast of Symbols in an Agonising Allegory

Ruth Paxton's A BANQUET is allegory and reality mixed together in a terrifying concoction about death, grief, and mental illness.

[Fantasia 2022] HYPOCHONDRIAC: Buried Traumas & Mental Illness; Or, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

A young artist spirals into madness after his estranged mother makes contact again after many years.

Mental Illness, Art, & Jungian Shadows in DANIEL ISN’T REAL

Give in to your shadowy side. Or else.

Mr. Robot – Season 4, Episode 3: “403 Forbidden”

Elliot learns something about himself while trying to use another person to his ends

Legion— Chapter 26

Can Syd change the course of David's life? Can David change things himself? Or will it all fall apart?

[Fantasia 2019] SATOR’s Hereditary Hauntings

Graham's horror film is a perfectly dreadful view on the devastating hereditary legacy of mental illness.