Banshee – Season 1, Episode 5: “The Kindred”

Cinemax’s Banshee
Season 1, Episode 5: “The Kindred”
Directed by S.J. Clarkson
Written by David Schickler & Jonathan Tropper

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Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.47.57 PM Rolling into Banshee is a crew of bikers. They’re led by McTeague (Leo Fitzpatrick), and they aren’t in town to make any friends.
Sheriff Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) and Job (Hoon Lee) are gearing up for a job. At the same time, this is the first Sugar Bates (Frankie Faison) and Job are introduced, albeit first over the phone. They’re all tailing a Brinks armoured truck, which ends up at the casino run by father-son duo Benjamin and Alex Longshadow (Russell Means/Anthony Ruivivar). Job isn’t particularly happy, though, he goes along to get along.Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.52.12 PM In town there’s a big festival happening. Great time for the biker gang to show up. Carrie Hopewell (Ivana Milicevic) gets accosted by them on her way to the festivities. You can be sure there’ll be more of that. Also, Rebecca Bowman (Lili Simmons) is back trying to live life right with her Amish family. It’s clear she doesn’t belong, though.
And of course Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen) is kicking around. He and Alex Longshadow end up having a talk. Turns out the casino doesn’t want Proctor involved anymore, considering his connection with the murder trial. A cold break. Won’t sit well with Mr. Proctor, you can bet.
Sheriff Hood’s got business with the FBI in town. Agent Dean Xavier (Derek Cecil) is there due to the loss of Arno Webber at the motel. Deputy Brock Lotus (Matt Servitto) got knocked out when the wall came down. But still, things are messed up, so the feds stepped in. It’s amazing how close to the wire Hood can get without sweating things. Settling in as Sheriff, he’s got the world at its feet. If he plays his cards right.
At the fair, Carrie makes sure Sugar keeps his lips sealed about their meeting in the last episode – after Hood’s botched heist. He assures her not to worry; a new relationship forming, even a bit of free cider from Sugar’s batch on sale. But out on the street there’s trouble. The bikers encounter Carrie again. This time she’s all alone, nobody nearby. All of them corner her before pulling her into an alley. It looks like something terrible is about to happen until Sugar turns up. He puts up the dukes, knocking one guy to the ground in self-defence. Well McTeague puts their best fighter up against him, Schroder (Greg Sproles), who also gets knocked the fuck out. Then things go south. A biker named Tally (Sam Medina) wants to have his way with Carrie after Sugar’s downed. In the alley, Tally prepares to rape Carrie. But Deputy Siobhan Kelly (Trieste Kelly Dunn) winds up finding them, and Carrie pops the clip from Tally’s gun, allowing the cop to blast him. Wow. What a turn of events. Also, bits of the bad ass in Carrie slip out, as not many would know how to do that with the gun. Funny, too: Hood arrives on the scene with EMTs and such, and actually questions how “one guy” got the jump on her, to which she replies there was a full gang of them before. Better yet, everyone rallies around Deputy Kelly for doing the right thing.Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.04.04 PM The bikers all want revenge for Tally’s death. McTeague starts to pump his crew up to get even with Banshee. Uh oh, that is definitely no good. For anyone.
It’s tough for Siobhan. She killed in self-defense, and in defense of Carrie. Although, it is her first kill. “Killing someone shouldnt be easy, but dont let that make you doubt what you did,” Hood advises. Deputy Kelly recognized, partly, the skills of Carrie in that brief moment. Not enough to understand how extensive Carrie’s history is, though, enough to get a tiny glimpse. Problem now is the bikers are beginning to mess with the deputy, and it’s worrying where all that could eventually lead. It starts with slashed tires, what next?
In the streets chaos erupts. The biker gang terrorizes everyone, pulling one woman by her hair down the road, punching and beating others on the fly. Everyone starts screaming, running. The place is madness. Even Rebecca jumps in with a blade from her boot, surprising everyone in her Amish circle. Hood takes a nice beating, too. And then off into the sunset ride the cowardly bikers.
At town hall, everyone wants answers on how the citizens will be protected. Commerce wants the festival to go on. Citizens would rather stay indoors. Proctor arrives to boast about his proficiency for handling these types of issues. People seem impressed. At the same time, Hood doesn’t want any of that shit. Mayor Dan Kendall (Daniel Ross Owens) isn’t a fan either. So Hood lays down the law, for the citizens, and for Proctor, as well.
Hood: “Ill tell you what, Mr. Proctor. I wont tell you how to slit a cows throat, you dont tell me how to police this town.”
Poor Siobhan. She’s still reeling from killing the biker. Also, she worries they’re coming for her at every moment. At her place, Hood shows up to try convincing her to stay somewhere else. Until they get things settled. She makes a slight pass at him, suggesting a later relationship of some sort. But on top of it all Deputy Kelly makes clear she doesn’t want to be doted on and looked after; she can handle her shit.
Over at his place, Hood hooks up with Rebecca again. He asks a bit about the elders of her community who tried turning her in for stabbing a biker. She coughs up little bits and pieces of herself, the community, so on.
Later on, the bikers attack her house. They light it on fire and the place starts to burn wildly out of control. Luckily she wasn’t inside, but still… that’s awful. And it started a war between her and the bikers, if there wasn’t already one happening.

Proctor puts pressure on Hood to take care of the bikers. Better yet, he and Clay (Matthew Rauch) have a biker in their trunk. He gave over some information to help things move along. At what price, though? What does Kai get?
With Hood in the know of the biker hideout, he heads off to kick the shit out of them. Armed with metal batons he infiltrates their little temporary layup. Try though they might, Sheriff Hood’s too much for them to handle. He tosses them all in a van afterwards and Job takes them for transport to a jurisdiction where they’ve got outstanding warrants. All the while Job feels unappreciated, yet hilariously in his fun way.
On her desk, Deputy Kelly gets a nice Happy Birthday present from her boss – all the bikers’ rings. Small consolation prize for having her house burned to the ground.

Carrie and Hood sit together on a bench at the fair for a moment. He makes a comment complimenting Deva. A sweet moment. But from a window upstairs, Gordon watches them and wonders curiously about their possible relationship. He has no clue the depth.
At the very same time, Agent Xavier makes a phone call to his superior advising there’s something off in Banshee. The trouble continues to grow.
Next episode is titled “Wicks”, another of my absolute favourites! It dives into Hood, his backstory and character, and the time he spent in prison.
Let’s get nuts.

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