Hulu’s The Path
Season 1, Episode 5: “The Hole”
Directed by Patrick R. Norris
Written by Coleman Herbert

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Further down The Path we go…
In a hole, Eddie (Aaron Paul) is still digging after the end of last episode when Cal Roberts (Hugh Dancy) set him out on the task. And a vision comes to Eddie, he sees Cal and his own wife Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) kissing passionately next to him. He’s obviously hallucinating, having likely been digging for hours and hours on end. Then Cal appears to him asking: “What do you see? You found something, didnt you?”
Turns out that Hawk (Kyle Allen) stayed with his new girl Ashley (Amy Forsyth) all night, sleeping under the stars and in the leaves. He knows this will upset his parents, though, he does care for Ashley. I doubt he’s willing to let this new aspect of his life go. After all, he’s only young.
Meanwhile, Mary Cox (Emma Greenwell) is getting closer and closer with Sean (Paul James), as the two now make love together the first time. At least, for now, she’s away from Cal. Although, there’s no telling what will happen there.

So everybody was searching for Hawk and now they’re all pissed back at the commune, except for Eddie who’s got more compassion for his boy. Joy (Stephanie Hsu) rats him out for dating a girl. Then everybody makes a huge fuss, taking it very “personal“, as Eddie says. Here we start getting more terms – Sarah asks if he was “with an I.S“, which in Meyerism terms is an ignorant systemite.
Detective Abe Gaines (Rockmund Dunbar) has got his own family, and at the same time he’s trying his best to figure out what the Meyerist movement is all about.
Simultaneously, John Ridge (Michael Countryman) confronts Cal about the whereabouts of his son and wife. They’re over in Peru, apparently, as Sarah’s gone and done her thing with them already. Against Cal’s wishes. Now he’s starting to crack around the edges, especially after hearing the word CULT again from Mr. Ridge.
Back to Abe, though. He finally makes his way to talking with Alison Kemp (Sarah Jones). They meet at a motel room where she talks with him a little about what’s going on. She believes they killed her husband, as well as the fact they’re out to get her, too. Apparently the day her husband supposedly killed himself, he called her and expressed doubts about the movement, saying: “This is the last time.” She was taken by his conviction, and seriously doubts that he would have ever taken his life.

Eddie and Sarah are both on different wavelengths when it comes to Hawk. To the point Sarah says some raw shit about Eddie’s parents, his dead brother. They’re trying hard as possible to be on the same level. But you can tell Eddie is far more lenient, he doesn’t want to jump all over his teenage son about falling in love with a girl. Yet Sarah has bigger trouble. Cal isn’t happy about her sending Freddie Ridge (Max Ehrich) to Peru. When things get too heated, Eddie ejects Cal and things stay the same. For now.
But there are lots of cracks now, further breaking in the mask of Cal Roberts. He is a man of appearance, and that outward appearance is starting to crumble, slightly. Furthermore, he’s making more trouble for himself with Mary. Seems she only went ahead with the sex earlier just to follow some guidelines Cal’s been setting out. He’s more concerned about the situation with the Ridges. And as he starts to freak out by himself, he gradually calms himself with a bit of meditation. Those cracks are going to burst viciously soon enough, as Cal only seems to push things down below the surface, sweeping it under the rug.
Family meeting time now with Hawk and his parents. He says he’ll “offset“, but his mother hates that. She is very mad at him, unlike Eddie. His father doesn’t want to punish him and come down hard. Although, Sarah is much more concrete. She has a future in mind for him, regardless of his own intentions. It’s sad to see a young person like him being suppressed so brutally. Because he doesn’t feel the same way as some of those adults who are completely immersed in the Meyerist movement to the point of faulty logic. All the same, you can see Eddie doesn’t fully believe what he’s telling himself and his son, explaining about the danger of people who are ignorant systemites. He says the words, but he doesn’t seem to believe them wholly.

Gaines is busy digging into the Meyerist cult. At the FBI offices, he’s looking at flights to Lima re: their movements. Him and a fellow agent worry that it “feels like trafficking“, so there’s bound to some darkly interesting things come out of that.
The next day, Cal apologizes to Sarah for his behaviour. She bonds with him over Hawk and his current situation. She doesn’t want Hawk to end up leaving the commune: “What if he chooses to be ignorant?” she worries to Cal. But it’s their closeness which is worrying. Is there anything to the vision Eddie saw? Well, for now, Mary sees Cal with Sarah, and there’s something in her eyes that’s scary. She is hurt, wounded. And what will come of this? So many things happening at once. There are many paths to travel here.
Then there’s also Cal who is overseeing Eddie’s next rung up the ladder. Their ways are strange, as Eddie repeats numbers over and over, all a part of the process. Another delusional pieces to the Meyerist puzzle. Along with that Eddie lies about finding “nothing” in the hole he dug. Cal talks about his own vision while digging, years ago. And the whole vision thing is not unlikely. After digging for hours, dehydrated, alone in the woods, there’s little doubt a person might be prone to hallucination. Finally, Eddie reveals his vision, or well, he lies. He says he saw him yelling at Sarah, which then happened later in the day. But here, Eddie picks away a little at Cal, slyly. There’s no telling when exactly Eddie’s faith will break.

There’s new trouble brewing. Mary wants to run away from the commune, though Sean tries to convince her otherwise. This is dangerous. We know the type of things the cult does when people stray. How far could that go? Especially if Cal feels threatened.
Speaking of the Cox family, her father shows up to find out any new developments from Gaines. He isn’t at all impressed with the movement of the case. Of course after what we heard Mary confess to in the last episode, about her father and what he did to her, Gaines isn’t too eager to give the man any information. So there’s a lot going on with Mary. Either way, I worry for her.
More family time, now at the Lane household. Sarah tells her son a story about a miscarriage she had. She went to Peru for the whole drug dropping ceremony. There she had a vision of a bird in the sky. And then apparently, it was Hawk who was in her womb, and he came back. Oh, really? Well that’s what drives her currently towards not wanting him to go anywhere. Still, it is not a healthy situation, not for either of them, and certainly not for teenage Hawk. At school, he avoids Ashley. He cuts ties with her and tries to walk away from their relationship. Sadder and sadder, all the time.

At a cafe, Abe talks with Eddie about starting on the ladder, “1R or whatever” he says. The problems in his life, are they making him more susceptible to the Meyerist pull? Or is it all a game, to make himself more natural to them so that they’ll allow him into the inner circle? Hard to tell. Because there’s a lot of things happening in his life, specifically the illness of his little girl, that may weaken him enough for the cult to grab hold. Is Eddie still caught up enough to pull someone like that in?
Cal is still attempting to mend the bridges between him and Mr. Ridge. The latter is not at all happy with the situation. He really takes it to Cal for being a cult leader, et cetera, which visually angers Roberts. Eventually, Ridge tosses Cal out. A moment later, Ridge’s bodyguard or whoever kicks the hell out of Cal outside. He takes a bad beating. And over in Peru, Freddie takes the medicine. So it’s too late for any of Papa Ridge’s behaviour anyways. This is only serving to bring Cal to a different point. Will he start to militarize in some way, shape, or form? Will he start to go too far down the rabbit hole and go even crazier? The fallout from this event will be heavy, no doubt.
But most interesting to me is the fact Sarah believes Hawk “woke up“, and yet there he is, out at night, meeting with Ashley. Ah, deception! This will bring further turmoil to the Lanes going forward.

Next episode is titled “Breaking and Entering” and I can’t wait for more developments. There are so many threads , so it’ll be intriguing to watch how the writers weave them all together and through one another in the second half of the season.


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