Banshee – Season 2, Episode 2: “The Thunder Man”

Cinemax’s Banshee
Season 2, Episode 2: “The Thunder Man”
Directed by Greg Yaitanes
Written by David Schickler

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Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.05.59 PM Hood (Antony Starr) and Nola Longshadow (Odette Annable) hooking seems too coincidental to be random. We’ll see if this leads to anything else. At the same time, Carrie (Ivana Milicevic) tries to move on with no family, all by her lonesome.
At the Proctor house, Kai (Ulrich Thomsen) is always training himself to keep ready for the next fight. Upstairs, Rebecca (Lili Simmons) is touching herself while thinking about Hood and her uncle simultaneously. Not a good situation, for any of them. Everybody’s criss-crossed and tangled up, each with their own trouble, each with their own rock like Sisyphus desperately trying day after day to push it back up the hill. None of them seem capable of budging. Stuck in their own respective cells, of guilt, of shame, of all sorts of elements.
Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.08.43 PM At his strip club, Kai receives a visit from Deputy Brock Lotus (Matt Servitto). They chat about bodies dug up in the woods – men who worked for Proctor – about Kai’s own talk with the FBI, and more. Clearly there’s going to be more to come, as Brock now discovers Kai last saw those men the same day Sheriff Hood arrived. Have mercy!
Over at the tribal council, Alex Longshadow (Anthony Ruivivar) finds there are questions of his leadership. There’s a meeting called without him knowing, so that pisses him off. The men there treat him like a kid, and we can already suss out that this is going to change. Somehow. Some way.
Surprised at work, Siobhan (Trieste Kelly Dunn) is confronted by her abusive ex-husband Breece Connors (Peter Scanavino). He’s trying to be all sweet, this, that. Then because of work he tries to get her to lift a restraining order against him. The history is obviously tense. Nothing good will come of this, that’s for certain.
In the courtroom, Carrie is sentenced to 30 days in a correctional facility. One that happens to be 200 miles away from Banshee. That’s rough. Out in the hall, Gordon (Rus Blackwell) cracks Hood in the mouth, trying to get a fight out of him. The Sheriff only twists him up against the wall rather than kick the shit out of each other. We can see clearly Gordon is breaking a bit, taking pills for his shoulder. Hope that’s not a slippery slope.
A flashback shows Siobhan and Breece out together, husband and wife. When she’s out dancing, he beats another man dancing with her. Before turning his attention to his own wife, slapping her across the face and calling her out for causing the whole thing. In the present, she’s distressed by the whole situation. Having him back there. None of that helps, neither does the entire police station knowing about her business. She blows off steam by firing shot after shot to an empty clip at the gun range.
Revenge now on Kai comes in the form of an explosion at the abattoir. Longshadow blows some things up, to Kai’s surprise. Of course now there’s a bigger confrontation building. One that we can expect to get darker, bloodier, and much more violent.
At her trailer, Siobhan finds Breece fixing stuff up. He does anything to worm back into her life. Parallel to that, Carrie tries to go see Deva (Ryann Shane) at home and gets lots of attitude; I can’t exactly blame the girl. She’s mad at her mother for betraying her family and especially Max, the youngest of her children. A devastating blow all around. These two women juxtaposed is an interesting scene, as they’re each dealing with fallout at home in very different ways.
Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.24.56 PM When Rebecca goes to see Hood, a couple army guys at Sugar’s (Frankie Faison) place start to get up in her business. They physically assault her, starting to get more serious. Right as Nola Longshadow kicks the hell out of them with her bad ass female power. She ain’t there to save Rebecca, though. She’s there to get a hostage. Over with Alex, they clash on what’s the best way forward.
Kai is busy trying to track his niece down. Immediately going over to Hood’s place, who has no idea about where she’s gone. Now, these two are on the case together. Alex lets Proctor know where his niece is located. They have a chat over the phone that doesn’t do much but inflame the entire situation. Alex believes Proctor robbed his truck. Funny enough, Kai stands next to the man that did. Best of all, Hood is the man to go to for things like this. Y’know, ass kicking things, no holds barred. Plus now Kai is calling in the favour Hood owes him.
So off he goes to save the day. Heading inside, Hood is faced with navigating across jurisdictional borders into reservation territory. Job helps from the car hacking security systems and such. Inside, Hood does all the heavy lifting. Love how fearless he is as a character. While he’s got amazing ability as a fighter, he does get his ass kicked, and proves how tough he can get when necessary. “That sounded nasty,” Job says over the earpiece after Lucas gets through a large security guard. One of my favourite fight sequences comes here when Hood gets trapped on a set of stairs by two guards with their steel batons. Again, he makes it through. Just with a couple knocks. Overall, this whole sequence inside the casino is well choreographed and makes the episode exciting as hell. Definitely some of the better fighting in the first couple seasons here. And the camera work matches it well, as Hood pushes through the hallways and more guards just come out of the woodwork. He winds up talking himself and Rebecca off reservation land, and all is swell. For the time being.
Later, when Alex is out in his hot tub he receives a visit from Kai and Clay Burton (Matthew Rauch). They interrupt a romantic little evening. By pouring lots of chopped up meat, organs, offal, et cetera, from the abattoir into the tub with Alex and his lady friend. That’s god damn disgusting. And ominous, with Kai making big threats.Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.44.21 PM Hood is off to drop Carrie at jail. He remembers going in himself, not wanting to see her face the same things. He gives her advice, even if it’s only a month. Still, he worries about what will happen. He knows the dangers of being inside.
More of Breece sidling up to Siobhan. He finds her drinking and cooking in her kitchen after she gets up. His casual attitude about abuse is clear. This situation develops into a burgeoning ugly moment. We see her cut between present and the past, his old abuse, his current attitude that does nothing to say he’s changed.
As we saw them paralleled earlier, both Siobhan and Carrie are edited back and forth here once more. Siobhan kicks the shit out of her ex-husband, as Carrie likewise kicks the hell out of an inmate. Both women battle with their hearts, their fists, their feet. Until their unworthy opponents lay motionless, bloodied and beaten, on the ground.
Well, Siobhan leaves her opponent in a much worse state. That of death. Deserved, too.
When Hood goes to check on Siobhan, they end up embracing. Another relationship that might not be best for Hood, yet he goes headlong into it anyway. Led by his penis and not enough by his brain, except when fighting.Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.51.44 PM And in the end, after the credits, Siobhan breathes a sigh of relief. Smiling. Knowing there’s no more abuse in her future.
Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.55.28 PM A solid chapter in Season 2 to get things really rocking. Next episode is titled “The Warrior Class” and starts digging into the Amish and Native Indian aspects of the series more than ever. Stay tuned, fellow fans! I’ll have another recap and review coming up soon.

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