Banshee – Season 2, Episode 7: “Ways to Bury a Man”

Cinemax’s Banshee
Season 2, Episode 7: “Ways to Bury a Man”
Directed by Loni Peristere
Written by Doug Jung

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Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.24.23 PM While Hood (Antony Starr) is gone mad over the fake diamonds we discovered last episode after Job (Hoon Lee) himself found out, Uncle Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen) sits with his niece Rebecca Bowman (Lili Simmons), making her watch as he grinds Jason Hood into burger meat.
One of the nastiest things yet. Not only is it just vicious, Proctor has this weird psychosexual thing with his own niece. Terrifying, to say the least.
Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.26.40 PM When Hood goes to get Jason, like he said he would, of course the kid ain’t there. He finds the place empty. No trace of him even being there. Well, except for that watch. Oh, and the massive package of cash. Y’know – something people would’t just leave laying around. Certainly not a young man, one in desperate debt with terrible people. Doesn’t take much to imagine Hood tracing back Jason’s steps. First over to Sugar Bates (Frankie Faison) at the bar. He saw Jason with Rebecca, so then that leads him to an obvious conclusion that Kai’s behind the disappearance of Jason. And so when Sugar sits down at the Cadi with Hood, it all comes out.
Meanwhile, Rebecca is rightfully disturbed by the events. Her uncle scared her before, now it only gets worse. There are so many tangled webs in the town of Banshee. Each one crossed over another. And so on. Hood eventually makes his way over to Proctor’s residence. He questions Rebecca a little, as Kai butts in where possible trying to control what he can. Only now he’s crossed a personal line with Hood. This is getting to Hood, he can’t let it go. Not any more.
So Hood goes back to Sugar’s place with him and Job (Hoon Lee). They discuss a little about where to go from here, how to go about it. “Theres a lot of ways to bury a man,” Sugar advises: “Especially when youre wearinthat badge.” Ahh, now the ex-cons are thinking! Next, Hood is asking Deputy Brock Lotus (Matt Servitto) for a bit of advice re: how to take down Proctor. Problem – Kai walks the line, he stays out of direct contact with his illegal shit. Just gotta rattle him until something comes loose.
Kai’s busy doing the dirty work for Alex Longshadow (Anthony Ruivivar). He’s got one guy voting against Alex as Chief pinned under the tire of a car. Threatening a crunched skull, until he gets what he needs. Then on to the next vote against Longshadow.
Deva (Ryann Shane) finds her brother Max in a medical emergency, not breathing. But dad Gordon Hopewell (Rus Blackwell) is too busy drinking, getting high, watching strippers dance and burying his emotions to do anything about it. At the very same time, Hood and Lotus are spearheading a raid on Proctor’s club where Gordon is lounging. Hood and Gordon actually have themselves a confrontation, which ends in an ass kicking for Gordon before he realizes his daughter’s been calling.
Who shows up at the hospital for Deva? Her mother, Carrie (Ivana Milicevic). She holds her daughter tight and is the one good parent in this situation.
Nothing much sticks to Proctor from the strip club bust, re: prostitution. Better luck next time, Hood. And you can bet there’s a next time: one of the women who’s slept with Proctor wants to chat with the sheriff. She doesn’t want to let Kai determine her life, so she gives up the goods. He extorts her for sex, essentially, and that of course makes her angry. She wants to protect herself, as well as her son. Turns out she dated a guy who’s quite the White Power type of dude.
So out goes Hood again. He finds the guy at a mechanic shop. A couple of the Nazis there start to get at Deputy Emmett Yawners (Demetrius Grosse), though he plays it “cool” like Lotus asks. Then a nice little fight breaks out between Emmett and the biggest of the crew when he’s instigated. But Emmett is a bad ass. The guy they were there for takes off, starting up a little chase. Not for long. Hood gets the upper hand and gets a sliver of information out of the White Power douche on a factory Proctor uses for his shady business. However, there seems to be something brewing between these Nazis and Deputy Yawners.
Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.06.54 PM For the first time in a little bit, Carrie and Job sit together. He’s got her cash from the truck job. She says there’s a new job ahead; one for just the two of them. Job doesn’t feel good about that, except he then hears it’s for Carrie’s kid. They need money to cover his treatment. Obviously plays at the tiny, sweet heart of Job.
Hood and the deputies are gearing up to try taking on Proctor’s undercover operations. Lots of security, cameras everywhere. So for the time being they pull back, do some “real police work“, as Brock cheers.
Finally, Alex is at the tribal council. Nobody, other than his main detractor, raises their hand to vote against him in No Confidence. The men have all been changed, their votes swayed. All by that Amish thug. Speaking of, Alex later goes to see his new friend and now knows for sure that being in bed with Proctor is ALWAYS bad news.
And Proctor has troubles aside from all that. The crew is hitting his factory, pulling off some bad news of their own. They crash a truck into it and set the place up for a nice explosion.
Before the credits, Lotus says he believes Hood is the right guy to take down Proctor. After the credits, he sees the destruction Hood and the gang caused. Hmm. A little quick on the draw there, Brock.
Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.14.19 PM Job: “Whatchu think we gonna light a long fuse and run? This aint a mothafuckin Roadrunner cartoon.”
Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.15.30 PM Excited for another great chapter in this season. Next up is “Evil for Evil” and it gets damn intense.

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