The Mist – Season 1, Episode 4: “Pequod”

Spike’s The Mist
Season 1, Episode 4: “Pequod”
Directed by T.J. Scott
Written by Andrew Wilder

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Pic 1AKevin (Morgan Spector), Mia (Danica Curcic), Bryan (Okezie Morro), and Adrian (Russell Posner) make it to the vehicle outside the church. But when Mia tries hotwiring it, nothing happens. The engine won’t even turn over, whatsoever. At the same time, Adrian’s the only one who witnessed the terrifying butterfly death of the other man recently.
The mall’s getting more tense, as well. People are having panic attacks, anxiety running high. So mall manager Gus Bradley (Isiah Whitlock Jr) breaks out board games, a football, little things to keep people and their minds busy, to not let cabin fever set in too deep. Alex (Gus Birney) still has to deal with being trapped in there with her accused rapist Jay (Luke Cosgrove), though it’s hard to tell how she’s feeling, she likely doesn’t even know. Nevertheless, it ain’t good.
Father Romanov: “Im not scared because Im losing my faith. Im scared because its stronger than ever.”
We start seeing how different people are reacting to the horrors they’ve seen. Father Romanov (Dan Butler) is beginning to feel a responsibility, to save his congregation, his town. Judgement Day is upon them, so he believes. Simultaneously, Natalie Raven (Frances Conroy) is following a different sort of faith: “The moth is a friend of mine.”
Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 7.16.54 PMAt a gas station, Kevin and the others run into a man with a gas mask and a gun. He knows that Kevin is Eve’s (Alyssa Sutherland) husband. His name is Clay, he has a boy in her class. He’s lost now, somewhere else. But the group knows more than they tell him. Probably best, in case it drives him mad. He’s the one with a gun.
Everybody’s figuring out how to navigate the latest stresses of their lives, stuck indoors. The priest keeps people fed, busy. Connor (Darren Pettie) laments looking weak in front of everyone at the church, as Natalie comforts him. In the mall, Eve admits to a couple of the other women she’s “happy ” her husband isn’t there, she in part blames him for their daughter’s rape, because he loves Alex so much he can’t say no, which Even says led to her getting hurt. A tough, honest admission.
Natalie’s freaking Father Romanov out, talking of the Black Spring when he’d rather speak of the Bible. He wonders if she knows what it is she’s looking for, calling into question her judgement of her own pain. She knows exactly what she’s seeking out. To others it seems like madness. Yet I wonder if she’s one of the only ones who’s got it all figured out.
Moreover, through Clay we find out about the cars not working, that everything is mostly fried. He’s got himself a vehicle, purchased from a survivalist, so it’s one that won’t burn out if the apocalypse comes. Still there’s the problem of gas. Kevin asks if he’ll take them in his vehicle. Clay clings to finding his son. Will they break the news to him? He won’t leave if he thinks there’s hope. I’m just afraid that he’ll snap if he figures out his boy is dead.
Pic 2The games store boys have a harpoon, they’re latching onto the soldiers corpses in the shopping carts outside. Trying to reel them back inside. When one gets stuck Ted (Jonathan Malen) goes out using it as a lifeline. He doesn’t come back and Vic (Erik Knudsen) gets a shock as the glass breaks, the mist beginning to seep in through the book store. Where Alex and a little girl are reading together. A black mist creature appears, Alex and the girl trapped with it next to them. The thing grabs the girl by the face, sucking the life out of her. It stands in front of Alex, ready to do the same. Only it doesn’t. She walks free, seemingly unharmed. Although I’m curious to know if the mist has possessed her in some form.
Connor mentions to the priest it felt as if the mist knew him when he was outside. He’s becoming part of the faithful in the natural world, alongside Natalie. Like they’re pagan worshippers. Could get scary; it will.
Everything goes sideways for Kevin and the gang, after Mia delivers the tough news to Clay. Not in the most diplomatic of attitudes. The man goes from stable to angry pretty quick. Bryan winds up with a bullet in the thigh after he and Clay wrestle. As I predicted, things have gotten ugly.
And the mall’s experiencing their first brush with law in their new little civil society, as Vic is faced with being ejected. He’s put them all in danger, a kid died. So a vote is taken. Several wish to forgive his sins. The rest want to toss him. We’re starting to see a distinction between levels of morality now. A greyer area than we already know in real life emerges, as even accused rapist Jay doesn’t want to feed Vic to the mist like the others. It’s an odd, compelling mix of perspectives that I find interesting the deeper we get into Season 1.
Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 7.35.59 PMBest of all is the religious war brewing, in the church no less. Natalie has called the spider in the jar “God” and she worships it; a false idol. This worries Father Romanov, some of the others. Especially considering they believe it’s Judgement Day. So the priest forcibly takes the spider, crushing it on the carpet. Horrifying Natalie. It’s a double-edged sword for the man of faith – on one hand, it illustrates how deep his faith is that he does feel they must adhere to the word of God or else perish; on the other, shows the weakness of his belief, that he’s threatened by an old lady and a spider in a jar.
Alex: “Why didnt it want me?”
Things at the mall are only getting worse. Alex breaks down saying she lied, that she didn’t fight against the monster. That she waited for it to kill her. It didn’t take her. This troubles the mother of the dead little girl, knowing Alex lied. Divisions have begun. Compounded by the fact people already believe she lied about the rape, as well as the fact many believe her mother did something similar years ago, there’s looking to be trouble coming for the Copeland family. Yikes.
Kevin and the others prepare to head out. Without Clay, who still holds out hope despite being told otherwise. He’s given up the car, though. To help them on their journey. A lot of sacrifices will be made in this dangerous landscape. This is just one of them.
Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 7.52.28 PMGreat episode! This series is getting stronger with every chapter, honestly. Started out just decent, now I’m gunning for this one. The Mist continues with “The Waiting Room” next. Surely there’ll be more tension and creeps in the episode to come.


  1. copperdove says:

    I just finished watching this episode. Great explanation of it. I’m curious as to why the monster didn’t kill Alex. It just proves the theory that the monster is radicating only a certain type of people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m curious, too. And I think you’re onto something with that. I wonder how they’re going to play it out. This series has really gotten good over only 4 episodes. Wasn’t particularly thrilled about the show, then after the 1st episode I was starting to get into it already.


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