Gotham – Rise of the Villains, Episode 6: “By Fire”

Fox’s Gotham
Season 2, Episode 6: “By Fire”
Directed by T.J. Scott
Written by Rebecca Perry Cutter

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IMG_0132So Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) has Butch (Drew Powell) – one hand less – over trying to become part of Theo’s (James Frain) inner circle, playing the revenge angle, to an extreme. Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) likes the “sad bear” that is Butch, whereas Barbara (Erin Richards) isn’t entirely keen until they talk about fitting his stump with weapons. Eventually, Theo takes the advice of the women – Butch is in. Meanwhile he’s muscling the votes necessary to make him Mayor.
On the streets, Jim (Ben McKenzie) and the Strike Force are trying to find Garrett’s killer, the firebug Bridgit (Michelle Veintimilla). But nobody knows about her, obviously, seeing as how she’s new to the Pike family business. Detective Gordon is willing to do whatever it takes to find her.
Speaking of the young woman, Bridgit’s staying with Selina (Camren Bicondova), worried about what she’ll do next without cash. She’s with the right person, though. Miss Kyle knows her way around the city, how to make a buck.
IMG_0133In the more awful corners of Gotham, the darker places, nasty business is conducted. Girls are sold. This is where Selina goes to get cash. Bridgit’s not happy about what’s going on inside, she doesn’t want to leave those girls in there. But for now they’re just there to steal themselves some capital. The young cat burglar and her flamethrowing friend get all the pervs to hand over their money, then they get out of there quick.
When Barnes (Michael Chiklis) discovers Jim beat his recent suspect, he is pissed. He understands they’re at war with Gotham’s criminals. Yet he’s guided by honour. Jim believes their city is filled with “grey areas.” He would know, for sure. In the meantime, video captured Firefly and Selina briefly on the street during their getaway. More trouble for Jim to deal with now.
Bruce (David Mazouz) is still learning to fight from Alfred (Sean Pertwee), even if it means fighting dirty when it comes down to it. Because enemies will fight dirty. He’s also learning that distractions, such as Silver St. Cloud (Natalie Alyn Lind), can get his ass kicked.
The curious case of Tom Dougherty is coming up again more and more. Kristen (Chelsea Spack) doesn’t care about him anymore. Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) is, rightfully, concerned about her finding anything more out about what happened to Tom. He’s also continually trying to woo Ms. Kringle. What a maniac.
Bullock (Donal Logue) has Ivy Pepper (Clare Foley) in for questioning, trying to find out where Selina is lately. He gets a bit of info to help him and Jim track her down. And Bridgit, she has more to worry about – her brothers Joe (Leo Fitzpatrick) and Cale (Ari McKay Wilford) find her, snatching her up in a van. This sends Selina off to get her weaponry, just as Gordon barges through her door. Familiar, no?
IMG_0134Instead of anything bad happening, Selina tries convincing Gordon of the truth, about the Pike brothers forcing their sister into the crimes. He’s willing to listen, so she tells him the brothers just showed up and kidnapped Bridgit. More leads, at least. Let’s see how Jim handles things from here.
Joe and Cale are busy holding their sister, tossing firecrackers at her. Indoctrinating her back into the Pike family ways. It’s a horribly dominant relationship, she’s been reverted to a slave to her brothers all over again. Except she says fuck that, and burns them both to death. YEAH, GIRL! Not long later, Jim and Harvey turn up, finding only the charred corpses. That’s hardcore, I love it.
Butch is getting caught in the cross hairs of the battle between Penguin and Theo. Things aren’t looking so hot. Theo’s figured out what’s up, he knows Penguin brainwashed the one-handed man. So, he sends Tabitha in to do a bit of deprogramming. Even with a hammer for a hand, Butch is no match for Tabitha. She’s tough as hell.
Now Bridgit is going on a warpath against the “pervs and bullies” who’ve hurt people like her and Selina. Her friend warns against doing that, it’ll only lead to worse things. But Firefly’s ready to go it alone, to scorch the city’s shadowy places clean. Selina calls Jim; it’s the only thing she can think to do for her friend.
Gordon, Barnes, and the Strike Force head for the underground club where they find Bridgit. The detective tries talking her down. Although Firefly’s not willing to go just yet. She starts a blaze. Only she lights herself on fire in the process after one of the Strike Force members punctures her fuel tank. Over on the other end of the city, Selina is sitting with Lee (Morena Baccarin), waiting; with a shotgun. Jim shows up with the bad news about Bridgit. The young cat burglar lets slip a bit of info re: the fires and Cobblepot.
IMG_0135At dinner that evening, Theo talks to Bruce about Bunderslaw, who’s missing. Yeah, we know, dude. He talks like a friend to the young man, about the “bad things” which happen at Wayne Enterprises. Bruce knows this already. Theo presents himself like somebody who’ll help. A nasty snake.
Butch slips free of Tabitha’s chains, making it to Penguin. Maybe Mama Penguin will be saved after all, if they can get to her in time.
At his apartment, Edward tells Kristen he killed Tom, trying to set her mind at ease. Although I’m not sure it’s the best thing to do, he pulls out the guy’s badge as proof. This freaks her out, like it would any normal person. She call him a “murderer.” And she’s not wrong. She tries to get out of there, but he things turn violent, scary. When they fight he ends up strangling her to death. Oh, my, god. Knew something bad was going to happen; did not expect this result.
What about Bridgit? She’s not dead. Apparently they say the suit fused to her, that she’s now technically fireproof. They’ve taken her to Indian Hill, a part of Wayne Enterprises, with the “other monsters.” To be tested. Hmm.
IMG_0136So many things going on here. Really loving Season 2. It’s getting wild and weird and wonderful. “Mommy’s Little Monster” is next.

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