Gotham – Rise of the Villains, Episode 7: “Mommy’s Little Monster”

Fox’s Gotham
Season 2, Episode 7: “Mommy’s Little Monster”
Directed by Kenneth Fink
Written by Robert Hull

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IMG_0137Butch (Drew Powell) has brought Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and his men to the place where mama Gertrude (Carol Kane) is being held in a cell, at some old warehouse. But they’ve walked right into Theo (James Frain) and Tabitha’s (Jessica Lucas) arms. A tense scene. So, where does Butch’s loyalty lie? He’s not taking any more Cobblepot shit, apparently. Tabitha’s deprogrammed him from the brainwashing of the little King of Gotham. This leaves Oswald at the mercy of the Galavan siblings. Worse still, mom gets knifed in the back after all the trouble. The son gets away before they can kill him, too.
Oh, Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith). He’s in big, big trouble. His other self is back laughing at him again, after he’s killed Kristen in his apartment. He is truly insane. Now his stronger self is going to try guiding him through making the “body disappear.” Thus begins a riddle, from one self to the other. Such an interesting concept, having the Riddler begin originating by sending a riddle to himself.
IMG_0138Guys an abacus of crazy. Nothing he does surprises me.”
We see that Theo is claiming Cobblepot tried killing him, despite what was actually going on. Therefore, the GCPD and Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) are brought into the loop. This is a little touchy, for Jim (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey (Donal Logue).
Well, things are getting more intense. A state of emergency’s being declared in Gotham, the Mayor’s office gets more power. With Theo about to be sworn in he’s going to, essentially, declare “martial law.” Yikes!
Mr. Nygma’s down at the PD trying to figure out his own riddle. Not easy, but he’s gradually working through his clues. He winds up finding a hand in the vending machine, right at the back. He gets it out in time to slip off unseen. Good lord, Ed. You’re mad. He’s got himself the next riddle.
Master Bruce (David Mazouz) has his own things going on, bit of an awkward tea with Selina (Camren Bicondova) and Silver (Natalie Alyn Lind). The cat’s not overly impressed with the rich little Galavan niece, calling her a “twofaced slut.” Oh, snaaap, girl! Bruce isn’t thrilled, though we know Selina is in the right, despite her crude tactics.
IMG_0139At Mott Haven’s, Jim and Harvey go to talk to Butch. They cause a little bit of a scene. This is right about the time Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan) and his own crew show up, telling people to vacate the place or anyone left with Butch dies. The two detectives stick around while everybody else scatters. Gordon’s ready to leave Butch there, unless he gives up info. Like anyone might, the one-handed man gives over what he knows about Galavan, Penguin, the whole deal. After that Zsasz opens fire on the bar. Luckily the cops have some of Butch’s guns at their disposal, firing back hard.
Nobodys telling the truth. This is Gotham.”
Penguin is gearing up to kill Galavan. He has a lot of power on his side. But is it enough? Simultaneously, Barnes is preparing his GCPD to protect Theo, without knowing exactly what the man is up to, whereas Gordon’s still heading things up behind the scenes, as well as in front. So much deviousness at play, no telling how things will turn out. Messy, that’s the only thing we know.
IMG_0140While most everybody is out, Edward tracks down more of his riddles. A trademark question mark leads him to one of the morgue drawers: there is Kristen’s corpse. Where Lee (Morena Baccarin) finds him leaning over a corpse, bumbling like a meathead. He manages to throw her off the scent. For now, anyway.
The big party is underway. Mayor Galavan is introduced to the clapping crowd, everybody’s having a fine time. Gordon and Barnes are keeping an eye out for anything crazy. This is when a group of men, all dressed and coiffed and walking like Penguin wielding shotguns crash the place. It’s total chaos. On top of the building is Tabitha, who the Strike Force try neutralising; Martinez dies trying.
Dt. Gordon comes face to face with Penguin as he protects Theo. Gun to gun, man to man. Jim begs Cobblepot to put the gun down, telling him he knows what the new Mayor’s been up to, that he knows he killed his mother. But Harvey’s there, they try hard to get Penguin to back down. Tabitha fires on them, wounding Oswald, who gets away in a car leaving the Mayor and the cops behind in the massacre’s aftermath. At least Jim and Harvey are starting to see what’s behind Theo’s veil.
That night, Nygma makes it back to the morgue, to the body of Kristen, his murder victim. There, his more powerful self keeps speaking, telling him how to live, how to feel, who to be, as his old self disintegrates further all the time.

Whoa, another wild ride. Things are always getting more intense, more troubling, darker in Gotham. More lives lost. “Tonight’s the Night” is up next.

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