Fox’s Gotham
Season 2, Episode 8: “Tonight’s the Night”
Directed by Kenneth Hunt
Written by Jim Barnes

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IMG_0143Oh, Ms. Barbara Kean (Erin Richards). She imagines herself being married to Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), walking to the altar for their wedding rehearsal. She starts seeing it as the vision it is – “unlawfully wedded,” presided over by Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), the seats filled with inmates from Arkham Asylum. A true nightmare horrorshow. Soon, Barbara sees Jim at the altar with Dr. Lee Thompkins (Morena Baccarin). She’s sitting in the pews tied up, an inmate once more.
Luckily she soon wakes up. When she does there’s a present waiting for her. I wonder, is it from Theo Galavan (James Frain) or his sister Tabitha (Jessica Lucas)?
The Galavans are busy discussing Dt. Gordon, Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), all their latest plans. Looks as if Jim is on the chopping block next, and they’re going to use Barbara to get that done.
At the GCPD, Jim and Harvey (Donal Logue) run over the case with Theo for Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis). The boss isn’t sure, there are no hard leads. He wants something solid. Right about that time Barbara walks into the PD, hands up: “Long time, no see,” she quips.
IMG_0144Face to face again in an interrogation room, Jim and Barbara chat together. She’s having some fun with him. He doesn’t dig it or have time for it. He believes she is a sick woman. She plays the weepy lady, trying to draw him in close. And he kisses her right there with Lee, Barnes, Bullock all watching. A ploy to get her talking? I’m sure it is, but she says she has a surprise for him first, which worries me.
The cops play along, despite Dr. Thompkins recommending they need to lock Barbara away. I mean, it’s clear the woman is disturbed. But Jim, he’s gonna take his chances, like always.
What about Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith)? What’s he up to? Well, he’s out in the woods, trying to get rid of Kristen’s corpse. He has her stuffed in a big, heavy trunk. Plans to bury her somewhere out there. He pours a glass of wine with a picnic for the two of them. A Gothically romantic thing. So, so creepy. While he speaks a riddle to himself, and Kristen, a hunter stumbles onto him. Prompting the need for more murder, I’m sure.
Young Bruce is still wrapped around Silver St. Cloud’s (Natalie Alyn Lind) finger. He’s been summoned to see Theo, who’s got something for the boy. Theo asks about his parents’ killer, what he’d do if they found the man. Bruce says he’d kill him. And through it all, Mr. Galavan offers to help. He’s so damn greasy. He also reveals the dark side of Wayne Enterprises he’s found, suggesting young Wayne sell over his shares, making the kid a “cash billionaire.” Then Theo can supposedly clean everything up. Yeah, right.
IMG_0145At the same time, the new Strike Force, Barnes, and Gordon are gearing up for whatever Barbara’s got in store for them. Lee and Barnes both see Jim getting sucked back into her “abyss.” Could get pretty nasty. Jim and Harvey take Barbara in a car. She plays around with her former flame, and it’s easy enough for Bullock, and us, to see. Yet Dt. Gordon pushes on.
You have a lifetime ahead of you, dont throw it away on madness.”
Eventually, the squad car is t-boned by a huge truck. Men in masks with guns jump out, fighting the cops on back-up. The police aren’t able to save Jim, who receives an injection right in the neck. That’s never good. This leaves Barnes, Harvey, and the rest of the GCPD scrambling to figure out where he’s been taken.
Bruce asks Alfred (Sean Pertwee) about how long his training will take. He worries that people are going to suffer and die while he’s trying to become a warrior for Gotham. Theo’s in his head. When the butler hears about everything he advises the young man it’s “extortion.” The kid isn’t old or wise enough to see the endgame here. He’s still tortured by it all, which is sad.
After Jim wakes up he finds himself tied to a chair in a church. Barbara’s got her wedding dress on, walking down the aisle with a sawed-off shotgun. Oh, lord. She truly believes Jim is the same as her. Moments later she brings out Lee, tied to another chair.
IMG_0146Lucky for Jim and Lee, Harvey’s figured out they’re being held at Gotham Cathedral. Barbara is ranting, even giving up information about where they’re holding Mayor James. She tells Lee how Jim can “dabble in darkness.” She has a blade at Lee’s throat, but Dt. Gordon gets himself free, grabbing the shotgun. Before long men with guns arrive, Tabitha takes a few shots, though she and Barbara run off as the GCPD rush into the cathedral.
Upstairs, Barbara rushes at Jim trying to stab him. In the chaos she goes tumbling out the window. He tries holding, but she lets go. She’s not dead; critical condition with shattered bones. Holy shit. After they clean the scene up, Barnes, Jim, and Harvey go for the China Docks looking for Mayor James. They find him with that box still on his head. He confirms who’s been pulling the strings.
Speaking of strings, Bruce is having his pulled by Mayor Galavan. However, at the last minute, the young billionaire refuses to sign his shares over. In moments Jim is there with Bullock to arrest Theo. Unfortunately, the Mayor(-for-now) tosses the papers involving the killer of Bruce’s parents into the fire.
And out in the woods, Edward finds something interesting: a bloody Penguin.
IMG_0147IMG_0148Another excellent episode. Really wild stuff with Jim and Barbara came to an intense head. “A Bitter Pill to Swallow” is the next chapter in Rise of the Villains.


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