Happy! – Season 1, Episode 7: “Destroyer of Worlds”

Syfy’s Happy!
Season 1, Episode 7: “Destroyer of Worlds”
Directed by Brian Taylor
Written by Matthew White

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Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 5.21.04 PMWe get a blast to the past, as Jessi McCarthy – stylised as Jessi McC – jams to a 1980s Christmas tune in a wild “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” rendition, including Smoothie (Patrick Fischler) break dancing and playing a keytar. Cut to Mrs. McCarthy being zipped into a body bag, her daughter Meredith (Lili Mirojnick) left in the wake of her mother’s daughter.
Over at Mr. Blue’s (Ritchie Coster) place there are troubles. Nick Sax (Chris Meloni) has the place upended, he’s got the wife and kid hostage, tied to him. And that’s when he opens fire on the gangsters waiting for him. After that’s done, the wife tells him exactly where Blue’s gone – to his sister Isabella’s (Debi Mazar) house. That sends the hitman off. Not before blowing the place up, though.
Well, Isabella has her boy Mikey (Gus Halper) back. That’s okay. Except for the fact he’s kinda possessed by something nasty. Now, he’s gone in the car, by himself, god knows where.
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 5.24.39 PMAmanda Hansen (Medina Senghore) tracks down more info on her missing daughter Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo). Due to her being abducted at a children’s concert, she goes to Sonny Shine (Christopher Fitzgerald). Disappearances have been happening during his shows. She hopes a man as “visible” and “prominent” as Mr. Shine could help. Instead, he rants about not wanting his own children. This man is incredibly creepy and he’s taking a special interest in Amanda. Remember the weirdo in the fly suit, the big boss man who was manipulating even Blue? Yeah, it’s Sonny.
There’s a big, bad confrontation between Isabella and Blue, she’s already calling out “the receipts” on her brother, the nastier little secrets he’s got hiding with the skeletons in his closet. The gangster wants to see his nephew, to get his password, but mom wants to protect her newly undead son.
Stuck in that building, Amanda is trying to make it out of Mr. Shine’s grip. She stumbles onto a terrifying psychosexual nightmare of people dressed in leather animal costumes, like some deviant orgy of madness. Then, everybody notices her watching from the sidelines.
In the car, Nick cuddles Happy (Patton Oswalt) to help him warm up. He also discovers the imaginary friend “killed something,” he’s changed a little. Even though it was to survive, it’s still difficult. The former cop-turned-hitman tries to help his new buddy: “Youve just gotta hope that you did it for a reason, and I mean a good reason.” All worth it if they can find his daughter again. But first, Dt. McCarthy shows up, she wants to help him with Blue. They’re together when Amanda calls, trapped in the horrific Shine Tower.
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 5.36.35 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-25 at 5.37.40 PMPoor little Hailey and the other kids are continually under the watch of Smoothie, the psychopath who likes to hear himself talk. He hates the little, walking “Petri dishes.” He is preparing them all for the “packaging process,” where they’re made up like toys in a package at the store, tied against the cardboard backing, so on. But where are they going after that?
It’s hilarious watching Nick talk to Happy, sending him off to find the girl, all the while with Meredith watching him, as well. What a great series, the episodes find new ways to play with the concept of the imaginary friend that are always interesting. At the same time, Amanda’s stuck in that leathery animal hellscape.
On their respective searches, Nick and Meredith find a whole lot more terror in Shine Tower than they thought possible; she runs into a life-sized toy. But Sax is blindsided by Smoothie and some chloroform. When the hitman wakes up he’s strapped down in a suggestive position, naked. “What is death to someone like you?” Smoothie questions him. So, what will he do to Nick? Not sure, because first he reveals the reason they call him Smoothie: he’s like a Ken doll down there, life in plastic is fantastic! Lord.
I am become destroyer of worlds!” (this quote from the maniac comes from the Bhagavad Gita)
Just as Smoothie straps his dildo on, about to enter Nick brutally, Meredith runs in and pops a shot in the guy’s eye. Or, y’know, they arrived just as Smoothie had the shaft in, and it broke off in Nick’s ass. I’ve not laughed that hard in a long, long while. Thank you, Happy! – your depravity knows no bounds.
Later, Meredith and Sax find Blue, gunning down a bunch of his henchmen. Nick goes after the truck full of kids – only to find Hailey isn’t even in the truck – while Meredith goes for Blue, who’s being gradually taken down by the old woman’s curses, the one in whom Isabella was starting not to believe. Although not all hope is lost, Nick is still left following clues, hoping he’ll find his daughter alive.
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 5.56.29 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-25 at 5.57.41 PMGod. Gimme the finale! NOW! We need a Season 2.
“I Am the Future” will finish Season 1 next week. Brace yourselves for madness.

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