Animal Kingdom – SEASON 5 PREMIERE: “Red Handed”

Season 5 returns with a figurative and literal blast, as the Cody family faces life without Smurf, and it's no less chaotic.

Animal Kingdom – Season 4, Episode 3: “Man Vs. Rock”

Smurf gets a diagnosis. J is struggling with Angela back again.

The Purge – Episode 1: “What is America?”

The annual Purge is about to commence. Are you prepared?

Creature Feature-Crime Mix & Match: Larry Cohen’s Q THE WINGED SERPENT

Only Larry Cohen could give us a crime film mixed with a creature feature that sees a giant dragon-like creature terrorising The Chrysler Building.

THE NEIGHBOR: A Horrifying Slice of Rural Terror

An unexpected horror treat, this is one interesting little slasher that zigs then zags, and proves Bill Engvall's a scary bastard.