Caught – Episode 5: “Bone Dog”

CBC’s Caught
Episode 5: “Bone Dog”
Directed by John Vatcher
Written by Adriana Maggs

* For a recap & review of the penultimate episode, “Like Old Times”  – click here
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.03.57 PMBrian Hearn (Eric Johnson) has found out he’s dealing with a cop, DEA Agent KC Williams (Enuka Okuma). She’s in a tough situation, in a Mexican standoff – literally – with Hearn and one of the local cops, Cpt. Ramirez (Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz). Not good at all. Hearn gets her alone, threatening her with a gun to her head. But they wind up fighting more.
Meanwhile, David Slaney’s (Allan Hawco) off making the big deal with the Dominicans. He doesn’t know what sort of questions Hearn is starting to ask back with Williams. Speaking of – shit is going down. Detective Roy Patterson (Paul Gross) turns up, just in time for Hearn to wrestle a bit with KC, getting a gun right back to her head again.
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.06.49 PMLeast sober person in the world” Cyril Carter (Greg Bryk) is giving Ada (Tori Anderson) grief while they’re waiting for the drug deal to get finished. It’s then he reveals Slaney isn’t coming back from the deal. Oh, shit.
Dave is dealing, tenuously, with Moreno (Pedro Salvin), and things are going sideways fast. It’s not entirely easy to negotiate a deal with so much drugs involved while there’s a bolo sitting on the table ready to hack off a head or a limb. Set to a bit of rock music, Slaney’s set for a “poetic” death. That is, if it weren’t for the fact Ada’s turned out to be a proper ass kicker. And it helps she snooped around to find those diamonds; they buy back Dave and his life.
All this time, Hearn’s figuring out the entire game behind the deal, including what happened to the diamonds. That’s when he shoots KC in the back, leaving her with Roy. Poor Williams gets rushed to the hospital, and Roy’s left in the wind, waiting around with Kyle O’Neill (Billy MacLellan) in the waiting room. O’Neill’s no comfort, either. Because he only makes Patterson face the truth: he fucked everything up. This starts the detective back in on the booze, which can’t be good for anybody. Including his own heart condition.
We finally find out the truth about Roy’s daughter, Joy. She was found dead, murdered, dumped someplace awful. After that, he fell apart entirely, and he convinced himself she was still alive, out there somewhere. He worries KC will die and it’ll be another death in the notches of his belt. One bit of good news? He finds her tape recorder, coming across Cpt. Ramirez’s name.
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.15.07 PM

“I wasn’t ready to admit that I’d failed…”

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.20.36 PMAda and Slaney get ready to slip out during the night, even if they bought their freedom. Only Cyril’s got his gun, he’s sobered up a tiny bit – or maybe not – and he’s taking everything in the wrong way. He’s loyal to Hearn, so he wants to kill Dave and finish things. Right as he’s about to pull the trigger he takes a flare in the gut, from Ada.
But the commotion wakes some of the men on the beach, and that means Slaney and Ada need to get going quick. They get down below deck, which gets steamy. C’mon, Dave, b’y! Is it really time to be at that now? Seriously, man. In the morning, they’re out at sea on the tides, but Ada’s having a hard time forgetting what happened the night before. Although it was to save Slaney; again. He talks about being in prison when everything was “setting in” on the first night, realising he was just a pot smuggler in the midst of rapists and murderers, et cetera. Like so many, locked away, many of them black, for bullshit crimes concerning weed and they’re in federal prisons with people who’ve committed vicious, violent crimes. It’s a terrifying reality of the social institution of jail. And it often doesn’t rehabilitate anybody, as much as people want to use the word penitentiary for prisons. Judging by some of what Slaney talks about, alluding to his time in prison, he may have been raped, or, he may have had to do something horrible to protect himself. The ambiguity in the writing is what I love, it’s beautifully done.
On top of it all, Slaney explains part of his deal with the DEA and the RCMP, through Roy and KC. It doesn’t sit well with Ada, though she’s willing to trust him after all of this madness. In the meantime, Roy gets knocked out and thrown into the water by Cpt. Ramirez while he’s poking around, and he’s assumed dead.
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.27.29 PM

“When we don’t have the luxury of control, things, they just happen.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.39.47 PMOf course Roy ain’t dead! You’d have to probably chop his head off to be sure you’ve killed him. He’s resilient. He gets back to find everybody cleared out from their little HQ. At least KC’s alive, just with a bad shoulder. That’s some good news, if anything.
At this point, Slaney urges Ada to go her own way, because he has to settle things between him and Hearn. They plan to meet up another time after it’s all over. That’s when Dave sets off the tracker he was given, which alerts KC and Roy. Slaney arrives back to talk with Hearn, and it all gets more than intense. They’re each ready to do whatever’s necessary. Everything breaks into a gunfight following KC and Roy busting in the door, shooting Ramirez, and it sends Brian running.
Hearn flees to a church, where he and Slaney face one another likely for the last time. They do a bit of reminiscing, like old times. Hearn admits to leaving his old pal there on the boat to get arrested back in the day. They also confront the hideousness of what Brian did to Jennifer Baker (Charlotte Sullivan) all those years ago. Before Hearn can kill himself, Roy shows up to prevent that and get his man.

“Turns out it didn’t take prison, Hearn, to make you a monster.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.51.31 PMCut to two months later in Dorchester, like it was before. Slaney gets a visit from Dt. Patterson, who’s had the whole mess cleared up, and finds out he’s getting free. Dave discovers Ada was a hustler who usually went for old rich guys. Instead, this time, she ripped Slaney and Hearn off good. “Twentyfour kilos” of sugar went to Cancun, and the real coke, the rest of the diamonds went off into the sunset with Ada. Bless her heart! She got hers in the end. As did KC, getting a much deserved promotion with the DEA.
What’s next for Slaney? What’ll the lad go at now that he’s back out in the world, a clean slate, a fresh start? Well, he’s got a letter from Holland with a diamond stuck under the stamp. That’s a start.
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.52.11 PMLOVED this series! Fantastic work on behalf of CBC, Allan Hawco, and everyone else involved. Super happy to see Lisa Moore’s worked well represented on the small screen. Now, will someone make Alligator, please? Thank you. Just goes to show that Newfoundland and Labrador is producing immense talents, many of whom are getting recognised more and more these days. Not sure if they plan on doing anything else past this limited series. If they do, I’ll be right back for more.

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