Caught – Episode 5: “Bone Dog”

Slaney and Hearn face each other for the last time in Mexico

Caught – Episode 4: “Like Old Times”

Slaney has to keep his personal want for revenge at bay to try and take Hearn down. If he can manage.

Caught – Episode 3: “Just Trust Me”

Slaney's up against it, as Tommy Gabriel shows up to complicate his life. Roy has to tell KC the truth of his role in Slaney escaping Dorchester.

Caught – Episode 2: “Old Wounds”

Slaney makes it to Montreal, where he finds only pain, and more need to keep running.

CBC’s Caught – Pilot: “The Break”

Marijuana smuggler David Slaney escapes from Dorchester Penitentiary and goes on the run, trying to find his old partner Brian Hearn while on the run from the DEA and the RCMP.

Alias Grace – Part 6

Dr. Jordan lets the supposed Dr. DuPont hypnotise Grace, in order to hopefully discover the truth of her so-called crimes.

Alias Grace – Part 5

Grace begins recounting the day Nancy was killed, as Dr. Jordan hopes to finally uncover some truth.

Alias Grace – Part 4

Grace recounts more of her relationship with Nancy to Dr. Jordan.