Caught – Episode 4: “Like Old Times”

CBC’s Caught
Episode 4: “Like Old Times”
Directed by John Vatcher
Written by Julia Cohen

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Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.36.38 AMPoor ole Dt. Roy Patterson (Paul Gross) aka Roy Brophy, drugged and tripping out hard on the “sleepy drugs” Brian Hearn (Eric Johnson) and Cyril Carter (Greg Bryk) slipped him. Then there’s David Slaney (Allan Hawco), trying not to let the difficult past resurface and fuck up everything he’s trying to do to get his revenge. He and his old buddy are discussing the next step in their plan. Although it is certainly tense, as Dave’s got to keep a lid on his anger, as well as try not to get sucked back into the entire lifestyle he’d been living before jail. And that ain’t easy, either.
Note: I love that Lisa Moore’s spirit stays alive in this adaptation. Particularly – and I write this having been taught creative writing by Lisa, knowing partly some of her perspectives on literature – the way she writes Newfoundlanders is great because she doesn’t get hung up on the slang, yet she keeps a few phrases and manners of speaking that also come across in this series.
But you gotta watch your bobber, man. These guys are not to be messed around with.”
Agent KC Williams (Enuka Okuma) is arousing a bit of suspicion from Hugo Martinez (Chris Young), while she’s trying to setup surveillance around Hearn’s place. Soon enough, the guy confronts her with swift violence. He finds one of her recording devices, and so she has to take action. Even though that means putting a small ice pick into the guy’s ear. Whatever it takes, right? Only she and Roy – after he comes out of his druggy haze – have to do something about the corpse.
Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.43.01 AMAnother note: Caught‘s been well directed from the start. This time around is local lad John Vatcher from Newfoundland. The series also has a killer soundtrack. Vatcher’s sequence with Booker T and the MGs is rocking! Can’t have a good 1970s crime drama without the music to accompany it.
Ada (Tori Anderson) is continually attempting to do her own thing, whether that’s simply looking out for herself or just dividing the various friends in order to get the most out of the situation, who knows. She does whatever’s necessary, even if it means cliche quotes about the “definition of insanity.”
Later, Hearn takes Slaney for a ride. They have a chat, and Brian mentions that Cancun means “nest of snakes” in Mayan, supposedly. There are actually two translations of the word. The Mayan pronunciation was kaan kun. 1st translation is along the lines of ‘nest of snakes’ whereas the 2nd is something like ‘place of the golden snake.’ Who knew Hearn was gonna be teaching us new stuff? Man of many talents.
The reason the old buddies are out alone together is Brian wants his previously incarcerated friend to let loose the truth. He also gives up a lot of truth about himself; a lot of raw, deadly truth concerning the construction site. He offers an apology to Dave. Or, is it an apology? Kinda. Not fully. Certainly not enough of one. Not to mention what he did to Jennifer (Charlotte Sullivan), though that can never be excused by an apology, and anything for that is owned to her, not Dave. It’s a fucking MESS, that’s what! A dangerous one, too.
Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.55.30 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.03.29 AMMeanwhile, Roy and KC get the body cleaned up, and Slaney keeps Hearn from killing the two of them. They’ve all got to play along for now. Along with that, Dave wants to make sure Jennifer and Crystal will be okay should anything go terribly wrong. In the meantime, Agent Williams has a tracker for him to stash to keep them up on locations. From here they all walk a tricky wire, between safety and danger, between the law and criminality and often well over their lines. Throw in Ada, and the fact Hearn’s now stoking paranoia in Cyril about her and Slaney? So much can go wrong.
More tunes, baby! This time it’s Skynyrd.
Everybody in the RCMP and the DEA are, naturally, concerned. Not as if Dt. Patterson inspires a ton of confidence. Worse, what with the body of Hugo bobbing to the surface where someone finds him. Yikes.
The crew are all out on the boat on their trip. Dave isn’t dumb enough to fall for Ada’s shady business, though he does get to know her a little. She’s no slouch – very perceptive. She knows he has his own motivations, and understands “revenge” well enough.
Kyle O’Neill (Billy MacLellan) is calling to shut down the whole investigation on the Canadian side, to the dismay of Patterson and Williams. However, Hugo’s body has turned up, and they’re already looking into Hearn’s construction site. On top of all the pile of shit, KC is stressing: the recording in that room where she killed Hugo is still there.
Uh oh doesn’t even cover this kind of madness.
Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.06.19 AMIf you ask any Newfoundlander where they wanna live, and if the answer isnt immediately Newfoundland, then you kindayou kinda get the death penalty, so…”
When KC goes back to find the recording device she inevitably runs into Hearn, whose bender hasn’t finished yet. This puts her in a precarious position. He starts talking about Hugo’s paranoia about her. Then she’s faced with doing a line in front of him. Not great for a DEA agent. Then again, it’s the ’70s! Plus, she’s undercover. And she’s with a scary, coked up dude. This is about the time when a cop on Hearn’s take turns up, and that sends KC running – she’s been burnt. Oh, goddamn, man.
On the boat, Cyril’s drinking and being a sook. Up top, Slaney has to deal with the guys there for the deal. He has to go with the men and their assault rifles and the money for their exchange. Could get sketchy.
Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.21.50 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.23.37 AMEverybody’s in a bad way, one way or another. Caught has delivered from the pilot right up to the current episode. Too bad this is only a short series. But then again, I dig the compact storytelling sometimes, as opposed to a series that might run on and lose flavour over time.
“Bone Dog” is next time. Hold on, ’cause this is gonna get mad, b’ys!

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