Preacher – Season 3, Episode 10: “The Light Above”

AMC’s Preacher
Season 3, Episode 10: “The Light Above”
Directed & Written
by Sam Catlin

* For a recap & review of the previous episode, “Schwanzkopf” – click here
* Season 4 to come next year (hopefully!)
Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 7.48.47 PMWe jump back to Angelville when Jesse Custer (Will Kindrachuk) was a young man taking acre of business for Gran’ma (Betty Buckley). He asks if he can have a night off from the Tombs, which she agrees to, but when he mentions wanting to go back home to Texas to see Tulip, this doesn’t please her. He wants to leave and come back “someday.” This prompts the old woman to get nasty with him. He resents her for killing his family. She doesn’t really care about Jesse, she only cares about what he can do for her. Gran’ma says he’s “afraid of Hell,” which is why he’s afraid to do whatever needs doing, such as revenge.
That evening, Jesse raised his baseball bat ready to kill Gran’ma. He can’t bring himself to do it. Instead, he decides to finally leave. We all know that down the road he winds up there once more. Great sequence seeing the older Jesse (Dominic Cooper) pass the younger version of himself on the road into Angelville.
Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 7.51.48 PMBack again, Jesse gets held at gunpoint by TC (Colin Cunningham). Genesis helps the preacher take care of that pretty quick. He uses the Godly command to subdue TC, then they run through their personal history. After that Jesse makes the man shoot his own toes off. He also runs into Jody (Jeremy Childs), freshly home with souls for the old woman. Nobody’s safe from Genesis. But rather than use it on Jody, he chooses a one-on-one in the Tombs.
Elsewhere, the bus to Hell’s overturned by the Nazi tank driven by Adolf Hitler’s (Noah Taylor) former buddy, Rick from Circuit Works (Garret Kruithof). The Angel of Death (Erinn Ruth) and the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) aren’t happy. They never anticipated neo-Nazi Stormtroopers coming to render them “liquidated.” Strange for Tulip O’Hare (Ruth Negga), a black woman, to be saved by neo-Nazis. Or, that is, if they’ll be saved at all. The Saint and the Angel are tough fucks.
Inside the bus, Eugene (Ian Colletti) refuses to let Hitler go free, which puts him and Tulip against the Nazi boys. After all’s said and done, Tulip and Eugene make a run for it. But the Angel of Death won’t let her go. Problem is, the Angel and the Saint aren’t on great terms. She lets him be run over by a tank, and that doesn’t sit well with him. Lucky God’s (Mark Harelik) around to stop the tank. He saves Tulip particularly: “To lift your curse.” He further asks her to tell Jesse to stop searching for God. She only wants to do things on her own, she doesn’t like the concept of fate.

In New Orleans, Les Enfants du Sang aren’t doing well after the recent events with Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun). Eccarius (Adam Croasdell) believes there’s “still hope for him.” That doesn’t help our vamp, crucified to the pool table downstairs. The only choices are be one with Eccarius, and all his horrific flaws, or burn in the sunlight. Not an actual choice at all. It becomes obvious there’s a plan afoot when Cass is down from his crucifixion, and they’re going to have a “blood ceremony” to celebrate. It’s Mrs. Rosen (Theresa O’Shea) who volunteers. I wonder if she called when our vamp told her about the flights, so she might’ve found out the truth about Eccarius.
At the Tombs, Jesse and Jody go against each other in a bare knuckle brawl. They kick the shit out of one another. Fists and headbutts and kicks and everything. Jesse even puts a board with some nails through it into his opponent’s face. Doesn’t stop a big, bad man like that.  In the end, Jesse crushes his head against the wall, pounding it continuously until the fight’s over. When it’s done, TC gets a bunch of gas, then he allows himself to burn with the Tombs: “Ive got nowhere else to go.”
For the ceremony, Mrs. Rosen is laid onto the table— “dinner time.” Eccarius finds the old lady already has bite marks in her neck. He figures out Cass is behind it. Then, Les Enfants du Sang all attack their leader, pinning him with blades to the table. Mrs. Rosen did indeed call about the flights, getting not a single answer from anybody. The old lady was turned by Cass, she turned the whole group, and now they all feast on the blood of Eccarius.
Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 8.19.09 PM

“Wherever I went, Angelville was with me. In the back of my head like some kind of bad dream.”

All that’s left for Jesse is to go see Gran’ma. He’s brought the souls with him. He also uses Genesis on her to pay off his debt and get Tulip released from the spell. Seems their story is over. He can’t just head off into the sunset like he did years before. It’s got to be a more permanent solution. Things aren’t too good when the preacher finds the old woman made a new deal with Satan— if he kills her, then when he dies he’s the one who sees Hell. Shit. He can at least make her throw away all those souls she wanted so badly. Silver linings, right? Doesn’t sit right with him. He’d rather get revenge after so long. Jesse heads back and straps Gran’ma into her own machine to suck her dry.
Les Enfants du Sang are getting along better with Cass as their leader. He gets a call from Tulip, who’s on her way to New Orleans to find him. He’s happy to hear from her, on the verge of saying I love you. That’s when Hoover (Malcolm Barrett) turns up, acting all cool. He claims to have left the Grail. Or, is he doing it to infiltrate them? Hard to tell. That is, before the place is torn to bits, the other vampires are exposed to sunlight, and Cass is left with a protective umbrella. The Grail has big plans for him. Ms. O’Hare arrives too late finding the house decimated. It’s only Kevin and Mrs. Rosen left, to tell her it was people “dressed in white.” She heads back to Angelville to pick up Jesse, then they’ve got new places to go, more people to kill.

In Hell, Eugene has a chat with Satan (Jason Douglas) about opening up to God, suggesting they mend their rift. The Dark Lord isn’t into that shit: “Gods gone.” Now that the Saint of Killers has finished his mission, he gets his weapons back. Satan’s happy to know the preacher the Saint is after is Custer, which benefits him, as well. The Saint doesn’t give a shit about the Devil, though. He puts a bullet through Satan’s skull, easy as that.
What happens when there’s no God AND no Devil? “The rules have changed,” says the Saint. He and Eugene are leaving Hell together, leaving the rest behind. Hitler’s taking the big chair in Hell for the time being. Jesus. Eugene is still angry with Jesse for sending him to Hell and leaving him there. This will make things very interesting.

In Masada, Isreal, we see Cass being kept in a dungeon-like cell. He sees what looks like an angel above him. It’ll only get shittier for our vamp from here. Meanwhile, Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) lets Hoover burn in the sunlight, so that’s something, I guess. The new Grail plan isn’t to make Custer the Messiah, rather it’s to torture and kill the preacher. They’ve got an army behind them. Giddy up.
Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 8.41.56 PMWhat goddamn television show! Preacher is so satisfying, in so many ways. I know AMC’s going to renew this for Season 4, because if they don’t they don’t deserve to have such a fantastic property on their hands.

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