Hanna— SEASON 2 FINALE: “The List”

Hanna and Clara must survive to get the Utrax list into the right hands

The Twilight Zone— SEASON 2 FINALE: “You Might Also Like”

A woman discovers the source of all the materialism controlling her life, and it's not from Earth.

Siren— SEASON 3 FINALE: “The Toll of the Sea”

Tia's war racks up casualties as she and Ryn prepare to face each other for the final time.

Westworld— SEASON 3 FINALE: “Crisis Theory”

The plan Dolores unleashed is finally fully revealed

Better Call Saul— SEASON 5 FINALE: “Something Unforgivable”

Jimmy sees the toll he's taking on Kim, and Lalo is about to be taken out for good.


Jamie is in the wind while Harry rushes to try and take him into custody

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina— PART 3 FINALE, Chapter Twenty-Eight: “Sabrina is Legend”

The world's over. Unless Sabrina can figure out a way to turn back time.

Servant— SEASON 1 FINALE: “Balloon”

After Jericho's baptism things unravel, maybe forever.